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Here I am waking up in the middle of the night again. DD ordered dinner since I was 'done'. I ate and fell asleep around 8. Now I'm wide awake so reading and doing catchup.

My delivery arrived. I had a slot form 2:30 to 6, so arrival was 5:30. The guy hooked up everything, plugged it in and it wouldn't work. The outlet seems to have a problem so I have to call an electrician. I rarely mess with electricity other than to flip breakers and since that didn't work, I'll leave it to the expert. Hopefully the outlet has just gone bad. It was wired new in 2008, and stuff doesn't last anymore - maybe that's it.
Anyway it's all on the backburner as I don't want to deal with it until after my trip unless the electrician is available tomorrow.

Both granddaughters are going south with me. I will drive the van. I've also reworked my trip to leave Sunday morning. I need to pack on Friday and load most of my comfort things as they will also spend Saturday with me. There's a slight chance I'll change up and leave Saturday but we will see what I get done later today. Will have to see if the snow lets me out, since it may be icy in the morning. I want to get an oil change before I leave.

I was so happy to read that @lynstch cat came back! I don't know how they manage to survive in the cold. My info line on the bottom of my laptop is telling me that it's started snowing. 44 degrees and snowing. It was raining when I went to bed. I think I'll try to get back to sleep so I can wake up fresh around 5:30.
Judique, here it’s 44° and dry outside. Sorry that your outlet doesn’t work. It’s going to get cold today. DH has to go out to get the pet safe ice melt. I have no balance on ice.

I wake up 3-4 times in the night, at first every hour, then like today, I slept from 2-6. After a 4 hour sleep I feel pretty good.
Good morning. It s 34 here and snowing lightly. South and southwest of Boston is expected to get some snow showers this morning with slippery roads. About an inch of snow expected. I don't have to go out until around 1 pm to the grocery store so it should be OK by then. I have not slept well in quite a while so if I can cobble together 5-6 hours over the night I figure it is a win. I am usually around 5 hours, not in a row. Time to make coffee and get ready to work.

Have a good day.

Happy Thursday morning! :tigger:

We were supposed to get rain and snow last night, didn't get anything, which is good. Since I thought it was supposed to snow, I made sure the bird feeder was full.

We went fancy last night for dinner, tomato soup and grilled cheese. :D

The Amazing Race was on last night so I was happy. I kinda expected the team that was eliminated to lose, they weren't very good at following directions, which is kind of important on this show.

Does anyone eat Nutella? I thought that stuff would stay the consistency of peanut butter but when I went to use it this morning, it was really hard. I usually use it on my waffles instead of syrup so I wasn't too happy when I got to work this morning. I checked the expiration date and it still had 6 months. I guess I won't be buying Nutella anymore :mad:.

That's about it for now, stay warm everyone and have a good day! :wave2:
Does anyone eat Nutella? I thought that stuff would stay the consistency of peanut butter but when I went to use it this morning, it was really hard. I usually use it on my waffles instead of syrup so I wasn't too happy when I got to work this morning. I checked the expiration date and it still had 6 months.

Sometimes. I find it is generally harder than peanut butter, though a bit softer right when you open it than after it's been out on the air. - Was the lid maybe not on quite tight enough?

If you haven't thrown it out, try microwaving it a bit.
Good morning. They were calling for rain overnite, but we got nothing. Its 32 out now and will be going up a whole 1 degree. Down to 11 overnite.

@Judique..we are glad the missing cat reappeared too. My outside ones survive the cold because they get fed warm food and water extra during cold spells, and have nice safe warm boxes to sleep in sheltered areas in. I don't know how feral cats survive as long as they do with noone to take care of them at all. Sorry too about your new dishwasher and the electrical issues. Hope you can get it resolved before your trip ,,and have a safe trip!

@flyingdumbo127, I am glad you are having someone look into your mail issues. We still have issues with first class mail , taking 2 weeks to get from in town to intown. If they hadn't closed the local sorting things at the local post office, we wouldn't have to be sending our mail from here, to Baltimore or Frederick and back again. Makes me glad we don't get a lot of snail mail, and for sure glad that I pay almost all of our bills online.

@Kirby Thank you for the recipes, and sorry about all of the positive covid test results. Hope everyone feels better quickly!

Have a nice day everyone..those of you who are getting more snow and have to drive in it,,be careful!

I am finally running out of 'happy whatever day it is Disney pictures', so I have to resort to other kinds, lol!

