Passes Question


Sep 4, 2001
Hi there.....just made my first reservation for the Vacation Club...
Here is the scenario and my questions:

Arriving Friday July 11th and staying 2 nights at AKL.........
Then staying Sun. July 13th through Friday July 18th at OKW (1 BDR...on waitlist for BW SView).....
Will be getting the Ultimate Hopper passes once I get at OKW for the length of stay.

Since we will be arriving mid day Friday we are not planning on doing a park then...hang at the hotel, explore, swim and probably do Chef Mickey's for dinner and watch the fireworks.

For Saturday..should I just buy a one day pass? It seems silly to get a park hopper pass for one day........What does everyone else do?

Also the VClub said I get a better discount if I buy the Ultimate hopper passes when I check this true?


Last question..........are there car services or rental cars available at OKW to do a grocery run...

Thanks and Happy 2003
If you will return, buy a park hopper pass since it's good forever. You can use it next trip.
Last September we spent three nights at AKL and really enjoyed doing the cultural activities and programs and just watching the critters. This could easly occupy a full day and is very interesting.

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