Pregnant at WDW


Jan 27, 2019
My best friend just found out she is pregnant. She also has her first ever WDW trip scheduled for Feb. How much is she going to be able to do? What all will she not be able to do? This is her first and I know she will be taking no chances. Should she think about cancelling?


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Oct 16, 2017
That's a your mileage may vary question. She can pretty much ride everything without a height restriction, although they do not recommend the safari.

But if she's going to be disappointed that she can't ride the new rides (Pandora, GE, etc) than rescheduling/cancelling might be better?


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Feb 20, 2006
That’s usually the best part of the pregnancy, morning sickness eases (so I’ve heard, never had any even with my twins), but just starting to pop. There will be plenty for her to do.


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Oct 11, 2013
I agree with sponica. It's going to depend on what she wants to ride. I have been twice while pregnant ( same pregnancy.) The first trip while pregnant ( with my second child ) I was 8-9 ish weeks but didn't know I was pregnant. I pretty much rode everything 😲. The next trip was a few months later when I was about 21 weeks pregnant. I did ride the Safari and soarin. Everything else was baby ride friendly. I had fun, but my DH rode everything else with our DS then 8. Hope she has a great trip either way!


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Nov 18, 2013
Caveat: I'm a local annual passholder.

I found out I was pregnant in early April and was able to do Disney without many issues until about August. The only issue I had was that it was summertime and very hot. I took a lot of breaks and used a cooling towel, and of course drank a lot of water. Once I hit about the later part of the second trimester, it was much harder for me to go Disney for an extended period of time. We did a preview for Galaxy's Edge and I thought I was going to die walking back to the car. I'm currently 35 weeks, and now I won't go to the parks unless I rent a wheelchair. It's just too uncomfortable otherwise.

In February, your friend should be in her second trimester which is usually when all the morning sickness goes away but before the other symptoms set in. Personally, I think she'd be fine at Disney, but the question is will she be upset if she can't go on certain rides. Obviously that didn't bother me because we're locals, but if this is a once in a lifetime (or even a few years) trip, it might be more difficult for her. Magic Kingdom and Epcot have a lot of options for expectant mothers, but there are not a lot of rides at Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom that are advised for them.


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