Our 3rd Trip to WDW, Sept' 09, *TOC on Pg 1* *TR STARTED - CLICK ON THE LINK*

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    ╠═Table of Contents═╣

    List of Possible ADR's - Page 1, Post #3
    Schedule, Take 1 - Page 1, Post #14
    Pictures of planning stuff - Page 2, Post #28
    2004 Pop Century Pics - Page 3, Post #36
    Custom T-Shirt Pics - Page 5, Post #66
    Schedule, Take 2 - Page 5, Post #67
    Fur Babies - Page 6, Post #80
    100 Days till Vacation!! - Page 7, Post #97
    99 Days Left!! - Page 7, Post #100
    Our Countdown Calendar - Page 9, post #127
    The all-mighty "Things for DW to Stress On" list - Page 9, Post #133
    ADR's Made!! - Page 11, Post #152
    Schedule with ADR's, Take 3 - Page 11, post #158
    Camera Gear - Page 12, Post #177
    New clothes pics - Page 12, Post #179
    Just Stuff - Page 14, Post #210
    Update on DW's Stress List - page 16, Post #227
    All Star Sports - Page 17, Post #245
    75 Days!! - Page 17, Post #251
    In Flight Entertainment - Page 18, Post #256
    Schedule, Take 4 - Page 18, Post #267
    DW Stress List updated again - Page 18, Post #270
    Pics from B-Day and Fireworks - Page 19, Post #272
    Toni's gonna go Kung-Foo on Delta!! - Page 19, Post #280
    2 month Mark!! - Page 20, Post #294
    Paid in Full - Page 20, Post #297
    Seriously??? - Page 22, Post #322
    Toni's sexually harrasses the UPS man... - Page 22, Post #327
    NHRA Nationals in Seattle... Page 33, Post #338
    Update on parents 25th anniversary trip... Page 24, Post #356
    Resort changes... Page 25, Post #375
    50 Days... Woo Hoo! - Page 27, Post #402
    A Few Wedding Photos - Page 28, Post #409
    Our next vacation? Too early? - Page 29, Post #423
    Planning Binder, a closer look... - Page 29, Post #434
    Kid's gift cards and money envelopes... - Page 29, Post # 435
    Got the cabana! - Page 32, Post # 466
    6 Week Countdown... Lets take a look... - Page 33, Post # 488
    We're going to Disney on Ice! Yah! - Page 37, Post # 546
    39 Days... Woot woot!! - Page 37, Post # 552
    Pics of Vegas.. - Page 37, Post # 554
    Updated To-Do List... - Page 38, Post # 567
    My carry around bag for stuff.... - Page 39, Post # 572
    ! Month, 31 Days, whichever looks smaller! - Page 42, Post # 621
    Mickey Mail!! Finally!! - Page 43 - Post # 634
    Murphy's Law strikes us hard! - Page 44, Post # 646
    Brother Update #1 - Page 45, Post # 670
    Camping at the Coast - Page 45, Post # 673
    25 Days! - Page 46, Post # 683
    Alec's new camera... - Page 48, Post # 706
    20 Days!! - Page 48, Post # 719
    Brother Update #1 - Page 45, Post # 670
    Camping at the Coast - Page 45, Post # 673
    Alec's New Camera - Page 48, Post # 706
    20 Days!! - Page 48, Post # 706
    Travel Documents, the saga begins! - Page 49, Post # 721
    Backpacks and Autograph Books - Page 49, Post # 722
    Update on To-Do List - Page 49, Post # 724
    Finalized ADR list - Page 49, Post # 730
    Meet Flat Jordan :-) - Page 50, Post # 737
    Pop Poll - Page 50, Post # 745
    Travel Documents, the saga continues... - Page 52, Post # 769
    Brother update #2, He's gone... - Page 53, Post # 790
    Real Life Update - Page 54, Post # 798
    Travel Documents, the saga goes on... - Page 54, Post # 802
    MNSSHP Treat bags... - Page 54, Post # 809
    Updated To-Do List again... - Page 54, Post # 810
    Brother Update # 3 - Page 55, Post # 817
    Travel Docs, yet again... - Page 55, Post # 825
    Update - Page 56, Post # 834
    Kid's Lucky Day - Page 57, Post # 845
    Travel Docs yet again.... - Page 57, Post # 855
    All around update - Page 58, Post # 864
    National Hurricane Center Update - Page 58, Post # 865
    10 Days!! - Page 59, Post # 873
    Online Check In!! - Page 59, Post # 874
    Up to date to-do list - Page 59, Post # 883
    Brother Update # 4 - Page 59, Post # 885
    9 Days!! - Page 60, Post # 894
    8 Days!! - Page 61, Post # 906
    7 Days!! - Page 62, Post # 923
    Travel Docs Saga ends!! - Page 62, Post # 930
    We have the travel docs in hand! - Page 63, Post # 934
    The one and only! - Page 63, Post # 937
    6 Days!! - Page 64, Post # 957
    Final Schedule - Page 65, Post # 964
    Zuh Zuh Pets? - Page 66. Post # 976

    Hello Everyone!

