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  1. mammomommie

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    Jun 6, 2006
    We have always stayed at Mods. But this year I have booked the POP in Jan. for 7days. We could stay at the SOG because my husband is a DOD employee (catagory 3)but that is still more than the POP. I know the rooms are bigger and right now they have a deal with breakfast included. Please give me any suggestions.
    Its me DH DD13 DS 5.
  2. Disney grandma

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    Apr 29, 2006
    I would stay at SOG. It probably isn't much more than POP and like you said, bigger rooms, plus you would be getting breakfast. Also you could walk to the Poly and get on the monorail. It isn't Disney themed but I personally would rather stay there than a value.
  3. wdwrich

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    Sep 26, 2002
    SOG is wonderful! It's more along the lines of a Disney deluxe resort compared to Pop. Actually, when Disney owned and operated the property (first as the Golf resort and later as the Disney Inn), it was classified in the deluxe category.
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    If it helps you make your decision, the package at SOG that includes breakfast is not really any sort of deal. You are paying the full price of the breakfast buffet in your quoted rate. You are also paying for that $25 gift certificate at the gift shop.

    My sole reason for staying at SOG is the quiet solitude. The busses are not bad like values and there is no overly crowded food court/arcade with unattended children running amok. Can't go wrong with a bigger room.

    Only real downside of SOG is you can't use DME and can't do charges in the parks on your resort key.

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