Priceline question


Earning My Ears
Jan 14, 2001
Heard about the Priceline 4 star hotels and wanted to try them. Could someone please explain the best way to bid so that I can get the dates I wanted. I have seen some suggesting good research. what does that mean? I am new to priceline and am confused. Also do you only get one bid??
Help anyone.
I host a message board to discuss Priceline bidding and frequently comment on Priceline here on the Budget Board. Please review the Hotel FAQ category on my board at as well as the Orlando category so you'll see which hotels have been coming up. If you would like bidding assistance, please just start a new post on the Orlando category, providing the rate information requested for your exact dates as requested in the Hotel FAQ, the maximum you are willing to bid, and whether you have an Amex card so we'll know if you qualify for the free bonus money offer.


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