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Discussion in 'The DIS Unplugged Podcast' started by disney4dan, Jul 17, 2008.

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    May 16, 2007
    I'm new to posting on this group, but have been listening to the podcast for a while now. I've been trying to get used to using Media Player to sync these podcasts to my non-iPod player, and I'm getting very weird file names when downloading the files. I'm posting a screen capture of the display for the three most recent:


    Any suggestions? I'm trying to get this right, because we leave for WDW in two weeks and will be driving down. Plenty of quality time to spend with the podcast crew! By the way, Pete, we'll be avoiding Joisey and the tolls on the way down. Figured you'd appreciate that after listening to your recent rant about Joisey turnpike tolls. And I'll be following your directions to/from the airport to pick up our oldest son who is flying down and meeting us there!

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