Official 2014 MNSSHP Guest List (and discussion) Thread


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Mar 18, 2011
Hello, everyone! Welcome to this year's MNSSHP guest list thread! For those who are unfamiliar with last year's thread, it can be found here...

Tickets are now on sale! Here is the link to purchase...

I will be listing all dates for MNSSHP along with all Disers who will be there and what their costumes will be. If you would like to be on the list, just post your info including the following:

date(s) attending
total number of people in your party
# of Adults and # of children
costumes for each party member
ADR place and time (this will be listed in red)

Here is my line for an example: smitch425-4(2A/2C)- self-Black Widow, DH-Thor, DS-Iron Man, DD-Captain America (she will be wearing a dress)

I will be frequently updating the list in post one.If you will not be dressing up, I will list you as "no costumes". If you will be dressing up, but do not know what you will be, I will list you as "undecided". If you think you know what you will be, let me know and I will list it as "tentative".

When a party has sold out, I will list ****sold out**** in green next to each date.

***Once you have completed your costume, please feel free to post a pic and I will list where it can be found (page# post#) in the master list in magenta.

Costume rules for MNSSHP:

Halloween costumes should not:

--Obstruct the guest's view or interfere with their ability to board/unload from attractions and/or the Walt Disney World Resort transportation system (including monorails, ferry boats and motorcoaches)

--Drag on the ground

--Contain sharp or pointed objects or material that may accidentally strike another guest

--Be offensive to other guests

--Contain any weapons which resemble or could be easily mistaken for an actual weapon


Lynne G-3(1A/2C)-self, DS and DD-undecided Plaza 4:25pm
ariane37-4(2A/2C)-self-HM themed shirt, DH-"Boo to you" shirt, DS-"Boo to you" shirt, DS-pirate Stitch shirt CP 4:15
marymac123-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-HM tees, DD-villains dress LTT
silverhaze269-3(3A)-undecided Via Napoli 2:00pm
FINFAN-4(4A)-"Mine" birds
mousefan73-4(2A/2C)-undecided CM 9:40am
ejcraft-undetermined party size
famy27-3(2A/1C)-self-mice made Cinderella dress, RobbW-Captain Jack, DD-Alice
DisMom829-2(2A)-self-Kevin, DH-Carl BOG 4:30pm
OregonMomToWDW-4(2A/2C)-self and DS-no costume, DD-character from Attack on Titan, DD-Pink Lady from Grease
ahe713-4(2A/2C)-self-Snow White, DH-undecided, possibly a Grumpy shirt, DS-Peter Pan, DS-Jake
njmom76-2(1A/1C)-self-undecided, DD-Jasmine, but hoping to be Elsa
pureevil-2(2A)-self and DBF-Ralph and Vanellope (tentative) KONA 2:00pm
bjakmom-2(1A/1C)-self-Bulda (Kristoff's troll mother), DGrD-Elsa
StLDisFan-1(1A)-Mr.Smee (tentative)
nadira36-6(2A/4C)-self-Anna (Coronation), DH-Hans, DD-a princess TBD, DD-mermaid makeup (costume undecided), DD-a princess (hopefully Elsa), DS-Super Mickey CRT 4:00pm
lovethattink-3(2A/1C)-self-no costume, DH-Imperial Officer or Jedi, DS-Disney bounding Han Solo
TLMcMarks-3(2A/1C)-Halloween themed shirts