    We are glad you stopped by. This is my first attempt at a pre trip report, so we will see how this goes. Let me start by introducing my family so you know who will be going on this trip. It will be me (Terry), my DW (Toni), and our 2 beautiful children - our 9 year old DS, Alec (who will be 10 when we go) and our 5 year old DD, Tailor.


    Here is a little history about us. Our DS was born in Aug 1999. My DW and I got married on 02/02/02 and we had our honeymoon at Disneyland. Here is a picture of me and my wife...


    ... then me with my girlfriends :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


    Our DD was born December 2003. We took a family trip in 2004 to WDW for the first time (our DD was only 7 mo old at the time, it was a trip we will never forget :lmao:). It was an amazing trip, and has gotten us hooked. It was a 6 day trip at the end of July (coming from Oregon, I never realized how darn hot it could be, especially in July). We stayed at Pop Century. Here are a few photos from this trip...






    We returned to WDW for our next Disney vacation in September 2008, this time for 9 days. This time we stayed at All Star Movies (better temperatures than July, and you have to love FREE DINING!!). Here are a few pics from this trip...



    When we came back home, we had talked and decided to wait a few years to go back. That lasted about 1 month, then we had the Disney itch. You know the one, the one where you crave the rides, the scenery, the customer service, and mostly, the MAGIC Disney has to offer :thumbsup2. We decided to book a trip for this year. This time we will be staying at Pop again, only we will be going for 13 days!! We are so excited, and cannot believe how fast the trip is approaching.

    We will be at WDW from September 15-28. We were able to book with Free Dining again this year, which is a total money saver when you are feeding a family of 4. You cannot beat this deal!

    I hope you enjoy this trip report. As I said, this is my first one, so I will be learning how to do this as I go. Any feedback would be great.

    My wife has been a member of the Dis Boards for quite a while, and really enjoys reading about other people's trips, and has gotten so many great ideas regarding planning, and preparation tools for our vacations. She has only made a couple of posts as she is extremely "internet shy" as she calls it :rolleyes:. I recently discovered my addiction to Disney and began to poke around on these boards to see what was so interesting for my wife to be reading all the time. What can I say, I am now hooked! I really enjoy the Photography section, seeing some of the photography that members post, and learning tricks on how to get great photos. Last year, I had taken an interest in photography and purchased a DSLR to play around with. I bought the camera especially for our trip last September. I was able to get a lot of amazing photos that I would never have been able to get with our old camera, and this year, I am hoping to get more. I will be posting a lot of pictures I hope, and would love to have the feedback of the members here as to how to improve or any tips you may have.

    Anyways, thank you for stopping by and taking time to read our report. I will try to keep everyone updated with our planning.
  2. jordanyosh

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    Jun 23, 2003
    okay! I'm in.
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  4. oregondaddyof2

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    May 14, 2009
    I have 16 days until I have to call to set up my ADR's. Here is a list of the restaurants I am looking at. Anyone have any input on these choices? Is there any other's out there that you would recommend that I forgot to include?

    Tusker House*
    Cape May Cafe
    Chef Mickeys

    Chef Mickeys
    Garden Grille*
    Big River Grille*
    50's prime Time Cafe
    Whispering Canyon Cafe
    Rainforest Cafe
    Le Cellier
    Planet Hollywood*
    1900 Park Fare

    (* - We ate at this restaurant last trip)
  5. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    The only breakfast suggestion would be Crystal Palace....I hear good things about it. Otherwise, your plans looks pretty solid.:thumbsup2
  6. oregondaddyof2

    oregondaddyof2 Dis Dad's Club Member #443

    May 14, 2009
    Thanks Jordan... I will take that into consideration... I ate dinner there last trip the night of my MNSSHP... My DW says she has heard good things about the breakfast also...
  7. reyasmommy

    reyasmommy DIS Veteran

    Jul 20, 2007
    OMG the picture with your DD and Snow White is priceless. That's a framer.

