Orlando flex ticket


Earning My Ears
Apr 8, 2001
We are coming to Orlando on April 22- 27. I am going to buy our tickets before we go. This board has been extremely helpful but I quite don't understand about the flex ticket. If I buy the 4 park ticket and only use it for 4 days , will the remainder of the ticket expire, or will we be able to use it again if we come down some other time, say in the fall? Also, which will be the cheaper price, the 3 day pass or the flex ticket? We don't necessarily want the water park ticket,but we are going to Sea World. There will be 5 of us, so we will need to buy 5 adult tickets. Thanks for your help. I love this board!
We decided to buy these rather than the 2 or 3 day passes because there are three of us- two adults and one child. We all wanted to go to universal and ioa for at least two days and we wanted to go to sea world at least one day. Since we will be in Orlando for 11 days we figured it was only about 21.00 more for the flex tickets. (adding in a two day IOA/US pass and then seperate passes to sea world) And you have 14 days to go to all three parks plus wet n' wild) Well worth it to hop from one place to another. Or if you just wanted a place to go for a few hours (that way you don't feel like your wasting money by only going to the park for a little while.)
Also, you can use the flex bus if you don't have a car! We went for the flex ticket and we will just be there 7 days, but not being sure how much time we wanted to spend in each park, I decided this was the safest route! :)


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