katt789-4(4A)-at least 3 will be Move It Shake It dancers, 4th undecided
Austinsmom068-6(4A/2C)-self-pirate or Peter Pan, DH-Hook, mother-Tink, grandmother-mermaid (PL 1:00pm), DS-Jake (PL 1:00pm), nephew-Jack Sparrow (PL 1:00pm)
shanneepants-2(2A)-self-Jessie, DH-Woody Tony's 5:20pm
vrajewski10513-2(2A)-self-Batman, DH-undecided
Princess_Nikki-4(2A/2C)-self-mermaid or Evil Queen, DH-Pirate, DS-pirate (PL 3:00pm), DS-Knight (BBB 6:00pm)
Julie521-2(2A)-self- Boo or Mike W., DH-Sully
wiserabbit-3(3A)-self-HM Bride, DH-Carl Fredrickson, DD-sassy Mad Hatter LTT 5:20pm
JuffoWup-2(2A)-self-Sully, girlfriend-Mike
ollyg-3(2A/1C)-self-Mary Poppins, DH-Goofy, DD-Donald Duck
adcadc-2(2A)-self and friend-??
anniebean-2(2A)-self-Princess Leia, BF-Hans Solo

katt789-4(4A)-Disney Fairies (Rosetta, Tink and Terrance), 4th undecided
Bee2-2(2A)-self-Vidia, DD-undecided
skatalite-2(2A)-self and DW-no costumes
ElenaJane-2(2A)-self and DH-The Vinylmation Blank couple
mmikesell4321-4(2A/2C)-adults-?? DDs-hoping to be Elsas
anniebean-2(2A)-self and BF-no costumes
d3gauss-4(2A/2C)-self-no costume, DW-undecided, DS-Tigger, DD-Pooh CP 6:00pm
Disney.nut-3(2A/1C)-self-Russell, DH-Dug, DD-Kevin
crazycatgirll-2(2A)-self-Ursula, friend-Maleficent
ALgirl-2(2A)-self-peasant/blue dress Belle, DH-possibly Gaston LTT 11:30am
Itweety444-7(3A/4C)-adults-Maleficent, Alice and pirate, kids-ninja turtle, pirate, Harry Potter and Elsa
Jewels912-4(2A/2C)-self-Eeyore (tutu), DH-Pooh, DS-Piglet, DS-Tigger

katt789-4(4A)-Flynn, Minnie and Esmerelda, 4th-undecided
crazedprincess-4(2A/2C)-self-Cinderella, DH-undecided, DD-Tinker Bell, DD-Rapunzel
godders-1(1A)-self-Indiana Jones
ElenaJane-2(2A)-self and DH-Minnie and Mickey

katt789-5(5A)-Gaston, Belle, 2 silly girls, 5th undecided
GaBelle-6(4A/2C)-undecidedLTT 5:20pm
disneyshakeygirl-1(1A)-town Belle
MScott1851-3(2A/1C)-adults- no costume, DD-Elsa, Anna or Batgirl Ohana 5:15pm
RobRees-5(3A/2C)-self-Mad Hatter, DW-Alice, mother-White Rabbit, DS-Tweedledee, DS-Tweedledum 1900 PF breakfast
ElizabethDarling-2(2A)-self-Rapunzel, DH-undecided
Gitts2008-4(3A/1C)-self-Companion DH-The Doctor, DD-Tardis, Nana-Dalek
jhaig-3(2A/1C)-two original Mouseketeers and one Rapunzel
kimieko-4(3A/1C)-Captain Hook and the rest no costumes

Melissa8905-3(2A/1C)-character t-shirts and Disney bling Plaza 5:25pm
hogwartsdropout-2(2A)-self and DBF-Drogo and Daenerys (from Game of Thrones)
Jenlyn75-5(2A/3C)-self-Princess Leia, DH-Hans Solo, DD-Storm Trooper, DD-Darth Vader, DS-Luke Skywalker page 44 post# 656
PinupPrincess-2(2A)-self-Ariel, mother-Ursula
Bishoparc-4(4A)-self-Dapper Dan, DW-Minnie, MIL and FIL-Mickey's Premium tees
cinderkelly-5(3A/2C)-Disneybounding- DH-Tigger, self-Rabbit, DS-Eeyore, DD-Pooh, DD-Piglet

dgskwera-2(2A)-self and DH-undecided LTT 4:20pm
Elevationist-1(1A)-Halloween attire
TXN4Disney-2(2A)-none LTT 5:30pm
Jkpark-9(4A/5C)-undecided LTT 5:30pm
dgskwera-2(2A)-undecided LTT 4:20pm
O Town Girl-6(3A/3C)-red/white/black pirates BOG 4:15pm
jameson314-2(2A)-Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