    MAGICFOR2 Condimentessa

    Nov 29, 2005
    I'm in! Your kids are adorable - loved the princess pics with your baby girl! Great ADR choices. We also liked SciFi Drive-in. Some people don't think much of the food there, but we like the sandwiches (the pasta not so much) The theming is just so fun!:thumbsup2 Of course my niece and nephew didn't understand the drive-in thing!:rotfl2:
  9. oregondaddyof2

    oregondaddyof2 Dis Dad's Club Member #443

    May 14, 2009
    Thanks ;) It is definitely a keeper :thumbsup2

    I will have to check out Sci-Fi Drive in... Thanks for the heads up on it... And thanks for following another West Coasters :yay: PTR!!
  10. Leleluvsdis

    Leleluvsdis DIS Veteran

    Jan 24, 2007
    Can't wait to read more!!!popcorn::

    We are hopeing to do free dining one of these days, and hopefully sooner than later!!!
  11. oregondaddyof2

    oregondaddyof2 Dis Dad's Club Member #443

    May 14, 2009
    Thanks for joining us... I hope to keep this interesting... Free dining is surely a reason to book in September for us...
  12. lisalonglash

    lisalonglash Yes, I love Pluto!

    Jun 21, 2007
    I followed your link from your post on Jordy's PTR :thumbsup2 GREAT start!! I know how it is to start your first PTR - I started my first one too (sometimes it's a little freaky and yet, it's often really fun too!).

    Your family is lovely and I agree with reyasmommy - the picture of your dd and Snow White nose-to-nose is one of the most adorable pictures I've seen! :goodvibes

    Your ADRs look great - how wonderful that you're able to go for 13 days! I really hope the September hours come out very very soon - I'm in planning limbo waiting for them :rotfl2:
  13. oregondaddyof2

    oregondaddyof2 Dis Dad's Club Member #443

    May 14, 2009
    It is kinda a scary thing to start, but i am having so much fun seeing what people say. I love sharing photos with people, and love trying to figure out what to post next...

    Thank you so much :)... The princesses absolutely loved her, and she was amazed by them... I think the people in line behind us got mad cause they spent a lot of time with her while others waitied... The photo with Cinderella, I got about 15 photos of them playing with her before they posed for that one.. It was great!

    I am in the same boat... I have a schedule kinda planned, but it is hard to really make those plans without the info... I will post it soon and see what you think... Sounds like we will be there around the same time... We can bounce ideas off each other :thumbsup2
  14. lisalonglash

    lisalonglash Yes, I love Pluto!

    Jun 21, 2007
    Agreed! I love seeing what people say too :goodvibes

    It IS hard to plan without those hours :headache: You can take a look at my tentative ADRs on my PTR and see what you think. We'll be there Sept. 12-20 :thumbsup2
  15. oregondaddyof2

    oregondaddyof2 Dis Dad's Club Member #443

    May 14, 2009
    Here is a schedule we have laid out for the first few days... It is surely up in the air as Disney has not released park hours yet, and we are waiting for the info that TGM will provide, but this is a rough look at our days... This also includes the restaurants we will be trying to get ADR’s for…

    Day 1 (Sept. 15) Arrival at WDW/DTD
    • Arrive at Orlando Airport around 4:20pm
    • Take Magical Express to Pop Century
    • Check in and head out to DTD
    • Dinner at T-Rex at 8pm
    • Back to resort for a full day tomorrow!
    Day 2 (Sept. 16) Magic Kingdom
    • Breakfast at Crystal Palace (Thanks Jordan for the recommendation!)
    • Rope Drop at MK
    • See Ariel ASAP, as our 9 day trip last year, we never saw here at all! Our DD was so disappointed.
    • Use Snack credits for lunch
    • Take a mid day break if tired, but plan to spend the whole day at MK
    • Dinner at Chef Mickey’s around 5pm
    • Back to MK until closing time (hopefully see Wishes)

    Day 3 (Sept. 17) Epcot
    • CS breakfast at Pop
    • Rope Drop at Epcot
    • Ride Soarin’ and grab a fast pass for later
    • Head for Test Track and ride it at least once, if not twice :thumbsup2
    • Let DS ride Mission Space (He is the only one who can stomach that ride)
    • Enjoy the rest of the day walking World Showcase
    • Use CS credits to eat lunch somewhere in the Showcase
    • Try to hit all the Kid Cot Stations and get the Passport filled out at every country
    • Dinner at Garden Grill around 5pm
    Day 4 (Sept. 18) Disney's Hollywood Studios
    • Breakfast in room at Pop
    • Rope Drop at DHS
    • RUN to Toy Story and get FP and then ride it at least once (I LOVE THIS RIDE)
    • Head over to Aerosmith as my DD should finally be 48” and hopefully ride it. DW has never had a chance to ride yet, and this is my #1 ride at WDW!
    • Lunch at Pizza Planet
    • Watch the Little Mermaid show
    • Go on The Great Movie Ride (Never been on that in the 2 times at WDW so far)
    • Maybe hit Tower of Terror (not sure yet, not a big fan, but kind of a ride you have to do while you are there)
    • Head over to the Boardwalk for dinner at Big River Grille (Awesome steaks!)
    • Possibly do the surrey bikes while at the Boardwalk
    • Back to hotel for a night at the pool

