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    Mar 7, 2010
    Hi all.

    I feel like the village idiot asking this, but, can someone help me make heads and tails of the land and sea packages?

    I have just returned from the Disney World and have decided I would like to do a cruise in 2014. I prefer land and sea because I would want to do the Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party so I would like to go sometime during that party.

    I just want an approximate on what something like that might cost. Here are some things that may help someone suggest what they think I may be looking to spend.

    It would be me and my daughter who would be 12 then
    I dont care what type of room on the cruise ship or where we cruise to but I know she wants to be on the Ship that has the AquaDuct?
    I would want to do like 3 days on the ship and 3 days parks - I would like to stay at the most affordable hotel.

    If anyone would like to tell me roundabouts how expensive that is I would be grateful for your help
  2. erionm

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    Dec 6, 2008
    You would probably be better off booking the cruise and hotel room separately. Since you want to do the MNSSHP, you would need to cruise in either Sept or Oct and DCL & WDW has not released pricing for 2014 for those dates yet. As far as the lowest price for a WDW Resort, look at the Value Resorts.
  3. lanejudy

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    Oct 27, 2011
    I'm not sure DCL even books "land and sea" packages anymore because most guests found it more economical and preferable to book each portion of the vacation separately. When booking the full package guests were unable to take advantage of "free dining" or other promotions WDW might offer.

    You can get an idea of the "land" vacation through the WDW website, though 2014 rates will not be available until sometime next summer probably. Also, you can likely get a general idea of cruise fares by looking at what DCL has offered in the past for that time period - keeping in mind that rates are typically lowest when the itineraries are first announced and get more expensive as more passengers book and closer to sail date; however there could be some special *GT rates offered for slower seasons and the fall is generally a slower DCL season.

    To sail with the AquaDuck you will want to sail on either the Fantasy or the Dream. Currently, the Fantasy offers 7-night cruises and the Dream does 3-night and 4-night cruises; no telling if that will hold true for fall 2014 or not. The lower priced on-site WDW resorts are the "value" resorts, but you might find even lower priced off-site.
  4. PrincessShmoo

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    Feb 12, 2009
    DCL no longer sells land and sea packages. Too many of us figured out it was cheaper to book them separately. And you get more choices as to where to stay at WDW separately.

    For pricing, just check the DCL website for the current prices for thoses cruises you are interested in. A note here, prices do rise as the cruise gets closer on the ones that are popular, so book as early as possible.

    For the Aquaduck you would have to select either the Dream or Fantasy. The Dream does 3 and 4 night cruises, the Fantasy does 7 night cruises.

  5. kcashner

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    Dec 4, 2003
    OK, there is no such thing as a land/sea package any more. You book your land and your sea parts separately which allows you the best pricing and the most options possible.

    October is low season. The best way to guess prices for 2014 would be to look at 2013. You can often get the dining package free at WDW.

    The AquaDUCK is on the new ships--Dream and Fantasy. It is DUCK, like Donald. For a 3 night cruise, that would be the Dream...however, I'd strongly suggest a 4 night cruise if you can afford it. A 3 night is only 2 1/2 days...adding an extra day adds a lot. Your cheapest hotels at the parks will be the All Star (value) level. Another possibility would be to rent DVC points and stay at a DVC unit. The NSSHP is NOT part of normal park tickets--that's an extra ticket that you will pay for separately. The way park tickets are priced, the first 3 days are very expensive, and the price for additional days drops sharply. We don't find short stays at WDW to be "worth it" except when we have annual passes because the first day is like $80 per person (ouch).

    Considerations--if your desire is to do the halloween a 2 night stay at WDW. On one day do the party and on the other day do Downtown Disney or a water park. Then do a 4 or 5 night cruise. Don't hesitate about an inside cabin--they are fine (especially on the Dream as you'll have the virtual porthole), and will save serious money. On a short cruise, we don't spend any serious time in our cabin anyhow!

    A good TA can help a lot, as well as giving an onboard credit for booking with them!

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