jennab-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-undecided, DS-Peter Pan
itsjustryan-5(2A/3C)-pirates (all doing PL @ 3pm)
arrical8-6(2A/4C)-St. Louis Cardinals fans Plaza 4:15pm
pixiesrule-4(3A/1C)-self, DH, DS,DGS-undecided Kona 5:00pm
alktdknckmom-5(2A/3C)-adults-no costumes, DD-Elsa, DS-Captain America, DD-Elsa CRT 4:20pm
silly4mickey-2(2A)-both wearing matching "punky funky bones"
ebradley23-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-Perdita and Pongo, DS-the "and one dalmation"BOG 5:15pm
rachael95-3(2A/1C)-self-Jessie, DH-Woody, DS-Buzz
MsKitty77-2(2A)-self-Elsa, sister-Anna
Amyrella-4(2A/2C)-undecided BOG 5:15pm
sbarisch-3(2A/1C)-self-Megara, DH-Hercules, DD-Pegasus
andiraye-4(2A/2C)-self-Minnie, DH-Mickey, two DSs-Spiderman x2
hollypoast-2(1A/1C)-self and DD-Drizella and Anastasia page 20 post#290CP 4:20pm
IandGsmom-4(4A)-no costumes
Tragedy6996-3(3A)-self-Snow White, others-Mad Hatter and an undecided
Caseystigger-3(3A)-self-pirate, sister-Aviator, sister's DH-Superman
amberg93-2(2A)-self-sock monkey, DW(aka Marielightning)-50s girl
tiriggs1-2(1A/1C)-self-pirate, DS-Thor
TigerandBear-2(2A)-self and DBF-undecided
Jersey918-4(2A/2C)-DD-Elsa, everyone else-no costumes
SYDNCLAIRESMOM-2(1A/1C)-self-Snow White, DD-vintage Minnie CP 4:45pm
LillsnJills-2(2A)-MNSSHP tees and Halloween ears BOG 5:35pm

26****SOLD OUT****
STLMickeyMom-4(2A/2C)-self-Sven, DH-Olaf, DD-Anna, DD-Elsa
pskelly-???? LTT 5:15pm
kgsmith-3(2A/1C)-self-Minnie, rest-undecided LTT 4:00pm
krd315-5(3A/2C)-self-Pooh, DH-Christopher Robin, DD-Tigger, DGD-Eeyore, DGD-Piglet CP 4:40pm
Chipwich-3(2A/1C)-pirates LTT 7:00pm
jsquared1001-7(6A/1C)-Monsters Inc.
cassiejo2711-4(2A/2C)-self-Maleficent, DH-no costume, DS-undecided, DD-Aurora BOG 6:20pm
Pixeldust Fairy-2(2A)-self and brother-no costumes or Huntress and Night Hunter
Mouse Daddy-5(3A/2C)-self-Tigger, DW-Jessie, DD-Elsa, DD-Rapunzel, SIL-Cruella
thart99-4(4A)-4 ladies going as the Queen of Hearts, Minnie Mouse, a witch and a cat
Kat in WA-2(2A)-self and DH-Seahawks fans (shirts)
bigsis1970-2(2A)-self-Mickey vampire tee, DH-"I got a rock." tee
andeesings-???-self-PotC Redhead
Ava-4(2A/2C)-self and DW-Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, DD-Alice, DD-Queen of Hearts
LillsnJills-2(2A)-MNSSHP tees and Halloween ears
21hearts-2(2A)-self and BFF-??
fallen_angel727-2(2A)-self-Disneybounding Snow White, DH-no costume Plaza 5:30pm
kittyninja-2(2A)-self-Minnie Mouse, sister-glow Disney shirt and Halloween ears BOG 4:10pm

