Pirates Cruise


Earning My Ears
Jan 24, 2001
Could someone please tell me about the pirates cruise and if their sons/daughters enjoyed it. I have an 8 year old son and believe that he might be interested. He is very mature for his age and this will be his first trip to the world so I want to make it as memorable as possible.

Thanks for your help!
Mine went last year (DS was 5, DD 8). They had a great time. They went to each hotel beach along Bay Lake, and over to River Country and Ft. Wilderness. It runs about 2 hours, and is available a few mornings a week.

I was fun for them, and we went for massages at the GF Spa!!

That is exactly what I was thinking of doing during this time! We'll be there for 7 days and I thought this would be something different & fun.. away from the parks.


My son who was 7 last year loved it. They went hunting for treasure. He was so excited when he got off the boat, that he asked to do it again the next day.



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