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Nov 4, 2018
Has anyone had their wedding reception at Ohanas?
We are getting married next year at the S&D and plan on having a meal at Ohanas around 4pm followed by a firework cruise.
We have mananged to get reservations for both but have a few gremlins in the back of my mind if we would be better off booking somewhere a little more private. (Ohanas is our fav restaurrant! )

Whats everyones thoughts on this? Has anyone done a wedding reception here or seen anyone else?

I get the impression that Disney dont like receptions unless booked through disney direct, is this the case or should we be telling Ohanas what our bookings for?

Thanks ;)


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Aug 24, 2006
Ohana doesn't have any options for private receptions. However, TONS of couples have booked large-party reservations at Ohana following their weddings. If you're OK with the typical boisterous Ohana atmosphere, then it can be a fun way to celebrate. Here's a recent interview with a couple who booked Ohana and a fireworks cruise after their wedding: https://disneyweddingpodcast.com/paradise-cove-wedding-spotlight-samantha-mark/

And here's another: https://disneyweddingpodcast.com/memories-wedding-spotlight-shaina-adam/


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Oct 20, 2013
We just got married this past October at the Swan and Dolphin too! We did dinner after for 24 people at 'Ohana, we didn't list our wedding on the booking just turned up in our wedding attire (although I changed out of my long dress into a short one and my husband removed his waistcoat and tie but that was just so we would be more comfortable). The castmembers were lovely, leis were put out on all the chairs for our guests, my husband and I were also given fresh floral leis and a glass of champagne. We were a little disappointed to start with that we were put on a group of 4 round tables instead of one of the long ones but it actually worked out well for us as we were able to move around the tables to speak to groups of guests individually (we actually sampled different courses at different tables because everything is served family style!). We also did the fireworks cruise afterwards and arranged to have Lapu Lapus served in pineapples to all our adult guests!


Earning My Ears
Nov 4, 2018
Hi MinnieJem, Thanks for your reply its really good to hear that you had no issues dining is your wedding attire.
We have around 6 weeks until our wedding so its all very exciting. We have 17 guests in total so hopefully we can sit together or squeeze us on two tables, maybe I wil make a request at checkin.
The drinks sound good so willl 100% need to get these.
Can i ask what time your meal was and if it was busy? ALso how did you fill your spare time in the day? We have paid extra for additional photography time around the polynesian before our cruise, hoping to get a few pics from the the wedding provilion garden if its open!

any other recommendations you would share would be greatly apperciated. :)


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Jun 7, 2004
I had my reception at Ohana in June 2012, quite a while ago. We loved it. We had 17 people. The only downfall was we had to wait longer to be seated with everyone together, but out reservation was for maybe 6pm (waited at least 45 min). Auntie was there at the time and had us dance while she sang for us.


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