queenofheartsfan-2(2A)-pirates CP 4:45pm
cteddiesgirl-1(1A)-50's theme with poodle skirt
krd315-5(3A/2C)-self-Fozzie Bear, DH-Beaker, DD-Constantine, DGD-Kermit, DGD-Miss Piggy Tony's 4:30pm
Disneylandnewbie-2(2A)-Gothic attire
OasterP-3(2A/1C)-self-Tinker Bell, DH-Captain Hook, DS-Peter Pan B&C 1:10pm and BOG 4:55pm
lorilori-7(4A/3C)-Little Mermaid characters
Tarheel Mom-4(2A/2C)-undecided LTT 5:15
Pixeldust Fairy-2(2A)-self and brother-no costumes or Huntress and Night Hunter LTT ???
msimoneaux-7(4A/3C)-baseball team
Meldev-6(2A/4C)-self and DH-Halloween tees, kids-3 Minnie Mouse 49ers cheerleaders and one 49er football player
Wdwvacationdad-4(2A/2C)-The Incredibles 1900 PF 11:00am


jennamd420-4(2A/2C)-self, DH and 2 DSs-pirates
pkelly6-4(2A/2C)-self-Doc McStuffins, DH-Mr. Incredible (tee and mask), DD-Rapunzel, DD-Aurora RC (lunch)
Dittz-6(4A/2C)-self-Zelda, DH-Link, DS-Jedi, DD-Elsa, mother-possibly Cruella, stepdad-undecidedBOG 4:25pm
Katie In Wonderland-2(2A)-self-Jane (from Return to Neverland), mother-no costume
wdwmaw-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-Mrs. and Mr. Potato Head, DD-Dumbo, DD's friend-Aurora
aaarcher86-5(3A/2C)-undecided BOG 4:45pm
sintoc-4(2A/2C)-self-TARDIS, DH-the 10th Doctor, DD-Elsa, DD-Anna
rykaydad-2(2A)-tourists BOG 4:20pm
JenniBugInPink-2(2A)-HM dancing ghosts WC 2:05pm

dreamit-3(2A/1)-undecided BOG 4:10pm
Alice BlueBonnet-2(2A)-Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet (both tentative) CRT 5:30pm
Starrynight15287-5(2A/3C)-self-Elsa, DH-no costume, DS-cursed pirate (PL 3:30pm), DS-Jake(PL 3:30pm), DS-Mickey LTT 5:30pm
EpicBilynn-2(2A)-self-Wendy, friend-undecided
djmeredith-3(1A/2C)self and 2 nephews-undecided
KisstheGirl33-2(2A)-self-Olaf, DBF-Indiana Jones CG 5:30pm
nfggirl5454-4(3A/1C)-adults-no costumes, nephew-undecided
leholcomb-3(3A)-Vikings (in honor of Maelstrom)

Pangela-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-undecided, DD-Batman, DD-Robin
Katie In Wonderland-2(2A)-self-Cinderella (Lesley Ann Warren), mother-no costume
mickeysmith-3(3A)-self-undecided, DD-Nightmare Before Christmas tee, BFF-Mickey vampire tee
cgerdon02-6(2A/4C)-Peter Pan theme (Hook, Smee, Tink, Wendy, Tiger Lily, Peter)
mickenme-3(3A)-self and DH-chefs, DD-peacock GFC 12:30pm
Leslieloody-5(3A/2C)-self-Mary Poppins, DH-Bert, DD-belly dancer, DS-Army man, mother-pirate, D
amandaw-3(2A/1C)-self-Vanellope, DH-Wreck-It Ralph, DS-Fix-It Felix
Meriweather-2(2A)-pumpkin pie Yak & Yeti 12:00pm
GarrettJD-4(4A)-self and DW- Mad Hatter and Alice page 45 post# 662, MIL and FIL-Star Trek uniforms
V a n e s s a-6(3A/3C)-???
Beka-5(3A/2C)-self-IASW character, DH-surprise, DS-tiger, DS-Army man

