Prime Time vs Sci Fi at MGM...

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by KatelynnsAuntie, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. KatelynnsAuntie

    KatelynnsAuntie <font color=teal>We always bring in bottles of wat

    May 29, 2003
    Neither have seemed to get great reviews...I'd like to try at least one of them for lunch...any opinions as to which one? (Or am I totally crazy to try either?:crazy: )

  2. DawnAK

    DawnAK Mouseketeer

    Jan 25, 2000
    DH and I have been to both for lunch and preferred 50's Prime Time to Sci-Fi. While the Sci Fi movies were fun, the menu options didn't thrill us much. We ordered onion rings to share and split a burger and fries. It was fine, but nothing remarkable. In January we went to 50's Prime Time. There were 5 of us at the table and we ordered way too much food. The atmosphere was bright and cheery, the menu options seemed to have something for everyone. It was fun to watch the other patrons and their servers interact, even though our server wasn't particularly fun. We all enjoyed our meal here.
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  4. Aimeedyan

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    Feb 22, 2004
    We have always been pleased at both, really. It depends on the atmosphere you desire, and the food. This next trip, we're doing 50's again due to menu and environment.

  5. apulk

    apulk Mouseketeer

    Jul 24, 2003
    Well, I don't want to sound too negative -- but the food isn't great at either place. That said -- we list one or the other as a "must eat at" place each time we go. We went in Feb 04 and did 50's PT for lunch. Service was just OK -- very little interaction (surprisingly) from the server which is why you go there. The other 5/6/7/8???? times we've been there -- all great (food just so so).

    Sci-fi is so cool too though -- we'll probably have it on our must list this August when we visit for a 3 day weekend. Just be prepared -- you will pay about $14 for a chicken sandwich and fries.

    Check out the menus at: and then toss a coin. Different themes but both great.

  6. CharlesandCamilla

    CharlesandCamilla Mouseketeer

    Apr 21, 2004
    I didn't like the food or the prices at Sci-fi, but this is the first trip I've been able to convince my wife to leave it off the itinerary.

    go figure
  7. Jasminesmommy

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    Jul 18, 2003
    Sci-Fi is awesome. Burgers and shakes are the best and dinner the pork tendrloin is very good and also the steak is really good. My kids ages 4 and 6 loved the idea of the drive in since they are too young and never got to enjoy them when they were still around.
  8. bellenbeast

    bellenbeast Earning My Ears

    Apr 27, 2004
    I've eaten at both and they are both good, however, I happen to really like 50's Prime Time. Fun place and good food. Sci-Fi has awesome milkshakes and you sit in these fake cars like a drive-in. Food was just "ok", nothing to write home about. I think you'd like 50's Prime Time Cafe the best. Good luck with your choice.;)
  9. Kallison

    Kallison <font color=red>I'm a lab adorer<br><font color=na

    Nov 15, 1999
    We love both -- my kids love Sci-Fi and the cars. We had a great server last trip in Prime Time - kids still talk about Uncle Dave saying "What didya do that for you brat?" We had a blast there. I don't think you can wrong at either one and I've never a really bad meal at either one. Just the usual overpriced just okay Disney food.
  10. jcemom

    jcemom Official Tag Fairy Assistant

    Mar 23, 2003
    We haven't tried 50's PTC, the type of interaction just isn't "us." We really enjoyed Sci Fi though despite the many negative reviews. We stuck to the "safe" choices and had burgers which were very good, onion rings which may be the best ever, and the milkshakes were so good I wish I had one now! When I asked my boys (10 and 11) to choose just one sit-down meal for our next trip they both said Sci Fi.
  11. dzneelvr

    dzneelvr A Disney Dolly<br><font color=deeppink>Doesn't min

    Jan 11, 2003
    I'll add our "4 cents". Sci Fi is a definite do for us because of the atmosphere. And if you keep your order to the burger/shake route, you'll do fine. It falls a bit flat when you get to the fancier entrees, although I've had a salmon there that was fantastic!

    The Prime Time food is just ok to us and we definitely could do without the "atmosphere". Just isn't our thing after a hot long day at the Parks.
    I always ask the family each year where they want to eat. If one or both of the above lands on the list--I don't fight it. If nothing else, toss a coin. I believe you will win either way.

    WDW on June 24::yes:: :earsgirl: :earsboy: :earsboy: :earsgirl:
  12. dznyntnh

    dznyntnh DIS Veteran

    Jun 2, 2001
    Sci-Fi is great. The atmosphere is fun. The food and the service have always been good.

