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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Daisydd77, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Daisydd77

    Daisydd77 Earning My Ears

    Dec 29, 2010
    We will be traveling to WDW the first week of February. Our last visit we stayed at CSR. I am debating whether to stay there (CSR) or at CBR (we traveled to that resort for dinner last time). We have a 2DS and a 9 DD. WE plan to hang out at the resort for a recharge for a couple of hours each afternoon. WE will also be driving down so the utilization of busses, etc. won't be an issue. Tell me your thoughts...Pro's Con's, Favorite areas to stay in, etc...

    PS. I looked at some posted pics. We were very pleased with our CSR room last trip. I like the look of the CBR pirate room but not so much the Nemo rooms.
  2. Dixiemom

    Dixiemom DIS Veteran

    Dec 28, 2009
    Have never been to CBR, but have been to CSR. Double beds at CBR, queens at CSR :).......loved everything about our stay there. It is a LARGE resort tho, so if you don't get a closer in location you will have to walk a good bit. Luckily it is such a beautiful resort that the walk around the lake is awesome. Don't know if you want a fitness center but it is the onlymoderate that has one. The pool is amazing and I actually liked the Pepper Market. My kids loved it there as well. Can't comment on the buses since we didn't really utilize them but once and there was no problem. Enjoy your stay wherever you wind up.
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  4. I Love Pluto

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    Jun 20, 2006
    Both CBR & CSR are very, very large. Where you stay can make or break your vacation.

    Choosing between the two is difficult. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

    CSR has great beds, central air, beautiful atmosphere. We are not crazy about the food court there. The type of convention during your vacation can also influence how your vacation will be.

    CBR has great beds, larger rooms, lots of storage for luggage, great people who work there, a fabulous food court. But you could get stuck far away from the main building. It is BIG!

    Flip a coin. We have done this already.

    Or - go to our favorite - POR - Alligator Bayou section! ::yes::
  5. twinboysmom

    twinboysmom DIS Veteran

    May 26, 2010
    Hi OP. we stayed at cbr in April last year and CSR in June last year. We enjoyed both resorts. My boys were 2 when we travelled.

    At cbr we stayed in a pirate room and loved it. I really thought my boys would have cared less but they seemed to enjoy the room, playing with the pirate ship beds. I highly recommend these rooms if your kids like anything pirate. I preferred the pool area much more here than CSR (although in early February you may not get any pool time). My boys loved the pirate play area with the water features and small slides. I loved that it was gated and that they enforced the height limit of 48 inches. The main pool has 2 slides and zero entry and is just beautiful. Food court was average, we had no trouble finding a seat but we didn't do breakfast here. The grounds were gorgeous and even though the resort was at capacity it never felt crowded. It was a very relaxing resort for us.

    You are already familiar with CSR so I don't have much to say there. For us, we preferred cbr because of our children but if we were to travel as just adults or if our kids were older, we would pick CSR. The main difference for us was the theming of the rooms (loved the pirate rooms at cbr and I have a huge Nemo lover) and the pool at CSR to us was little kid unfriendly (no zero entry, deep pool, and water play area that seriously lacked). But it does have a really great slide for older kids. We also really liked the food options at CSR much better. We had more space in the cbr rooms with the full size beds and the slightly bigger room if that matters.

    I think which ever resort you choose will be a fantastic vacation. Happy planning.
  6. JennyDrake

    JennyDrake Darkwing Duck's Biggest Fan

    Aug 8, 2000
    My only comment is with kids as young as yours, _I_ would pay for a preferred room at either location. It CAN be a HIKE to the food court, if you plan to use it often.
  7. camdensmom

    camdensmom DIS Veteran

    Jan 13, 2006
    While I've stayed at CSR and loved it, I prefer to stay at CB with my kids. When we stayed at CSR my son was less than a year old and oblivious to the convention crowd, but there were a lot of rowdy folks drinking and swearing and just being silly men on a business trip.

    My kids are now 3 and 7 and we've stayed at CB the past couple of trips. It tend to be a more family-friendly environment.

    Also, aside from the behavior of the convention-goers, I do find all those people walking around in work clothes to be a bummer. I love that everything about CB screams out, "Your On Vacation!!!" I always request Jamaica. While it's just a request, it has been honored every time. It's a pleasant walk to the food court from there through a landscaped "island" with bridges and a play structure.
  8. Sashav2674

    Sashav2674 Earning My Ears

    Jun 27, 2011
    Stayed at CBR last year, a preferred room put us right by a quiet pool, but still a long walk to food and the main pool. Rooms were ok, ours smelled like mildew. Did not think beds were that great. No towel animals from mousekeeping. after 6 days my DS7 was devastated. Food was marginal. All in all will not stay at CBR again. Just came back from POR and LOVED IT!!! Amazing resort! Stayed in Royal Rooms which were very centrally located to everything! Awesome beds! Two towel animals. Mousekeeping was wonderful, left plenty of extra shampoo, conditioner and towels! Cast members were wonderful! The boats to DTD were great! Food was great!! All the entertainment options were awesome! All in all we will stay at POR again! It is our new favorite!
  9. carly chloe

    carly chloe DIS Veteran

    Oct 10, 2008
    Isn't CBR suppose to be getting queen beds?

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