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Apr 6, 2000
where are a lot of the regulars that post here at, did I miss something?


Everyone is kinda bummed out over the censorship issue. Some of the regulars are communicating via E-mail and other boards, and some are just giving it a rest for a few months until everything cools off and issues are addressed. Kind of a shame since everyone was starting to get to know each other, etc. I'll still be around, just not as much.

Jim, can you give us the addresses for other Universal Boards. I'm not deserting this board, I just like to read about US/IOA.

Thanks - Donna R.
No11's Mom,

Even though I really don't agree with some of the things that have happened recently on this board, I still think it is by far the best and most enjoyable place for Universal Info. This site has worked hard to become perhaps the most visited themepark page on the web. By posting other links here it would take away from their earned traffic. I don't mind giving you some links, just drop me an email and I'll send some right back!

My 8 year old daughter likes to read these boards with me. It keeps us abreast of happenings at our favorite playgrounds.
The only topic I've seen deleted so far was the maniacal ravings of one particular poster. It's one thing to state you hate yogurt, but quite another when you voice hate for a people. There's just no place for it here, (right?)
The topics locked were simply redundant. The negativity of the posts were bringing folks down, and that was indeed a shame. Hopefully everything returns to the warm, fuzzy stuff that drew us into these boards in the first place.
Am I expecting too much for a "G" rating?
I am here, and I am an "old" timer, but where is everyone else?
I agree with H20jag.....
too much negativity. If people want to write manifestos and talk about what they hate, I think it's perfect that they e-mail each other privately and then they can rant 24/7 for all I care.

The only reason I haven't been posting is because I'm too busy getting ready for our vacation!
I am Still Here Also.
My wife just had a baby girl so my free time is almost non-existent.
Besides that I have just been hanging out and choosing to not become involved with any negative stuff that has been going on.
I just want to come here to...
Hi everyone!! Boy have I missed being here :(
I had some emergency surgery and havent been able to post! Looking forward to reading everything and catching up!! :D

For us it is the height of competition season. Little time to get to the computer when we are touring wonderful places like Bowling Green, Ohio, Fenton, Missouri and Fraser, Michigan.
Tony, congratulations on the new baby! Will you raise her to be a Universal Orlando fan? :)


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I'm here, at least for 6 more days, then I won't be here, I'll be there, HRH that is :D


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I am here too!! I have just been very busy!! But I continue to check the board each day to learn more from you good people!! :)
Jessica, I hope you are doing better!! :)
Take care all!!
Hey everyone! I haven't been here much because I was out of town for a week and you moms know it takes weeks to clean up the house after you leave 2 kids and hubby alone for a week!! Ooodles of paperwork at the office. Why am I the only person who opens the mail at home and office? ugh

I have to say I am glad I missed all the negativity a few weeks past. I appreciate an honest opinion and absorb all the info supplied on this board. The moderators are doing a great job and I appreciate the fact they are trying to keep this board friendly and appropriate. If I want to get personally slammed I can go to a Newsgroup. If I want info then I come here!!!

Hope you are well, JessicaR!


I'm still around, though sporadically.

Since January I've had a trip, a very sick son, a crazy job then a death in my family. Not a great year so far but I have faith it'll get better!

Wish I was going in March! :(


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Robin..sorry to hear Michael has been sick and about the death in the family.

Russell got hurt at wrestling pratice and had to have stiches (on the face again of course) and it didn't heal right. Bri is getting ready for a natioal pageant (please no Jon Benette jokes). I'm also switching over to a new computer and that is taking away precious posting time (LOL).
I'm still needing tips for our up coming trip. I'll post a few questions in a couple of days.

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Sounds like a busy time for all!

Our computer hasn't been working properly since we upgraded it at Christmas.Geesh!

Tony: congrats on the baby girl!

JessicaR: Hope all is better for you.

Robin: Hope Micheal is better too.
I hope your son is feeling better and things will settle down! :)
We wish you were going in March too!
Take care!

I should've mentioned that Michael is FINE now. He had that horrible flu that was going around for about a week and a half RIGHT after we got back from Orlando.

Thanks for asking, guys!

Sha_lyn, Bri is cute enough to win ANY contest she enters! Give her a hug for me! And tell Russell that face stitches look cool on older guys... Makes them look tough!

And JessicaR, let us know how you're feeling now!


Mother of Michael
Proverbs 3:5-6


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