opinions from people who have stayed at moderates vs. FW cabins

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Jun 16, 2000
We are in the early planning stages for a trip to Disney next year at Spring Break time. We are trying to decide on between staying at a moderate hotel like Port Orleans or getting more room(fro a little bit more $) and a totally different experience at FW. Has anyone done both and feels strongly about the one over the other? I hope I'm not trying to compare apples to oranges, but I want to feel we have made a good choice. Our kids will be 7 and 12. We went to Disney three years ago and stayed at Carribean Beach. Thanks for any information you have! I really appreciate it!

We've stayed at both - and we definitely prefer FW! There is so much to do there - especially for the kids! They have so much room to run around, without worrying about bothering the neighbors!

The cabins are very nice! They have a full kitchen, with all the appliances. They also have a deck with a grill. Housekeeping comes in every day, just like in the other resorts - they even do your dishes and clean the grill!

The transportation to/from FW is fantastic! We park our car and don't move it the entire trip! It's even better if you can rent a golf cart - we used Golf Cart Enterprises last time and they were great!

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I almost think that it is like comparing apples and oranges.
I have stayed at FW Cabins, CSR, CBR and All Stars Music >(yuk, imho).
I loved CBR for the beautiful landscaping, the great pool and the beaches. We stayed there when it was new with our then 6 year old dd.
We stayed at CSR Feb.2000 and loved it for the romantic feel, the grown up feel and our kids (4 and 7 year old dd's) loved it too. The pool is great, the surroundings are lovely, lit up real nice at night. Oh my gosh, the lobby...an eyeful! Great play areas by the pool!I had thought that CSR was not a family resort but it really is. The rooms are big enough for a family of 2 adults and 2 children. We loved the in room coffee maker and had a cooler on wheels stashed under the sink where we kept milk and juices for breakfast. We had cereal each morning and it worked well. Well, we had room service one morning..a bit expensive but a nice switch.
We stayed at FW Cabins Feb. 99 and are going again in about 30 days. It is a very relaxing place to be and I really can't wait. It is a kid friendly atmosphere with a lot to do and we loved taking the boat to MK. We enjoyed touring in the golf cart we rented. I loved making my family breakfast and having the coffee brewing for hubby and looking forward to a day in the parks. We loved having cookouts and going to the marina to play in the sand. It really lives up to its home away from home catagory.
To be totally honest, if it weren't for the fact that we are 6 going on this next trip, I would be at DL or WL. But not because I have not liked where we have stayed before, but because I like to try different resorts. Trust me...I don't mind going back to FW cabins. I plan on having a gosh darn good time.
My advice, pick one and then do the other next trip!

We love it. We've stayed at all of the resorts except GF and allstar, and the cabins are our 2nd favorite (Poly comes in 1st)... if we bring the kids then FW comes in 1st place for us. We like having a kitchen... saves big on meals (we have 3 kids), and I am convinced that we could stay in FW for a month, never go into the parks, and still mis some of the activities... have fun!


mb:-) 'o'

We only camp!! My two DS won't let us stay at any of the other resorts :eek: They say it camping or were not going!! They love the outdoors.If you stay at the cabins you will fall in love..When you are there it is time to slow the clock down and just soak up all the sites ect. :D


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