9****SOLD OUT****
jm106-6(3A/3C)-self-lifeguard, DH-swimmer/shark bite victim, DS-Indiana Jones, DS-Lone Ranger
Erin626-5(3A/2C)-self, DH, mother, DD and DD-undecided
Zooshoveller-2(2A)-Mickey and Minnie
NavyDotz-3(1A/2C)-self, DD and DN-undecided 4:45pm
augusta1-4(2A/2C)-undecided Ohana 9:35am
CAHarwell-3(2A/1C)-Hawaiian tourist Tony's 1:05pm
GarrettJD-2(2A)-self and DW-Kristoff and Anna page 34 post# 501
horse11-1(1A)-self- (two costumes for the night) Ariel and a fairy
MickEP-2(2A)-self-Dopey, DD-Snow White
ChanFO-2(2A)-self and sister-undecided
MarlaSingersLaundry-4(4A) self-Pumpkin Spice Latte, DH-out of work ninja, SIL-Fairy, DB-undecided

10****SOLD OUT****
crostorfer-2(1A/1C)-self-Jack Skellington mini top hat, DD-Cruella mini top hat-- both wearing matching tees BOG 6:05pm
Bethry-2(1A/1C)-self and DS-Lilo and Stitch CRT 4:15pm
Lizboo-2(2A)-self- Tinker Bell, boyfriend-possibly a pirate
ssphillips-2(2A)-Marie and pirate

13****SOLD OUT****
jaz0308-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-Jack Skellington tees, DS and DD-undecided
frozengurl-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-Halloween tees, DD-Elsa, DD-Anna BOG 4:05pm
DonaldDuck77-4(2A/2C)-self-Donald Duck flexing tee, DW-Maleficent, DD-Elsa, DD-Anna Sanaa 12:00pm
butterfly71076--3(2A/1C)-undecided CP 3:15pm
sammielynn-2(2A)-self-Fairy God Mother, DS-Steam Boat Willie
cmwheatley928-4(2A/2C)-adults-Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter, kids-Alice and Cheshire Cat
poorunfotunateseth-4(4A)-self-Jolly Holiday Bert, twin sister-Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins, cousin-Jessica Rabbit, cousin's boyfriend-Eddie Valiant
WindyCityGirl23-3(2A/1C)-self-Anna, DH-Olaf, DD-Elsa
Cluelyss-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, DD-Violet, DS-Dash Tony's 6:15pm

16****SOLD OUT****
Dis_Dreamin-4(2A/2C)-self-pirate (possibly Smee or Cubby), DW-Izzy, DD-pirate, DS-Jake
modegard-6(2A/4C)-self, DH, and 4 DSs-Halloween tees
DEJ07-7(4A/3C)-undecided BOG 4:30pm
LadyRayado-9(7A/2C)-Snow White, Evil Queen and the 7 Dwarfs
Cluelyss-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-Nightmare Before Christmas tees, DD-Sally, DS-Jack Skellington
katdunn-2(2A)-self-bumblebee, DH-beekeeper
*tinker*bell*-2(2A)-self-Lumiere, friend-Cogsworth 1900 PF 5:55pm
fictual-2(2A)-self-Queen of Hearts, mother-Captain Hook
kat17d-3(2A/1C)-adults-sparkle Minnie shirts with matching ears, child-town Belle BOG 6:00pm
bethbelle12-2(1A/1C)-self and DS-chefs
CampbellzSoup-2(2A)-orange Jack-o-lantern shirts
Binx214-4(2A/2C)-self-Disneybounding Snow White, DH-Superman tee, DD-Minnie Mouse,DS-Captain America

17****SOLD OUT****
modegard-6(2A/4C)-self, DH, and 4 DSs-Halloween tees
wheatly-2(2A)-self-Queen of Hearts, mother-Card minion
Aaryana-1(1A)-Halloween tee

