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    Does anyone know how frequently the buses run to the Magic Kingdom from Port Orleans French Quarter, how many stops the buses will make and how long the ride is. We also have 8:15 AM dining reservations at Crystal Palace before the Magic Kingdom opens at 9:00 AM. Will there be a bus available that can get us to the restaurant that early?
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    Buses to each park run about every 10-20 minutes. There's no exact schedule.

    Some POFQ buses also go to POR before going to their destination; of the buses that went on to POR, some stopped only at the one "main" stop and some others went to ALL of the POR stops.

    Some POFQ buses go DIRECTLY to their final destination wthout going to POR. This occured without any pattern, as far as I could tell. In other words, it's not like all MK buses did or did not go to POR, and so on.

    As for the time for an early bus, I have no idea, and I hope someone can answer that question for you. In general, I do know for a fact that every WDW resort has early buses that can get guests to even the earliest of ADRs at the parks. I just don't know the specifics on that.
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    Port Orleans French Quarter to Magic Kingdom has its own bus one stop only, (Most of the Time), Port Orleans Riverside also has its own bus but has 4 stops at Riverside then on to the Magic Kingdom.

    All other Parks, Epcot, Disney/Mgm, Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney and water parks are combined together into one route for both French Quarter and Riverside.

    Also the Downtown Disney route stop order is different then the park routes.
    The bus stops at West Depot first at Riverside, then North Depot and East Depot, and then the main stop at Riverside, the South Depot, then the bus goes to the French Quarter, then on to Downtown Disney/Typhoon Lagoon.

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