    50's Prime Time is one of my least favorite places in all of wdw. Food was nothing great and I just did not enjoy the whole 'let the help yell at the customers' thing.
  13. jeleebeene

    jeleebeene <font color=9999CC>Has a caffeine-free Stitch!<br>

    Apr 25, 2002
    As I can't say anything for 50's Prime Time Cafe (as we never seem to have time to eat there), this will be a once sided opinion for now.

    DH and I absolutely love Sci-Fi. While the food isn't anything special, it is good, and the shakes are great. The atmosphere is also nice, and we always seem to have a great waiter.

    My philosophy is this - try it yourself, and then you know if YOU like it. I never take reviews to heart, unless the place gets an utter 0. I may try it and like it, while my neighbor may not care for it.

    I say, choose one (or both) and go and enjoy. Atleast you will know for future trips wether you want to return!!
  14. LisaRay

    LisaRay DIS Veteran

    Oct 11, 2000
    We went to Sci Fi in Jan. our PS time was for right after the parade. So we were still able to get lunch menu and prices. My 4yr old DS had a usual kids meal and my DH had the burger and fries. Me and my DD 13 split the burger and fries so that we could afford the shakes for 3 of us. But i must say that DD and I FOUGHT over that burger!! it was really good and was wishing we had forgotten about the shakes and each had our own meal! I didn't care for the chocolate shake but DD loved her strawberry!
    Cost was around $40ish for burgers and fries.

    But i will say that the place was empty maybe 5-6 cars had people and they sat us in a car with others and way over to the side all the way in the front row. This made it difficult to see the screen and I felt uncomfortable for the couple having a nice quiet private meal untill we showed up with our kids and took over there car!
    The kids really want to go back here next trip though! But if it is that empty next time I am gonna ask for a seperate car. I felt like we ruined that nice couples meal.
  15. dlbwright

    dlbwright DIS Veteran

    Apr 9, 2004
    I have not been to SciFi, but loved 50s Prime Time. Our 'mom' was very interactive with us, but not overly abusive, just fun. I loved doing our homework! I had the chicken caesar salad and it was wonderful. We tried the boursin cheese for appetizer and that was wonderful. The whole table split a smores for dessert. It was a all around awesome experience. Can't wait to do it again

    :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc

    Diana :earsgirl:
  16. mouseRD

    mouseRD Mouseketeer

    Apr 27, 2004
    We've never tried 50's Prime Time but would like to. Last year, we ate lunch at Sci Fi. Had no PS but went for late lunch & only waited ~ 10 minutes to be seated. (We asked to sit in one of the cars). The atmosphere was fun; kind of romantic in its own way. My husband & I shared a salad (I believe it had walnuts & blue cheese w/ mixed greens - very good!) & some type of sandwich that was also good. We also split a milkshake. All in all, it was a fun experience & the food was actually quite nice (what we ordered anyway!). :)
  17. Epcotgal8

    Epcotgal8 DIS Veteran

    Jan 2, 2003
    How many people can be seated in a "car" at Sci-Fi?
  18. jcemom

    jcemom Official Tag Fairy Assistant

    Mar 23, 2003
    6, I think. Two in each "seat" and there are three "seats."
  19. BeamsofLight

    BeamsofLight <font color=darkorchid>One of the 'They' in 'They

    Apr 22, 2004
    DH and I eat at Sci-Fi almost every time we visit. Love the burgers and shakes .. I also had a really good wrap there once although I think it's no longer on the menu. Since there's only the two of us we've been "hitchhikers" in other families' cars on a regular basis and I can say it doesn't really impact on the 'privacy' of your lunch that much.
    We tried 50's PT on our honeymoon and didn't care for it that much. I liked the atmosphere and it was entertaining, but I thought the food was pretty awful. I also remember the washroom being filthy (stands out in my mind as I remember thinking *my* Mom would never have a bathroom this dirty! lol!). I'm sure that's not normally the case, but it does color my memory of the restaurant.
  20. cobbler

    cobbler <br><font color=blue>Tag #1: (Under Construction:

    Mar 18, 2004
    I actually enjoyed both. We have been to both, one during 03 and one during 01 and our servers were great.

    We had good food, maybe we got lucky but we had an enjoyable time at both.

    The only thing dh didn't like was the clips at the sci-fi kept running over and over but that is not a huge deal to me.
    The kids sat in the front of the car and dh and I sat in the back and we ordered a shake and shared with the two straw thing and was really sweet.

    But if I HAD to choose I would do the 50s over Sci-fi

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