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Discussion in 'Canadian Trip Planning & Community Board' started by faithinkarma, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. faithinkarma

    faithinkarma <font color="green">I'm not a good swimmer, but I

    Mar 5, 2003
    This statement was made about US immigration officials. That has never been my personal experience.

    Am I just lucky? Or are Canadians given better treatment in general?

    I am really curious to hear what peple think.
  2. excitedmom

    excitedmom Mouseketeer

    May 27, 2003
    never had any trouble with border crossings. i used to live in sarnia and we were across the border all the time. I've been across the border with my kids and never had birth certs. and been stopped, they just told me to bring them next time and sent me on my merry way. I think it depends on how you treat them how they treat you, give them a hassle and they give you a hassle, treat them courteously and that s how they treat you. thats just my opinion of course. plus i have a sister that could make the most pleasant person want to slap her and i've seen how she gets treated, ie, when we went to florida she was the only person in our group of 8 who got pulled out of line to undergo an involved security check, she was quite nasty to the person and so they weren't that pleasant to her lol
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  4. wenabre

    wenabre DIS Veteran

    Apr 6, 2001
    I've crossed the border at Cornwall/Massena, the Peace Arch in BC/ Wash. state and when flying through Toronto and I have always found the US authorities to be polite, pleaseant and yes our car was stopped and searched, so its not like I have never been through the 'process'.
    Actually there is one immigration officer that I now remember being gruff and a little rude. He was on the Magic on the morning we arrived back and he snapped at my Mom ( who didn't have her hearing aid in ) when she asked him to repeat himself. He was a big guy with red hair and a red burly compleaxion and demeanor. Mom made a comment to him about his ruddness and he got a little more blustery....but I grabbed her and we left quickly:rolleyes:
  5. pumpkinboy

    pumpkinboy <a href="" targ

    Jul 22, 2003
    Depends on whether or not you are "white" sometimes. I had a very close friend, a PhD teaching at a major Canadian university, Canadian citizen whose parents came from Pakistan; he was asked whether he could read, among other things (this was Windsor to Detroit). He has always been polite, professional and well spoken, never confrontational, but was given the 3rd degree. Nice carrot-top preppy white boy like myself always breezed thru (of course I am a US citizen, which makes everything easier with those guys).

    I expect it also depends on which crossing, or airport you are in, as some stations are staffed with smarter or more open-minded officers.
  6. faithinkarma

    faithinkarma <font color="green">I'm not a good swimmer, but I

    Mar 5, 2003
    Interesting you should say that. Much of my border crossing was done at Champlain, south of Montreal, into NY. Getting was never a problem, but the guards at the Canadian side were notorious for "colour guard".

    One particular occasion stands out. I was crossing with my son, a friend, and her adopted non-white son. We were one of 6 cars pulled over for further inspection. All six of these cars had at least one non white passenger.
  7. Cruisin

    Cruisin If you can't carry it, you don't

    Oct 11, 2003
    We cross mainly at the Detroit/Windsor border.

    We have found most of the border guards to be fairly friendly, courteous and not a problem at all. They ask a minimum of questions and then let us through.
  8. eleanor

    eleanor DIS Veteran

    Feb 4, 2001
    The only time we had a problem was at the Fort Erie Buffalo crossing the guy was really rotten. Never forgot him. Only time tho.
  9. Daisy-J&D

    Daisy-J&D DIS Veteran

    Jan 18, 2004
    I agree! My friend and I have never had a problem with our numerous trips to NYC but the one time we went with my Italian friend (who is often mistaken for Arab descent) we were pulled over and locked in a room while her car was torn up!!! I Couldn't believe it! They left my friend an I alone while they took my other friend away for questioning.

    It's somewhat of a joke now but my friend is seriously creeped out when it comes to crossing the border - she doesn't want to anymore!
  10. DSNY FN

    DSNY FN <font color=darkcoral>DVC is the place for me<br><

    Sep 18, 2000
    Our trip in Dec the guard was an @ ss he was rude and impolite. It was just after 10 PM and he wanted everything from us and after we complied he was not to willing to let us cross. HE wanted to have somone come out and check out the ID we gave him as if we were to counterfit our passports and the kids birth certificates.
  11. ChisJo

    ChisJo Cause afterall, a dream that you wish, will come t

    Jan 29, 2001
    I have a friend who is white and never had been to the US before. He was crossing in Montana from Alberta and was told to go home, because they were not going to let him in. He had a job interview for a very prestigous company, and was going to stay a little longer in California for vacation. They told him no, he had to go home and was going to be denied access should he try again at that crossing.
    Also, I used to work with a lady who was dating a man in the US, so she went often. She was going to move down there to be with him permanently, and when she went to cross, they told her no, strictly because she had travelled there so many times in the previous year that they thought she was "dealing drugs". Anyways, she ended up not going there, he ended up coming here, but honestly, she was heartbroken.
    There was also an article in the Edmonton Journal recently about a man who was asked to be the primary speaker at a large Photography conference in the US (Chicago, I think). At the airport, they asked him if he was going for business or pleasure - he answered business. They asked him for his temporary work visa, since he was getting paid a little for doing the conference (mostly to pay for his lodgings and food). When he could not provide the visa, they denied him entry into the US. He said from now on, he will lie.
    Personally though, I have had wonderful experiences getting across the border, never had a problem. But, there always is a story of bad experiences that we will continue to hear. Unforunate, but they do happen.

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