19****SOLD OUT****
DisPrncess19-6(4A/2C)-undecided LTT 5:15pm
IceSkatingPrincess-2(2A)-self-Anna, DH-Hans CP 6:10pm
amy66b-3(1A/2C)-self-??, twin DDs-Mickey and Minnie
tb1972-7(3A/4C)-self, DH, DD, DS, sister, niece-all undecided, niece- Ariel (BBB)
Ero_FL-5(2A/3C)-adults-undecided, kids-mermaid, Darth Vader and butterfly fairy 1900 PF 5:00pm
serene56-3(2A/1C)-Hercules, Hades and Magera
amycishere-2(2A)-Ariel and no costume BOG 5:25pm
herb102211-2(2A)-self-Buzz, DH-Woody Plaza 5:30pm
DCLbrideSept2009-2(2A)-self and DH-Halloween tees

smitch425-4(2A/2C)- self-Black Widow page 45 post# 667, DH-Thor, DS-Iron Man page 16 post#236, DD-Captain America page 16 post#236
jacquelynb-5(2A/3C)-self and DH-pirate tees, DS-pirate, DD-mermaid, DD-treasure (all costumes tentative)
sweetnsour-3(2A/1C)-self-Mrs. Potato Head (tentative), DH-Mr. Potato Head, DS-Buzz Lightyear T-REX 1:45pm
ephiemarie-4(2A/2C)-self-Ariel tee, rest-undecided
SPAM-2(2A)-self-Stitch, friend-Tigger T-REX 11:00am
dawnmichele-3(3A)-self and DXH-Wilderness Explorers, DD-KoraLTT 1:45
Judyfun-2(2A)-self and DD- evil step sisters
katdunn-2(2A)-self-bumblebee, DH-beekeeper
fototaker5857-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-Perdita and Pongo (both tentative), both DDs-pirates (PL @ 2:15pm) 1900 PF 8:00am
RobynPrincess-2(2A)-Kevin and Russell
princesspaige-3(2A/1C)-self-Ursula, friend-Prince Eric, DD-Ariel
sugarmagnolia325-3(2A/1C)-self-Cinderella, DH-Where's Waldo, DD-Maddie Hatter
SnowBelleAlice-2(1A/1C)-self and DD-undecided
craedaisy12-2(2A)-self-Anna page 47 post# 694, DFi-Olaf page 43 post# 637
BrytEydBelle-2(2A)-self-Stitch themed outfit, DH-no costume
DisneyCate-5(4A/1C)-Cruella de Vil, Mr. Incredible, Rapunzel, pirate and Elsa
superchime-4(2A/2C)-self-female Thor, DH-Patch Wolverine, DS-Nick Fury, DS-Captain America

Queen Medors-14(10A/4C)-all undecided except 2 DGDs-Anna and Elsa
ebowen-3(2A/1C)-self-Doc McStuffins, DH-Halloween tee (tentative), DD-Sofia or other Disney Jr. character CM 11:00am
cajunmaw-8(4A/4C)-Snow White and the 7 dwarfs
MrsDMed-3(2A/1C)-undecided (possibly a Frozen theme)
jmlaw-2(2A)-self and DS-no costumes CG 5:25pm
Shadowcat70-6(4A/2C)-Disneybounding-DH and self-Kanan and Hera, mother and father-Sally and Lightning McQueen, DS-Beck (Tron) and DD-Vanellope
Closet Disney Junkie-2(2A)-self-Luigi, DW-Mario

24 ****SOLD OUT****
Frozen2014-4(2A/2C)-self-Supergirl, DH-Superman, DD-Anna, DS-Skeleton
smitch425-4(2A/2C)-Mighty Morphin Power Ranger costume tees (self-blue, DH-red, DS-green, DD-pink)
aacvacation-2(2A)-self-town Belle, friend-post-transformation Beast

budafam-4(2A/2C)-The Incredibles
amg35-2(2A)-self-spider web, boyfriend-undecided
a*lil*bit*goofy-7(5A/2C)-self, SO, two kids-possibly Incredibles tees, mother, brother and his girlfriend-no costumes
(tentative)AliceandAriel-1-(1A)-self-female Hades
Marnm02-3(2A/1C)-adults-undecided, DD-Elsa BOG 4:15pm
Kerrimc74-6(4A/2C)-undecided BOG 5:10
maxiesmom-2(2A)- self and nephew-Halloween themed attire
Beast2Prince-4(2A/2C)-DD-Elsa, rest-undecided
1Grumpy9-2(2A)-self and friend-Halloween tees

