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  1. Flang

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    Nov 4, 2018
    Has anyone had their wedding reception at Ohanas?
    We are getting married next year at the S&D and plan on having a meal at Ohanas around 4pm followed by a firework cruise.
    We have mananged to get reservations for both but have a few gremlins in the back of my mind if we would be better off booking somewhere a little more private. (Ohanas is our fav restaurrant! )

    Whats everyones thoughts on this? Has anyone done a wedding reception here or seen anyone else?

    I get the impression that Disney dont like receptions unless booked through disney direct, is this the case or should we be telling Ohanas what our bookings for?

    Thanks ;)
  2. lurkyloo

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    Aug 24, 2006
    Ohana doesn't have any options for private receptions. However, TONS of couples have booked large-party reservations at Ohana following their weddings. If you're OK with the typical boisterous Ohana atmosphere, then it can be a fun way to celebrate. Here's a recent interview with a couple who booked Ohana and a fireworks cruise after their wedding: https://disneyweddingpodcast.com/paradise-cove-wedding-spotlight-samantha-mark/

    And here's another: https://disneyweddingpodcast.com/memories-wedding-spotlight-shaina-adam/
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