regarding codes and discounts


Mar 13, 2001
I know we are not supposed to post codes, but I'm wondering if there is another way to help "direct" our fellow disney fans to these promotions. I'm proposing that if someone actually sees a promotion in a paper or magazine, that they can alert others to it. Maybe post same day where they saw it so others can perhaps go get that paper/magazine? That way they can have the codes and know all the restrictions that go along with it. Does anyone think that could be helpful? I'm also wondering if there would be a way to sign up for any email alerts when others post that they found a promotion.?? Moderators, what do you think? People?

Just a thought.
I saw that, and I had previously check out that site. It still however leaves room for problems. I spoke with CRO using one of those codes (the Hispanic publication), and the CM told me that their computer systems DON'T tell them if there are any restrictions other than residency requirements. Therefore, there COULD have been a pin number in the ad that you would need when checking in, and you won't know it until you get there. I'm not saying that's the case with this one, but she cautioned that reservations computers are not alerting the CM's to restrictions, and that's why you really need to see the actual promotional material to be sure. I just thought this would be a good way to legitimately direct people to ongoing promotions. I'm cautious, and I don't like surprises, so I was hoping for a way to get the full scoop that goes along with the code.


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