28****SOLD OUT****
elizabethcasper-8(3A/5C)self-Alice, rest may be Alice In Wonderland theme
metalijojo-2(2A)-self and DH-undecided LTT 5:30pm
mommyof3princess27-4(2A/2C)-adults-no costumes, DD-Anna, DD-Elsa 1900PF 4:45pm
CalSea12-3(2A/1C)-self-princess pirate, DH-pirate, DD-princess pirate Turf Club 5:00pm
Lollicollins-5(2A/3C)-self and DH-undecided (possibly Carl and Ellie), DD-Anna, DD-Elsa, DS-Link (from Legend of Zelda) or Hans
tan391-4(2A/2C)-adults-no costumes, DD-Elsa, DS-Jack Sparrow
kaosgirl101-2(2A)-self-Elsa, sister-Lilo
macsandy1957-2(2A)-self and son-Thing 1 and Thing 2
landry1110-5(2A/3C)-self and spouse-Sharkey and Bones, DS-Hook, DS-Jake, DS-Izzy
TanJDis2014-2(2A)-self-peasant Aurora, DH-Disneybounding Prince Phillip
rainy-4(2A/2C)-self-undecided, DH-joker, DS-Buzz and DS-undecided
elriel-2(2A)-Daisy and Minnie
MataHari22-2(2A)-self-Minnie Mouse, friend-undecided
Nevelyna-2(2A)-self-Merida, friend-Mulan or Pocahontas LTT 6:00pm
ToddyLu-2(2A)-self and DH-festive attire
akaler2010-2(2A)-self and DH-Ellie and Carl
CinderellaDreamer-2(1A/1C)-self-Minnie Halloween ears, DD-Merida

30****SOLD OUT****
tarcc-4(2A/2C)-undecided LTT 4:25pm
Suzie13-2(2A)-undecided LTT 4:30
sbrngritton-3(2A/1C)-self-Ariel, sister-Morgana, DD-Melody (all from The Little Mermaid II)
P&L@WDW-2(2A)-Anna (travelling costume) and Elsa (Ice Queen costume)Chefs de France 4:20pm
Nevelyna-2(2A)-self-provencial Belle, friend-Mulan or Pocahontas BOG 5:30pm
Nut4DW-2(2A)-self and DH-undecided
vllygrrl-2(2A)-self-Boo, DH-Sully
Lehuann-6(4A/2C)-adults-undecided, DD- 11th Doctor, DS-Clark Kent/Superman
dsnymomof4-5(1A/4C)-undecided (possibly Fab 5)
AliceandAriel-1(1A)-Kim Possible (Battlesuit edition from So the Drama)
gericoronado-2(2A)-self-blue Crayola crayon, friend-yellow Crayola crayon
sanapp-2(1A/1C)-Minnie and Daisy
Ziggy_Stardust-??-self-Star Trek uniform
SLamott1973-4(2A/2C)-self-Snow White, DH-Darth Vader, DS-Captain Jack Sparrow, DS- Padawan Anakin BOG 5:00pm
leholcomb-4(4A)-self-Halloween Minnie, rest are undecided

