One HOT trip day 7

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  1. Bev J

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    Jan 26, 2000
    Sept 26, Thursday
    The travelers: 3 couples who have traveled together but never to WDW

    B-46 ME T & M 50's J & Mac 60's
    D-49 DH

    We met in the hallway one more time and had breakfast which by now was getting a bit old the same thing every morning. At least change the flavor of yogurt and the cereals. We made it to the MK just a little after it opened.
    We went through the stores for pins and scored a couple of lanyard pins. The trouble with these pins is that they are really not anything special when you first look and unless you know what you are looking for ( we don't) you hope the CM will help you out. We have found some CM's don't put them out but keep them in their pockets and decide if they will get them out depending on what you have to offer for a trade. Some only will trade them with kids. D found one on a lanyard but the CM said no you can't have it, that one is for kids, well most kids we saw were just glad for any trade and did not care what it was. This was one that said Peter Pan just gold no color that would even attract a child. D thought about it for a while then offered a spare dalmation lanyard pin and she did trade, now I am sure a child would like the dog better. We also found Cm's who would hide a pin backwards on the lanyard, a mystery pin. D would almost always trade for the fun of it. We do really enjoy trading with most CM's and like to visit with them about where they are from or our hopes to someday 'retire' to work at Disney. They always say why wait. It seems disney really wants mature adults with good work ethics. But we will wait untill our 7 year old is finished with school before any move it made.

    We decided to do splash mountian. D was hoping to get J and Mac back on and get the picture. We made it into frontier land and stoped to look at a cm lanyard. We also met a very nice security person named Bill. we got to talking with him and spent 20 minutes talking about security, pins and the fruit growing on his trees in his backyard. He asked us where we were headed we said to get a fastpass for SM he got on his radio and said there is no wait. He walked along with us, had a happy smile and made little tickets on paper. like no frown zone and joked alot with other guests. He said how many are riding? Well of course J and Mac backed out , so we said 4 he escorted us through the back way of SM and took us to our log. Thanks Bill, you made our day. What a nice guy. He is a big asset to Disney. We got in our log and the ride stopped, everyone was puzzled what happened. Well after 5 min we were on our way and did not get too wet. When we got off J and Mac said the were watching and the water stopped running and about 5 logs came down dry, now that would be scarry. Bill was at the end of the ride and told us that someone stood up on the ride so it shut down.
    We headed out to fantasy land and again I could not get anyone to ride anything. We did go on Buzz and D kicked my butt. We also rode the People mover and nice relaxing ride. CoP was closed, this is so sad, how many Cm's does it take to work this? Why have it just sit when people want to ride it. I know it is a bit outdated but it is just such a nice ride.
    We are all hungry now went to the Plaza res
  2. Bev J

    Bev J DIS Veteran

    Jan 26, 2000
    well my computer locked up and only posted part of my report. So any way we stoped at the plaza resturant and got right in without a PS. We mostly ordered the club this is a very good sandwich and very big, d and I split one. The german potato salad is very wimpy, but ok. Now Mac ordered a shake, he said I want the no fat, no sugar, low sugar choc. shake. For some reason the waiter thought he said he wanted a pickle shake, this really cracked us up even the table next to us was laughing. I think we are all getting silly. The waiter brought him his shake and asked him if he wanted a picke with it. too funny.
    We headed out of the park and went to the hotel for a short break to escape the heat, it seemed like it got hotter every day. We could just wring our clothes out at the end of the day.

    Went to Epcot around 130. did spaceship earth, we were stopped 5 times during our tour. I kept thinking I cannot walk down all those steps if we get stopped for good. We made it back. Now on to World showcase. We stopped in England and watched the british invasion very good, but in the blazing sun so I could not convince the group to stay for the world showcase players. I know that we all would have enjoyed it but it was just too hot to stay for it.
    On to france, had a yummy waffle cone here, that cooled us off. We watched the living statue, she was very gentle with the kids. and we enjoyed her show. D was in the perfume store chatting with the ladies. He traded a pin and gave her one of the liberty bells. Thanks disney store we passed alot of these out. I thought I would never get him out of the store, now was it the pins or the french ladies he was interested in;) I better keep a better watch on him!
    We stopped at the american adventure saw the fife and drum corps and joined in singing god bless america, first tissue out. Next inside, the twin tower flag is on display along with some photos, more kleenes. Now for the show. T and M snored through it. The rest watched. Another kleenex. Eversince 9-11 anything patriotic get me weepy.
    What is it with people who cannot understand go to the end of the isle? 2 guys stopped dead center in the row. we made a rude comment about it and they just sat there, so we tripped our way over them to the end of the row. We saw alot of this in the parks with people not paying attention to directions. Boarding trams as they are ready to take off, standing on rides and talking during shows. People learn some manners!
    We shopped a bit in china and stopped in Japan when we relized it was time for ToD to start. We got some benches in the shade and talked to a very nice couple from Miami in their 80's who come to WDW about 1 time a month for a few days. We talked about the grandkids and D explained how pin trading worked. Another liberty bell was given out. We enjoyed meeting them. I must say before we started pin trading we never talked to strangers or Cm's, we sure missed out on alot. We have really met some nice Cm's and talked to people from all over the world.

    We have a PS in England at the Rose and Crown. So headed over got there about 10 min before our time and were told it will be 45 min, this even with a PS, this ticked us off, by the time we got in after almost an hour we had lost our hunger and were so thirsty. It took forever to get some water, but we got dry rolls. Got our order in and it was cold. We usually eat here every trip but this time the service was spotty and the food not good. The price has gone up though. We watched illuminations from inside by the time dinner was done, the park was getting empty. The crowds were so small that the trams were not even running. Only Journey was being parked so everyone walked.
    Got back to the hotel and packed while we watched ER

    Tomorrow is a short day.
  3. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    I have traded pins a little - but my dd got into it big time - we had some pins and she had traded all of her's by the end of the first day - then she didn't want to trade any more - she didn't want to give them up - thanks for posting!
  4. Annie&Hallie'sMom

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    Oct 26, 2001
    Sounds like your friend Bill was a really nice guy!
  5. KayleeUK

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    Oct 9, 1999
    Another great day....shame about the Rose and Crown :(


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