Poll: Your Plans for Galaxy's Edge

How will Galaxy's Edge opening affect your planning?

  • We're just waiting for the opening date annoucement so we can be there Day 1!

    Votes: 19 4.6%
  • We're planning an extra trip late 2019 or early 2020 and can't wait!

    Votes: 82 19.7%
  • We're delaying our normal/planned trip this year in order to go after GE is open.

    Votes: 29 7.0%
  • We're skipping 2020 and will plan a trip when the crazy quiets down again.

    Votes: 108 26.0%
  • We're not changing our plans at all - que sera, sera.

    Votes: 178 42.8%

  • Total voters


DIS Veteran
Nov 12, 2006
I already have my December trip booked, but may skip DHS if SWGE is open. Unless I get to go to an AP preview, I plan to avoid SWGE for probably a year. I like some SW fine (prefer the earliest trilogy) but I am by no means a superfan (pay no attention to that BB8 charging on my counter . . .).


Sep 12, 2018
I voted for skipping 2020. There's no way we'd plan a family trip with our kids during the craziness and long wait times--Disney is crowded enough even at moderate crowd times! That said, DH and I have our first adults-only trip planned in early November 2019. I'm hoping the opening is after our trip, but if it's earlier I don't know yet if we'll go or cancel the trip.
  • Jimmy Mouse

    My other car is the Monorail
    Sep 3, 2017
    I voted for Day 1! I do plan on going for opening if I can. My business comes first but if I can swing it, I will be there! We also have our trip already booked Christmas week this year so yeah, I will get to see it for sure! I really don't care about the crowds in the parks but the crowded busses really bother me for some reason so I'll walk from Beach Club to DHS if I can't grab a Minnie Van.


    Combining beach and Disney!
    Jan 22, 2014
    Just came back from WDW and our next trip with park days will probably be in March 2022. Our Disney fix will come from DCL and Paris Disneyland in 2020 and Disneyland or Aulani in 2021.


    3/2015-BLT & planning for 6/2020-AKL
    May 10, 2016
    Talked about a trip for March 2020 since we left our first ever trip March 2015. That was locked in once the SW expansion was announced and announced it would be open by then.


    DIS Dad #852 from Central Massachusetts
    Jul 12, 2012
    We're going this spring so we won't be affected. We like Star Wars but we're not the type to HAVE to see it right when it opens. It'll be something new to explore for the next trip!
  • dakotix

    DIS Dad #852 from Central Massachusetts
    Jul 12, 2012
    The problem for those that are planning to avoid WDW for 2020 to avoid the craziness is I don't think it's going to matter. I don't think there will be a time in the next 3-4 years when SWGE isn't packed.
    That's assuming the economy is stable. It's very likely (historically speaking) that we are due for a recession.

    Brett Wyman

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 30, 2018
    Were skipping 2020 and doing 2 weeks at the beach instead. Im sad already : ( but I know us and we hate crowds.

    Mr Mannn

    Who da Mannn? He da Mannn!
    Oct 13, 2013
    I am headed for Disney World in Jan/Feb 2020. the park will have just opened and i expect it to be loved to death!
    Fast pass for one ride the first day and another fast pass the next.

    Further, I expect the crowds to make the ambiance of the newest park difficult to enjoy. Still I will have a multi park pass and will be staying on Disney property so I will have access to early and late hours.

    I really do want to see the Mickey Mouse ride, and I may walk through Toy Story land but I doubt I will ride any rides there.
  • Buzzsgramma

    DIS Veteran
    Oct 3, 2000
    Whenever all 12 family members (adults) 3 generations of SW fans...think they want to try we will book the BWV (home resort) I was thinking 2020 May but maybe that's too soon...
    I will say this DH and I have planned for the last few years to celebrate our 55th wedding Ann. in Dec 2019...so I have booked BWV for 4 nites and 3 nites at the Grand Floridian....seeing SWGE will not be a top priority..

    Unca’ Donald

    Nov 15, 2018
    I’ve been a Star Wars fan just about my entire life (born in ‘74) and I love going to Disney World, but I’m not excited about Galaxy's Edge at all. I haven’t even followed the progress of it because I just know it’s going to focus primarily on the newer movies which I don’t really care for. So I voted to skip 2020.


    DIS Veteran
    Sep 26, 2018
    The problem for those that are planning to avoid WDW for 2020 to avoid the craziness is I don't think it's going to matter. I don't think there will be a time in the next 3-4 years when SWGE isn't packed.
    This is pretty much our thoughts as well, between SWGE, then new ride openings and anniversary celebrations the parks are going to be nuts for a while. It's why we're taking one last hurrah this August, then planning other vacations for at least the next 3-4 years before attempting WDW again. Will probably still shoot for an adults weekend for a festival here and there, but that's about it.


    Falling More in Love Every Year!
    Jan 12, 2015
    We are actually planning a DL trip for November. Didn't follow the SWGE news until we started looking to plan our Nov. trip. I guess it's nice that it will be open this summer, so we will have an opportunity to see it and go on the rides, but....not a big SW fan. We are more excited about the Nightmare before Christmas decorations, so I guess SWGE is sort of a bonus. I do think the crowds and wait times without FP+ will be ridiculous, and I'm not one of those more than an hour wait fans, so I may be out of luck getting on anything. I love Disney, no matter what or when, it's all good to me. I am interested in seeing how much it will cost to stay at the new SW Resort, but probably won't be able to afford that experience, if ever. If I could afford to go to both DL and DW twice a year I would, no matter what is or isn't opening.


    DIS Veteran
    Nov 21, 2014
    We are skipping 2020 but not really because of this; mostly that we decided to do a cruise instead. DD is also at the age where I feel like we'll start branching out more on our vacation destinations, so it could be a while before we go back.

    Then again... we have said that before and yet keep going back. :rolleyes2 So we'll see!


    Jan 10, 2019
    Hopefully the Star Wars Half Marathon runs thru it next April, that'll be the extent of my plans for some time. That's probably the least crowded attempt I'll make at it.


    Feb 16, 2018
    After this year, we won't be back until late 2021 when hopefully all the new attractions are open. It's cruises and other vacations until then.


    DIS Veteran
    May 11, 2004
    We will go to DL in August because DS's college term starts end of August. We are hoping that Star Wars GE has eliminated some of the bugs/kinks by then. My hope is to ride each attraction once and to be able to enjoy the atmosphere.

    We love Star Wars and can't wait to visit GE but also love everything else about DL. I remember when Carsland opened. It meant that other parts of both parks were relatively empty, especially early in the day. If GE opening means Guardians has shorter wait times, that will be good enough for me!!

    DS is loathe to wake up early, but I plan to make to the gate substantially before rope drop on at least one day to get to GE first-ish!!!:yoda:
    May 25, 2017
    My wife gave me the go ahead to take a trip with my 20-something brother to go near the opening. Normally my wife and I go with our two kids. The only time that both of us can go is the long Thanksgiving weekend. We have our tickets and a hotel reservation at the All Stars. Definitely didnt want to subject my wife and lil tykes to the insanity. Fingers crossed that SWGE is open by then. If not, we will still have a great time touring 3 days non stop either way:cool1:.


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