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Oct 24, 2003
I am looking to rent points from June 9th to June 18th of 2006 and have a really quick question. I was originally looking to rent points and stay at OKW but my family wants me to try and rent points for the Polynesian. I am not even sure if we can do this?? Could someone please let me know if and explain how to me if I can rent points for the Polynesian. I am assuming you cannot because they do not have villas but thought I would ask just to make everyone happy....hope to hear from someone soon :hourglass


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Aug 19, 1999
I can be done, but it would work out to costing you more than you would pay for reservations at the Polynesian in cash.

Specifically, it would probably cost about $4,300.00 for a week in a lagoon-view room at the Polynesian, by renting DVC points, assuming there was available and there was someone willing to part with that many points.


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Nov 22, 2000
Stays at non-DVC resorts are considered "exchanges" out of system, so they cost considerably more than staying in a DVC resort. Best value is to stay in a DVC 1-2 bedroom.


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Sep 30, 2004
Kurt -If you want to stay at the Poly, just call CRO and make a cash reservation. Renting DVC points to stay at a non-DVC property is more expensive than simply making the reservation yourself, and paying cash. According to Bicker's numbers, it would cost you the equivalent of $615 a night to rent DVC points. I think you can get the Poly lagoon view for less than that on your own!!!


Oct 26, 2000
since your family wants to be near the MK - ask them about VWL - and see how they feel.

You can get pictures at and several other places.

the polyn will cost you around $460 plus tax 11.5% per night per room when you go. (the polyn sleeps 5 - 2 queen beds and a day bed)

I would definitely try and talk them into a DVC resort 2-bedroom.

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