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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by Libade, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Libade

    Libade Mouseketeer

    Aug 19, 2004
    I haven't seen this question addressed yet, so I'm hoping someone can help me with this.

    Over and over again, I read that people think the DDP gives you an obscene amount of food. For me and DH, I agree.

    But, I have 2 girls, ages 8 and 9. They NEED breakfast. We're staying at Pop, so using a CS credit for breakfast seems like a waste.

    And, the girls only eat enough to be satisfied, so even at a buffet, they are hungry a few hours later. (Wish I could do that, but that is another topic)

    So, I guess my question is, since they will be most likely eating 3 meals per day plus snacks, should I plan on:

    stocking up on breakfast foods for them to start their day.


    pay oop for breakfast and extra snacks?

    Thanks for any insight you can give me!

    15 more days!!!!
  2. karliebug

    karliebug DIS Veteran

    Jan 9, 2006
    I would bring breakfast items along like little boxes of cereal or fruit bars or bagels,etc. You can also use a snack credit for a box of donuts at the food court shop or use a snack credit for some bakery items to eat for breakfast
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  4. beth_cam

    beth_cam DIS Veteran

    Mar 11, 2005
    We brought with us (most of which went back home but we did eat them for breakfast) two boxes of Food. This was easy enough to do since we were driving. I brought Oatmeal the kids like it with just hot tap water but you can get hotter water at the food court if you care to take it down there. we had contemplated bringing our coffee maker with us for this but wasnt sure about the rules and knew we probably wouldnt need it. I keep teasing my kids they are going to turn into granola bars if they keep going at it that way. So I brought tons of them both healthier ones and not so healthy. I also brought 2 boxes of cereal. I ate some breakfasts alone at the food court with cs credits and I also had a refillable mug so I got the largest milk or juice allowed as a drink with my meal to take back to them in the room so they could use the milk in cereal. I brought several packs of snack cakes and peanut butter cracker type things. We didnt eat much of the snack cakes and crackers. We would also get fruit for our desert whenever we could that we would take to the room and the kids would eat it for breakfast. We kept a cooler in the room and had softdrinks from home in it for during the night and we kept lefover milk/oj in it (we had a 4?day cooler and it worked we only had to replace the ice a couple of times) But I was thinking if you took more snacky foods you could make use of the expanded snack credits for your breakfasts. people have reported being able to get boxes of donuts, jugs of milk etc. with the snack credits now.
  5. bluejasmine

    bluejasmine DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2005
    I say do a little of both we did that on one trip.. I brought cereal and milk and bagels and poptarts and then twice we had breakfast at the foodcourt. I think if they had breakfast even a lite one they can hold out till lunch and then have a snack inbetween lunch and dinner. Thats what we normally did..
  6. gigi1313

    gigi1313 DIS Veteran

    Aug 28, 2001
    we also like our three meals per day... or at least we thought we did, but we'd find ways to manage on two meals and a snack with ease...

    we would bring a few snacky breakfasty things w/us to eat in the room, and if we had that, we'd have an early lunch, or sometimes we'd really eat light in the room and have "brunch" (the latest breakfast seating) as my kids find that type of meal more filling and lasting...

    if we ate a "real" breakfast, we found that an ice cream/popcorn/pretzel at lunch time or maybe a split meal was really enough mid-day...

  7. gigi1313

    gigi1313 DIS Veteran

    Aug 28, 2001
    oh, and p.s. we also split breakfasts quite a bit!
  8. !@#$%

    !@#$% Make the best of everything and stop your whining!

    Aug 1, 2005
    Heres my warped take on this: :) JMHO. :)

    The DDP has an obscene amount of food.
    There is no reason to bring food from home.
    Use your snack credits for breakfast, OR use your CS for breakfast and eat a snack credit for a light lunch, OR do a character breakfast for your TS, and a snack for lunch, & CS for dinner.

    My example: On Thanksgiving holiday I usually STUFF myself because all my favorite foods are present. I LOVE mashed potatoes and gravy with salt, loads of pepper and a slab of turkey, (drooling on keyboard) and we just dont eat those particular foods during the year, so I always eat too much. At supper, I'm not hungry. I have a light snack.
    The same applies for Christmas breakfast. The same ALSO applies to WDW. I usually eat more at WDW than I should because its all SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!

    Get my point? Last year we brought PopTarts, oatmeal, and grits. We did the same pop century hot water trick mentioned earlier. We were all so full all trip that we were at times too full, and miserable. It was an awesome trip, but I learned next time to better utilize my plan. At the end of last year's trip we took home 14 bags of chips. We could have easily used THEM instead of bringing food from home. Less to unpack, less to buy.

    Here's my ONLY gripe about the DDP. I would MUCH RATHER use a TS for lunch, during the hotter part of the day, and use the CS for dinner, OR Use a CS for breakfast... but the way the restaurants are set up, the better foods (and more interesting/unusual foods) at
    the restaurants are at night, so we just do it traditional.

    I dont do CS for breakfast because I like the lunch selection better. I can eat fruit and waffles at home. We cant cook at home what we get at Flametree!
  9. angelmav

    angelmav DIS Veteran

    Jun 18, 2006
    Great advice! We were thinking about doing it the way you did but its good to hear a first hand account on how things turned out good/bad!

  10. PortieOwner

    PortieOwner DIS Veteran

    Jun 13, 2005
    Yep, keep breakfast foods in the room. My son wakes up at 6am, and we have character breakfasts scheduled anywhere from 8am to 1045am, so we will have cereal, milk, bagels, bananas, and apples in the room.

  11. LizinSTL

    LizinSTL DIS Veteran

    Feb 28, 2006

    Your kids may be able to share a single CS breakfast at Pop and share a single CS lunch. Add in snacks here and there and it might be enough food for them. It was for my children. The Pop kids pancake breakfast is very generous.

    That's what we did and we had 6 CS meals left on our last day (we should have only had 4 had we not shared) and had eaten B,L and D every day of our stay using only the plan.

    My advice is to use your credits FIRST and then pay OOP at the end if necessary.

    Enjoy your trip.

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