Portable Potties for car??


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Jan 28, 2000
Does anyone know where I can buy a portable potty for the car. I've seen them before in the One Step Ahead catalog, but, I've waited to long and I'm leaving in 11 days.

They are inflatable little potties that you put a garbage bag in it, for little ones, driving emergencies.

We are driving down, and plan to make ds use the potty everytime we stop, but, you know how it it, we'll be in the middle of nowhere, and he'll have to go.

Thanks in advance!!!
We bought one two years ago for our then 2 and 3 year old girls. We bought it at Babies R Us and its plastic, folds up and the potty cup can be removed to clean and dump it. I still keep in my car for emergencies (parks etc.). I hope this helps and good luck. We leave in 5 days!!!!!!!!!
but since you have to stop the car anyway for safety reasons in order for your son to use the porta-potty, can he not just pee on the side of the road . . .or into any plastic bottle.

Thanks for the information!


I guess he could do that, but, I really don't want him to. He does seem to have to go poop alot when we are in the car, especially if he's excited, which he will be. I know that the seats with the plastic liners, after they go can be taken out and tied up until we get to the closest garbage can.
we just take our regular potty with us. You can put a bag around the cup part. It is removable. also if you have a girl bring an extra maxi pad and put that in the potty before they go and it will soak up the urine
We always keep one in the car for the justin case. never fails we get stuck and in traffic and can't find a bathroom so we have to pull over!

When we were in the U.S., we stopped at Camping World and found an inflatable potty, as well as other neat stuff for camping.
A coffee can with a lid works for slightly older kids (not toddlers).

I always kept a coffee can in the car for those "emergency" situations because everyone knows a 4 or 5 year old won't tell you until it is too late.
We always just use a small "potty chair" for the car. A zip lock bag fits great around the little "bowl" and my dd's were familiar with it so it was comfy for them. I kept several large size zip lock bags, lots of wipes and antibacterial soap along with the potty in the back of the van. It got lots of use even at the park or sports practice for the little ones rather than the port o lets! Don't have to spend the extra $$ on the travel ones when yours will do! HTH, and have a great trip. Its definately coming along on our upcoming 5 hour road trip.
My DH hates to stop.
You need a Van or larger car ...
SEARS - camping toilet.
Holds water in the top about 2.5 gallons - used to flush waste. Yes it has a "flusher".
The bottom hold the waste with some water and disinfectant solution.
Has a place to hold toliet paper. Has a place to hold extra disinfection solution (for return trip).
Bring baby-wipes for your hands.

Time saver. Easy to clean - just dump the waste from the bottom container into the toilet
at home/hotel.

We use it all the time for the kids and us on long trips.
We leave it in the car when we travel.
Waste can remain in the camping potty for a week and no smells - unless in extream heat.
You may want to clean out the bottom when in Florida.

When traveling you will know you have a clean place to squat - where others have not ! :wave:
"Going" on the side of the road is Polluting the Earth!! And can cause Diseases!! Truckers have been peeing in bottles and throwing them out on to the road sides and children have been finding them, Opening the bottles and getting Urine on their hands!!!!!! Is something you want Your Child to find????

If we have laws to pick up dog poop,don't you think we as Humans could be as Clean!!
Tink2dw - I apologize if my suggestion to let a toddler pee on the side of the road offended you. I certainly wouldn't suggest littering, such as leaving a bottle of urine beside the road. However, I disagree that a young child's urine will poison the earth or spread disease. Is it really very different than pulling over to walk a dog?

Now, I would agree that if a child has to do more than pee, it would really be best to find another alternative than the side of the road. Feces can certainly be a disease vector. And who wants to step in THAT when they pull over to pee? ;)
I have a friend who used to live here in Spartanburg but now lives in Olrando. She has three little boys under the age of 5. They used to make the trip back and forth often to visit family. They bought one of these potties and have told some of the funniest stories. In fact, I've needed the "potty" a few times as we have laughed until...well you know. Be careful with it as it seems one of the boys managed to wet all over the van as he was trying to use it. I vote for the side of the road! With boys it is so much easier!!

Last year, we drove from the Houston area to Orlando with DS- almost 3 that was newly potty trained. I took the big potty chair with us in the Explorer and all it did was take up room. We never used it. When he had to urinate, we just pulled over and let him do his business unless we had to stop for gas or something. He didn't poop at all until we made it to the hotel at night...I couldn't believe it. There was no way that he would do it in the car; he was too self conscience. I guess it depends on the kid. Plus, we put him in a pull-up so if he had an accident, it would be no big deal. Good luck!


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