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    Jul 17, 2001
    Please send our thanks to two special cms who helped to make our recent trip to the world the most magical ever! We arrived in WDW at the WL on Dec. 14th and left on Dec. 21st.
    First, our wonderful mosekeeper! I am so sorry not to have gotten her name. We were in room 3144 at the WL and she was our mousekeeper on Sat., dec. 15th thru Mon. Dec. 17th. She had something wonderful waiting for us every day when we returned to our room. The lovely swans and puppies and alligators made from towels took our breath away, not just because they were beautiful but because she took extra time out of her day to make our day special! Our favorite had to be the night we came back to the room late and exhausted and found my daughter's beloved stuffed bunny leaning against the pillow hiding her eyes with a note that said,"One, two, three...are you ready?" We tried hard not to disturb our neighbors as we giggled and laughed playing hide and seek with all of the kid's toys that had been hidden around the room!She came to the door on her last day with us to tell me she would be off the rest of the week we were there and she didn't want the children to be disappointed if they came back to the room and found no games or special creations from her! WOW!! Then to top it all off, she returned to work the day we were leaving and again knocked on the door with sweet gifts for the kids...she had remembered we were leaving! Please tell our special mousekeeper that my children are still sleeping with her gifts and the wonderful gift of the memories she gave to all of us. WDW is very lucky to have this special lady!
    We also want to thank our "Captain David"...the captain of our boat from the MK to the WL at 9:15pm the night of Sunday, Dec. 16th. We had the boat to ourselves that night and enjoyed the ride "home" from the MK. As we docked at the WL, Capt. David said we should not miss the fireworks at the MK that night as they were to be very special. When we asked where we should stand to watch them from the WL, he suggested we stay on the boat and if we were lucky the timing would be right. So back aboard we went and sailed back to the MK where, again, no one boarded the boat. With our family sitting in the very front of the boat, Capt. David sailed back to the middle of the lake in front of the WL and stopped the boat!! Five minutes later we watched the most beautiful fireworks we had ever seen from the best seats in the house!! I will never forget snuggling with my family, wowed by the beauty of that night and the kindness of Capt. David. When we docked at the WL and Capt. David came down to say goodnight, what he said sums it all up. He said," If I was Walt Disney himself I could not have done any better!" This is absolutely true! Walt would be proud of Capt. David. He has the magic of Disney in his heart and , thanks to him, it is in our hearts too. The Yerly family will remember that night...and Capt. David...forever.

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