R (1).jpg

Started the day with CFA breakfast
Funny you mentioned that - we have a bit of a road trip ahead of us late next week and my husband suggested CFA for breakfast. I didn't even know they had breakfast!
Food Lion for a medium size shop
My BIL is a manager at a MD Food Lion and he said they are really starting to be hit with some severe shortages.
Dad said CVS had no Colgate toothpastes this morning.
I've noticed Colgate is hard to come by as well! So far for me they've had some, just not my usual type. I'm not sure what I'll do if I need toothpaste and there is no Colgate....I can't imagine using another type of toothpaste.
These are the two recipes I have.
Thanks for posting them, when I looked them up on line there were a lot available but I can't post links from my laptop for some reason. I like reading recipes and finding tried & true ones that people actually use vs. off some random site.
Lil Joe and Lou Lou's test results came back positive.
Boo - sorry to hear this, luckily kids are so resilient and bounce back faster that we adults. I hope you & your husband feel better soon. Most vaccinated folks we know who have gotten it seem to get over it in no time if they even have symptoms, so that is heartening.
Schools here are two hours late opening tomorrow to see what the weather does.
We were talking about this issue this morning. At first schools around here were 2 hours, but an hour later they had canceled for the day entirely. It's only raining here - maybe they think it will be turning to snow/ice later? I imagine there are some parents shaking their heads at the closure though.
Both granddaughters are going south with me
Have fun! I traveled a fair bit with my grandmother and have fond memories of our adventures!
We went fancy last night for dinner, tomato soup and grilled cheese.
That is the most perfect meal ever!

Well it was 42 degrees and mild, no rain when we got up this morning. 2 hours later there was a cold, cold rain coming down which continues to come down. I think it's supposed to change over to snow or ice or sleet or whatever later this morning. Looks like it's going to be downright cold this weekend.

Took out some chicken thighs from the freezer that I had pre-coated with a new rub/marinade I came across, so it will be grilled or baked thighs with I'm not sure what tonight. Doing a massive clean/cook out of things in freezer and pantry over next week, except for next Tuesday, I've ordered some rockfish from my seafood gal-I ordered some crab cakes & crab meat to take down to my folks next weekend -so got some fresh fish for our dinner that evening as well. It had been my intention to take a turkey out of the freezer and cook it this weekend but I forgot to get it out. I need to figure out it I took it out today if it would thaw in time-

Have a good morning - stay warm & dry those of you in cold & wet climates!
Brrrr..... It is -4 degrees out this morning. We are watching our DD's dogs this weekend, my poor DH has to take them out as I don't fee steady enough out in the snow, because of my knee. That is quite the process, they are big dogs! We love having them, but 3 dogs in the house is a lot.

Judique... What a disappointment especially since you already waited longer than expected, Your trip sounds wonderful, nice that you can share it with your grands.

i was going to run to the store this morning but it is too cold. I don't need anything that much!! lol
Good Morning. I have got to stop reading and forgetting to post, I'm 4 days behind again.

@Kirby - sorry about the test results.

@Judique - I can handle some electric, including outlets, switches and the occasional ceiling fan I prefer not to as I get older. Not sure I would tackle that outlet. I'm still waiting on the electrician to come out and install the ceiling fan and lights in our living room. This is one job I won't handle as he has to wire the ceiling. The builder of the houses in my area seemed to think that only the dining rooms and kitchens should have overhead wiring and not enough outlets. My house is on the dark side of the street so there is always a light on. My bedroom got the wiring before my husband's strokes and of course the light works but the ceiling fan died within a couple of years. I may have him change that out in the spring.

Glad everyone has been taking care of the outside cats.

I have noticed shortages again, mostly paper products. I haven't been able to find disposable bathroom cups anywhere. I may go to the dollar, actually $1.25, store and pick up 2 cups in different colors. I don't like sharing cups. It might not be a bad idea anyway as it will save money in the long run as I can just toss them in the dishwasher. We did have toothpaste when I went shopping the other day, including Colgate. I have about 15 tubes of toothpaste though, so I am good. Huge sale and coupons had me getting toothpaste for less than a dollar a tube. One week Colgate was 19 cents a tube, so I stocked up.

Today is my grandson Wyatt's birthday. It seems like yesterday he was born and now he's 8. It was a lousy weather day when he was born too. We have rain and it might turn to snow.

So far, my granddaughter Ella is the only one with Covid in my daughter's house. She has been isolating in her room and only coming out to use the bathroom and she wipes everything down immediately. They are being extremely careful because my SIL is high risk if he catches it. My daughter called the 3 schools, and Ella can go back to school next week. The 2 negative grandkids are out for 20 days. It makes no sense at all and these 2 are in high school. Crystal is a senior and so worried about her AP class that missing this amount of time is giving her anxiety attacks. Mikey is in 10th grade and has an IEP. He made Honor Roll for the first time ever 1st report card and he does not handle virtual well at all, if it is even being offered. So he will fall behind also. I am so over Covid.

Hope you all have a good day.
Good morning.

36 with rain and snow missed in. Like @easyas123, schools were 2 hours late and now closed. Glad the roads aren't bad yet.

The Amazing Race was on last night so I was happy.
That is the one show I really look forward to each week.

