Polynesian and Stitch!


Cute and fluffy!
Jul 17, 2017
We did not see Stitch around the resort when we were there 6/23-6/30 and he won't be back at Ohana breakfast until 9/27.

We were there specifically for 6/26 and were disappointed to have not seen him in the resort (we did get a sightining with him at MK).


A dream is a wish your heart makes...
Oct 6, 2011
He used to be found over in Tomorrowland in the MK. Not sure if that is still the case these days.


Earning My Ears
Jul 21, 2022
The only time we saw Stitch outside Tommorrowland was at the character breakfast at Ohana. 15 or so years ago when my children were young they loved it. You get more time with the characters than you would at a regular meet and greet.