PS in restautants???


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Dec 28, 2000
As a hotel guest at the Portofino...exactly how does one go about the reservation situation for restaurants? I heard it was not necessary if you were a guest...but then I've also heard that you do need them. Which is it? And, if your don't need them do you just go into a hotel guest line or what? Thanks! :rolleyes:

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Whoever answers this question: Could you include the restaurants inside IOA as well?
Don't want to miss a character lunch at Confisco's

i am not sure about a character lunch--that might be different--but we used priority seating last week in US at Lombards, and it worked out well...we walked in, went ot desk, showed ID card (room key), and were seated in 10 minutes while a crowd waited....i think it works at all sit down restaurants, and in citywalk, except for emerils...
hey bchamp i can question your questions about IOA
1. arctic express 2. confrisco grille
3. croissant moon bakery 4. spice island
5. green eggs and hame cafe 6. circus mcgurkas
7. hop on pop 8. moose juice
9. enchanted oak cavern 10. fire eaters grill
11. frozen dessert 12. mythos restaurant
13. oasis coolers 14. burger digs
15. pizza predattoria 16. thunder falls
17. the watering hole 18. blondies
19. comic strip cafe 20. catheys ice cream
21. wimpys 22. cafe 4
23. freeze 24. chill ice cream
25.fruit 26. cotton candy
27. captain america diner


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