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Sep 30, 2000
We are staying at HRH for 2 nights of our stay in Orlando and I am wondering if you can charge all of the food in the parks to your room like at WDW? Or is it just for sit down restaurants? I also would love some suggestions for restaurants. We have never been before and I really don't want to overpay for something awful. Thanks in advance!
I believe you can charge purchases and food to your room key for any restaurant that takes credit cards. As for food, most of the food at IOA is pretty good. I tend to avoid the food at USF. My favorites are:

IOA: Confscio's Grill, Mythos (the bannana gooey cake rocks!), Fire Eater's Grill, Thunder Falls Terrace, Burger Digs, Cafe 4

Citywalk: Margritaville, Emeril's (good, but pricey!), Hard Rock Cafe

USF: I hear Lombard's Landing is good. Avoid Mel's Diner. The food is pretty gross!

Also, at the Beverly Hills Boulegerie at USF and Croissant Moon Bakery at IOA, there are these huge cookies that are delicious. They cost $1.99 and you can have one for a light breakfast.


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