    -On a side note-
    My wife has OCDPD (Obsessive Compulsive Disney Planning Disorder :rotfl2: as I call it) and spends at least 26 hours each day planning something for this trip. She has to make a list for everything we are going to try to do, and she has to make a list of the lists she has to create. Maybe if she sees me talking about her on this thread, maybe she will actually make an appearance and overcome her "internet shyness". But, even though I make fun of her all the time about it, I love it because I know that every detail will be looked at and a plan will be made. She has gotten so many great ideas from these boards. I have had to create a few T-Shirt designs, Tip Envelopes, Door Hangers, and Window Decals for our trip. I will share a few that I have made with you very soon.
  16. Grace and Mickey

    Grace and Mickey DIS Veteran

    Jun 3, 2008
    Saw your note on Bentlygirl22 and thought I see youR PTR .

    Hope your don't mind a grandma joining in:)

    We will be there part of the same time as you:goodvibes (SEPT 10th thur Sept 20th) and staying at Pop's too:thumbsup2:thumbsup2

    Your family is beautiful:) I love reading about families who are able to take their children to Disney when they are young and can see them enjoy the magic.

    I was 51 on my 1st trip (in 2006) and my daughter( 28 and 24)
    THis time we will be taking my 2 1/2 year old grandson:yay::yay:
    I too am waiting patienly for Sept hours:rolleyes1
    Like your Adr's:thumbsup2
    We planning a Chef Mickey breakfast, and Garden Grill and others.

    I too was a "interent shy" but it didn't take me long to get to like being on the Dis and talk to so many nice people, and learn so many awesome to make our trip so magicial. I just be came a DIS vetern a few days ago:disrocks:
    Have a good day!
  17. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003

    What type of ticket media are u purchasing? Hoppers? Waterparks?

    Just let your wife know...if she doesn't already have 3 alternate itineraries..since it is hurricane season that you may have a few days where you have rain all day or even worse the parks will be closed and you are confined to your room.

    I would have contingent plans just in case you have a few days of rain. At deluxe hotels with indoor hallways they allow you to roam inside during a hurricane. At mods and values, you are warned to stay in your rooms, you may want to prepare and have snacks available and have things to do if you're stuck in your room. I've read if you wait til there's a hurricane warning, the food courts get jammed with people trying to stockpile food.....

    Have u done Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach...I'm a big fan of TL myself......
  18. oregondaddyof2

    oregondaddyof2 Dis Dad's Club Member #443

    May 14, 2009
    I am glad you joined me on my journey. I like Grandmas :thumbsup2... I love hearing from other people about their planning and trips as well. Sept is such a great time to go. I am on my way towards the veteran status, but it will be a while. :laughing:

    We have purchased 10 day park hopper with the water park and more option. We have to plan for 3 non-park days, so if for some reason something happens and we do get stuck in our room for some reason, we have options... My wife is a HUGE planner, and I think she actually has about 7 different plans to fall back on... I relayed what you said, and she said worst case, we will ditch Florida and come down and stay with you, and hit Disneyland instead :rolleyes1... :rotfl2:

    I love TL a lot... I really enjoy the swim with the sharks... It is awesome to float and see all those fish so close to you... I love the wave pool, but I really love the relaxing float around the slow moving stream... I do have to say, I am a huge fan of the Summit Plummit, and can do that ride all day long :thumbsup2..
  19. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2003
    you are my brutha from anutha mutha.....

    Summit Plummet rocks!

    The Lazy River, Castaway Creek, is my favorite. I've actually fallen asleep while drifting in an innertube around CC....

    I have an extra bedroom at the house! I'm 10 minutes away from DL..anytime...

    Dont be so shy wifey!!!!!!!!!!
  20. oregonmommyof2

    oregonmommyof2 DIS Veteran

    Mar 10, 2008
  21. lisalonglash

    lisalonglash Yes, I love Pluto!

    Jun 21, 2007
    Good for you! It's nice to "see" you posting :goodvibes

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