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    Feb 16, 2001
    Good Morn. My family is headed to Disney next week and we all have tickets to the pin event Dec 7th and MVMCP Dec 8th now one of our sons has to stay home due to a big school sport conflict. The tickets are non refundable so we are looking for a sponser for him. I taled to disney and the said I could get his merchidise with ut him since they will nt refund my money. The event is $75.00 and he has won on his RSP at cost and tax
    2 logo pins- #1 $9.01 ea
    2 willie- #2 $11.13
    2-ac residential st #3 $11.13 ea
    2-AC tram #4 $11.13 ea
    1-AC hat #5 $11.13 ea
    1-donald pupet #6 $13.25 ea
    1- goofy puppet
    2-sabastian puppet
    2-pinocchio puppet
    1- mickey puppet
    1- chip and dale puppet
    1-mickey & goofy light up pin set
    1- light up residential house sculpt
    2-tree triming greeting card
    2- santa's chimney
    2-mickeys christmas tree
    1- mailing season greetings

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