@Judique, too bad about the dishwasher. At least it is there.

Getting frustrated with the delivering of items ordered. I ordered yarn to make a blanket for DDIL's baby shower on February 26. I ordered on Jan 7 and figured I could get it done in time. The colored yarn shipped Jan 10 and the white shipped Jan 12. I got the white on Jan 18. The colored, which I need first to start the blanket, got to York, PA on 1/12, then Harrisburg, then Hyattsville, then DC on 1/13. Then to Baltimore 1/15, getting closer. Then back to DC then to Baltimore yesterday morning, where it sits. I wonder if I’ll get it done in time. May have to wrap it still on the needles and get it back to finish. I think it is with USPS but not sure.

Still working on going through file cabinets and trashing stuff.
Good Morning!

Kirby, I am truly so glad to hear your grandkids are doing well, praise God!

Lynn:grouphug:I love all of your morning pictures and thank you for them!

Easyas, Target.com usually has Colgate as does Walmart. I hope you find it. I think right now, once again, supply of even the oddest things such as (I may have mentioned this already) paper/plastic cups are hard to come by! Never do know and best to stock up/get something when you can!

Taz,:hug:, I sure am well over Covid, my friend. I think we all are. Prayers all-around for you and your family.

Prayers to all for safety and warmth! Please take care and be well.

Waiting for a handyman to come here to address (we hope) a few issues including the shower door and faucets. Thank you all for your mail listening. I appreciate it and always each of you, you know that. I'm sorry some of you are also having mail trouble! I do feel awful for any delivery person right now and it absolutely makes me more appreciative of happy mail. Reminder if any of you would ever like any just PM me.

Have a good day!
Afternoon all. I hope everyone gets better quickly.

It's in the 70s today, and muggy, so the a/c is on.

Not much going on here. I set up the electric and water/sewer to switch to the new place, and put in DH's W2 into Turbo Tax. I finished watching Jack Ryan (the tv show) on Amazon, and started The White Queen on it now. I'm about 70% packed; and the rest needs to wait until right before we move; except for DH's office...that's his problem, hah.

I talked to the complex; they have a service where they will clean the carpets for $69 total (I asked, and she confirmed the price), which is way cheaper than anywhere else (and I have to have them professionally cleaned; doing them myself doesn't count); so they can do the carpets! They have a cleaning service too, but it's not a moving clean (they only do counters, sweeping, mopping, and mirrors) so it's not really worth the $99; we'll jsut do the cleaning ourselves, the weekend of the 11th. Also, we can turn in the keys early, BUT we have to keep the electric and water in our names until our official move out date, so they won't be getting the keys early. Instead of having 17 days to turn it out and rent it, they can have 11. They still have to have the drywall and painter guys come in to repair the damage from the leak (In the wall behind the washer, and it leaked down the seam of the drywall to the dining area).

Other than that, I'm taking a day off. I'm even ordering pepperoni pizza for dinner (from the local place by us, that has the huge NY style pizza. Tomorrow is either Sicily chicken rollups, or Lemon pepper pork tenderloin, and whatever we don't have tomorrow, we'll have on Saturday. Sunday, I have to figure out some vegetarian dish with acorn squash for us to try.

Y'all have a good evening!
Guess what came at 1:30? The mail! ✉ It was our old regular-ish carrier who delivered it. He had to ring our bell twice and leave a ton of mail in our very small mailbox! Amazing. We got everything except one missing crossword from a friend in AZ and dad thinks his tax preparer's office may have sent him some forms. Still no magazines for dad, which is disappointing, but we are both so very grateful that the majority of our mail came at last. So extra grateful to God! I spent a couple hours organizing puzzles from the mail earlier! Dad's birthday crossword surprise binder is filling up. My package from yesterday, the one that claimed "animal interference" prevented delivery came as well.

Wishing all of you a good evening and night with love.
Judique, I'm glad your dishwasher arrived even though you can't use it yet. I'm looking forward to one day having a girl's trip with DD and Lou Lou.

I made sure the bird feeder was full.
Mine was full Tuesday until Lil Joe shook all the seed out on the ground. No need to fill it yet, the birds can eat it off the ground just as easy as in the feeder.

Today started out with a lot of sneezing and nose running on my part. By 11:15 am my temperature was 100.2 but it's dropped to 99.9 now. My upper teeth are aching a little like they might with a sinus infection and I'm starting to cough a little due to sinus drainage.

That being said, I did two drive through bank runs, ran mail by our small post office and picked up groceries from Kroger. I really didn't want to do that as I would rather pick out my meats/veggies but didn't want to go out of my way to infect others if I had Covid.

This afternoon the kids helped me bake a birthday cake for DD. They were so excited! DH made taquitos for dinner as per her request. She was tickled pink!

Have a good night all!


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