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    Oct 13, 2011
    Ever since I am on a diet and see results in myself. Plus I had research countless hours/days/months on what to do.

    On the internet there are just simply too many ways to get "fit"

    But how do you know what is right for you? Can you incorporate these plans into your schedule?

    Some people here work full-time job such as myself, some work part-time, some are students, some are full time parents, let's be honest, we each all have something that prevent us to keep up the schedule. Hey, this is my 2nd time losing weight, so I know. Especially, since we are DISers majority of our threads are about the Disney's Food! :thumbsup2

    Some use myfitnesspal, some use fitocracy, some just keep a calendar and a food log. Are you using its maximum benefits?

    I will tell you that I currently signed up for myfitnesspal and see great use out of it, but that is only if you have the major time in your hands to keep logging everything you do.

    I've done bulking and I am doing slimming/toning and working on my physique.

    Want to know what supplements to take? Everyone is different and I want to help you all because I want Disney Goers to be healthier! I know I do so I can enjoy the food!!!

    I'll do my best to answer every question posted in this thread. If you have something too personal you don't want to share with the world, feel free to PM me, shoot me an email

    until then..happy exercising :rotfl2: <~ a good workout lol
  2. simonsayz

    simonsayz Loving Dis!

    Oct 13, 2011
    Whales? lol

    I don't just eat healthy food, I give myself sometime a cheat snack. If it fits into your nutritional value for the day, enjoy it. However, there are plenty of healthy snacks out there.
    First thing, get used to reading the nutritional value information on everything you eat and want to eat. If you were like me, don't know what is what. Focus on calories, serving size, sodium, cholesterol, sugar, protein, carbs and fat

    Find out your caloric intake for your daily consumption and you should be able to calculate what you can eat each day. (you can check out my spreadsheet in my other thread to find out your BMR, Body Fat and etc.)

    One way how I approach on things is if I want to eat Chips, I find out the values of it for 1 serving and I'll proportion it with my "real" meals in a way making room for the chips.

    Eat more apples to suppress your craving if you feel like doing what I mentioned didn't work. Drink lots of water till you don't feel like you can take another bite of food :rotfl:

    but on seriousness, it's about self-control. Get a picture of someone you want to have a body like and remind yourself that your goal is that. And if your picture isn't what you want. List the things you want out of being healthy and list the things what would happen if you weren't healthy.

    Some examples would be

    Pros of being healthy
    being happy
    more confident
    be able to play with my kids
    looking younger
    aging slower
    enjoy more food without worrying about your health
    and many more of your own personal situations

    Cons of being UNHEALTHY
    No energy
    get sick easily
    can't live long enough to see your kids do certain things (im going extreme here)
    and other stuff that you can think of.

    I suggest going extreme so this way you don't EVER want to get to that point in life.

    This is my personal thing-
    I remind myself of Bruce Lee's body to get tone and ripped. Would I be able to achieve it? not sure, but a great quote from him was


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