Renting ECVs offsite?


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Aug 19, 1999
Unfortunately my post was one of the ones that got lost, so I'm reposting as best as I can remember.:( My family is going to WDW next month and staying 6 nights at ASMusic. My mom has really bad arthritis in her knees and just can't take the standing and walking so she'll definitely need a scooter for all the parks except maybe MK. We're thinking of renting offsite so she'll be able to use it to get from the hotel to the parks too. I got a few names from Deb Will's site (Care, Walker, and Randy's), but could I please get some opinions from people who've used them? Randy's is the cheapest, but they don't have much info on their website (but neither does one of the others either).:earsgirl:
In the past before I got my own chair I rented from Care Medical. I found them to be very easy to use and the company to be vry dependable.
I now use an electric wheelchair due to multiple issues but when I was able to use a scooter it was great.
I've rented from both Care and Walker's. I continue to rent from Walkers. I had one problem with Care and didn't like how they handled it and switched to Walkers. They quickly responded to a problem I had. But I have heard others were happy with Care.
I had problems with Walker which is why I never recommend them. Care Medical treated me well each time I dealt with them. It's no longer a problem for me since I have my own Jazzy now.
As you can see, people have good and bad to say about all the companies.
These are the ones that DIS readers have reported using:
Care Medical:

Walker Mobility:

RANDY'S Mobility is in Kissimmee 407-892-4777

Colonial Medical

In general, people have reported good experiences with all the companies. There have been individuals who had problems with particular companies, but none have consistently bad reports.
large Can you fill me in on how the rentals work? Do these company's deliver to the resort you are staying at? Is there a problem getting around on Disney transportation? My mom is just getting older and the thought of her walking all over & trying to keep up with us isn't pleasant or fair to her. What do you think?
The rental places do deliver to and pick up from your resort.The thread in this link has a post from Cheshire Figment that gives a good summary of how it all works.
I can only speak about Walkers and Care. They both delivered the ECV to Bell Services at the resort. My Credit Card was charged the day before. I have had minimal problems with Disney busses/boats. The ECV is great at DTD as well as at the parks.
I rent from Walkers - they deliver and pick up from the hotel . The scooter we had last year was great and I've rented again for this year. I was able to use a coupon for them that I found on but that coupon has expired. Perhaps they will put another coupon out soon . It was for $10.00 off too. Good luck.
I have used Walker
s several times, and have had no problems with them. I had looked into Randy's; although their prices are lower than Walker, they require you be at your hotel when they deliver the ECV and you have to sign a waiver of liability. Also, they require you be at the hotel when they come to pick up the ECV. With Walker I tell them when I expect to arrive, and the ECV is there waiting for me when I arrive. When I make the reservation, I give them an estimate of the time when I intend to turn it back into Sell Services, and then they will pick it up. Sometimes they will only charge for a half day depending on my arrival or departure times. Also I have never had to sign any sort of waiver with them. Prices for Care are very similar to Walker.
Works the same way with Care. They deliver and pick up to Bell Services. No waiver. Just charge your credit card.
Ashley I have rented from both Care and Walker. Walker's scooters are excellent. I recommend renting from Walker they seem to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.
I didn't find Walker to go the extra mile at all. In fact they made me feel like dirt when I dealt with them. Really bad customer service. My dealer here in Miami will not even recommend Walker because of how their customer have been treated by Walker's people.
Care Medical actually provided me with the model I was buying to use while I was at WDW. They have also dealt with problems I have had in Orlando with my personal Jazzy. I can't speak more highly of them.
As I said before we are lucky to have so many off site vendors for ECVs. People have had good and bad experiencs. Lisa pooh had a bad experience with Walker and I had a bad one with Care. We probably just caught them on a bad day. I don't think you can go wrong with either Walker or Care.
All of the companies have had people who really had a great experience and would not go anywhere else and also people who have had the opposite.
In my experience in dealing with equipment companies, a lot depends on the person you are dealing with. For the companies in our home town, we have had really bad experiences with some of the companies. Other people have had really great experiences with the same companies. Whereever you go, I have not run into a company that everyone agrees on.


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