Pre-Trip Report(23) - Top 5 Places I've Stayed


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Dec 29, 2010
Pre-Trip Report - 23 days to go before our split stay at BLT and BWV in a two bedroom suite.

DD has been playing a top 5 game with DW and I for several weeks. It's cool that she's 18 and is excited about this trip as much as we are.
This weekend she ask for the "Top 5 Places I've Stayed At".

My first trip to WDW was a last minute invite in 1999 to the Lotusphere technical conference. The conference is held at Dolphin and Swan but I was only able to book at the Royal Plaza in downtown Disney. For my first experience in "The World", I was amazed. I dreamed of bringing my young family and thought this area was a good area relative to cost and being on property. We did our research and the following year booked the Double Tree Suites for a very reasonable rate. I believe it was around $99 a night. This worked out well for a family of five. We didn't mind the busses too much but they do make many stops from that area.

You'll notice my progression and preference moves closer to the action. I love being within walking distance to parks. :cool1:

5. Caribbean Beach & Port Orleans - My list so I'll cheat and put these two together. DW and I stayed at Caribbean Beach for Lotusphere and we did a family stay at Port Orleans. I think the moderate resorts are a great place to stay. They do have the pullout bed for the fifth person. These resorts are large with great pools, theme and food courts and not too far to travel to parks. DW did get lost one night walking alone back from food court to our room. :)

4. Dolphin & Swan - I've stayed once at both of these hotels for two different conferences. One conference, I was able to bring my family to the Swan. I love the grandeur of this resort and it's proximity to Boardwalk/DHS/EPCOT. It's a great place for a conference.

3. Yacht and Beach Club - The ability to walk out the hotel and into EPCOT/Boardwalk was awesome. This left an impression on me. The theme is cool and the pool is the best on property. Beaches and Cream is one of my favorite spots. We love the yogurt parfait, egg sandwiches and gelato at the quick service shop.

2. Polynesian - This for me is the best theme. I really love the island theme and proximity to MK and monorail. We stayed here on two occasions with another family. My favorite restaurant is O'hana. The volcano pool is awesome. I enjoy watching Wishes with music from the pool or electric parade from the beach. Let's build a DVC there next !!! :banana:

1. Bay Lake Tower - Location, Location, Location and two bedroom suite for all my friends and family to enjoy !!! Hooray for my progression to DVC !!!
:dance3: Stayed first time last August and now DW wants to stay here every time.

I'm sure BWV will make the list after this next trip and I'll have to start a top 10 list. ;)

What's your favorite?


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Apr 28, 2011
We've stayed at quite a few places since our first family trip in 1995- to Dixie Landings (now Port Orleans Riverside) we had 2 young kids at the time and were blown away by the resort -DH had never been to WDW before - I had as a kid- after the trip he thanked me and said it was the best vacation he'd Ever been on. I knew we'd be back. The following year we went to Port Orleans and loved that too. We went to a Winnie The Pooh breakfast at Old Key West and said WOW! Can you imagine being able to afford staying here?? Fast forward 2 more trips-1 more child and 4 years later and in 2000 we bought DVC (at BWV) and did realize our dream of staying at OKW~one of our very favorite resorts. We've since stayed at BWV~BCV~WLV~AKV and SSR (and VB and HHI) We've. Had the most stays at OKW and BWV and love them both for many different reasons- we cant wait for our upcoming trip to BLT - just the 2 of us- DVC was one of the best things we ever did- and all of the resorts we've stayed at hold special memories... our kids are 22 19 and 15 now but they still want to go to WDW with us!!


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