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Jun 1, 1997
We were able to verify some information regarding the recent 'discount code' that was mentioned here, and has been mentioned on other sites.

According to our information, the verification of eligibility for this code takes place at the time of booking. If the reservation is booked and accepted (i.e. confirmed), then the rate is valid and will be honored without having to present any postcards, etc. Therefore, the responsibility for checking eligibility lies with CRO/WDT.

In this instance, I have no problem with that particular code being discussed here. However, I feel it is important that I reiterate why we have a guideline in place regarding this. About 18 months ago, there were a rash of discount codes being posted on these boards. These codes came to people in the form of postcards that were mailed directly to certain groups, and was not intended for the general public. We subsequently found out that people were being asked to present these postcards at the time of check in, and when they couldn't, the regular rate for the room applied. In one instance that I'm aware of a person was unable to pay the rack rate, and had to find a room off property at the last minute. That was the situation that led to this guideline. How that translates into a 'political situation' as was mentioned by one visitor, I'm not sure. I'm aware that these codes do appear on other sites from time to time, but the only site I'm concerned with is this one, and we do our best to run it honestly and with integrity. If a discount does not apply to everyone, I don't feel it should be posted on these boards.

I hope that clarifies the situation for everyone.


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Thanks Pete, for clarifying that for those of us who have used the "discount code" this week. I do understand why you needed to try and protect all of us out here is cyberland. And this board is very helpful to all of us.

So thanks again
Thanks Pete!

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I saw it mentioned in Pete's post about a poster feeling that her post translated into a "political situation". I think I undertand what she means. With all due respect, I think these boards do have a political feel to them. This is not necessarily a bad thing.
These boards are governed. How much more political can something get? Seems clear to me.
Hope this helps!! :D

IMHO I can understand why there have to be rules of some kind on these forums. Rules are made to direct people so they can better get along with each other without stepping on other's toes. I am appreciative of all the hard work that the people in charge put into this forum to make it the easiest to access and most informative on all things Disney that I have found. Linda


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