31****SOLD OUT****
LucyBC80-2(2A)- self-Disneybounding Minnie, mother-no costume
mguilford1-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-pirates, DGD-Elsa
schwartzie827-5(2A/3C)-self, DH,DD and DS-undecided, DD-Cinderella BOG 5:00pm
Ferrentinos-3(2A/1C)-self-Minnie, DH-Sorcerer Mickey, DD-Elsa
babesboo99-6(4A/2C)-adults- Thor, Vanellope and 2 undecided, kids-Rapunzel and a ninja
sharig5576-5(3A/2C)-self-Chef Mickey, DH-pumpkin Mickey ears, MIL-pumpkin Mickey ears, DS-Peter Pan, DS-Captain Jack
DisneyMom0709-?(?A/?C)- self-Minnie (tentative), DD-Elsa (tentative)
Yeln4lks-3(2A/1C)-adults-undecided, DD-BBB princess of choice
CalSea12-3(2A/1C)-self-Rapunzel, DH-prince, DD-Elsa BOG 4:00pm
Deffenm-3(2A/1C)-self and sister-pink and blue fairies from Sleeping Beauty, DD-Aurora
FeralCatRogue-2(2A)-self-Wicked Witch of the West, other-no costume
MaddiePearl-4(2A/2C)-self-Snow White or a witch, DH-no costume, DS-Yoda, DD- princess
KeroKero-2(2A)-self- Disneybounding Spinelli, mother-Disneybounding Snow White
SamRoc-4(4A)-self- POTC redhead, others-undecided
luvdisney87-4(2A/2C)-undecided Cape May 4:10pm
tcherjen-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-Halloween tees, DD- possible a candy corn witch Le Cellier 1:00pm
JoshuaShaw-3(3A)-Beagle Boys
ashmarie1213-2(2A)-self-Minnie, DBF-Captain America
Calissto31-10(10A)-undecided LTT 7:10pm
ateam79828592-6(2A/4C)- M&Ms (6 different colors)

****There will be no November MNSSHP date in 2014****
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Donald Duck #1
Jan 25, 2012
date attending - 10/31
total number of people in your party - 2
# of Adults -2 adults
costumes for each party member - One adult: Minnie Disneybounding. Other adult: none
ADR place and time: none.


DIS Veteran
Dec 22, 2012
Yay I'm so excited as it will be our first time :)

Date - 9/23
Number - 3 (2 adults and 1 child)
Costumes - DS, Peter Pan and not sure about DH and I yet
ADR - None
  • Lynne G

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 29, 2009
    Hopefully the party is the first of Sept. Myself and my teen DS and DD will be with me. First time we ever have had the chance to attend a party. Do you think we could get military tickets for that night?

    No costumes so far, as we think it will still be warm. Tshirts may be the most, with some ears too!


    DIS Veteran
    Feb 23, 2009
    date(s) attending: 10/26
    total number of people in your party : 4
    # of Adults and # of children : 2 adults & 2 children
    costumes for each party member: Incredibles Family
    ADR place and time (this will be listed in red): none yet.


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 18, 2011
    date attending - 10/31
    total number of people in your party - 2
    # of Adults -2 adults
    costumes for each party member - One adult: Minnie Disneybounding. Other adult: none
    ADR place and time: none.

    Is the Minnie costume for yourself? Also is the other adult your DH? I will list each person in relationship to how they know you (DH, BFF, DS, etc.)

    Thanks! :goodvibes


    Jul 5, 2011
    Date attending: 10/21
    2 adults 3 children (DS 7, DD 2, and DD 11 months)
    Tentative costumes: DS pirate (hoping for a pirate league app. before the party)
    DD 2 mermaid
    DD 11 months treasure (onsie with treasure chest embroidered on it with jewels spilling out of it)
    Adults will most likely wear some sort of pirate tshirt.
    No adrs at this time.
  • smitch425

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 18, 2011
    Hopefully the party is the first of Sept. Myself and my teen DS and DD will be with me. First time we ever have had the chance to attend a party. Do you think we could get military tickets for that night?

    No costumes so far, as we think it will still be warm. Tshirts may be the most, with some ears too!
    They should announce the military dates as soon as tickets go on sale.

    Date attending: 10/21
    2 adults 3 children (DS 7, DD 2, and DD 11 months)
    Tentative costumes: DS pirate (hoping for a pirate league app. before the party)
    DD 2 mermaid
    DD 11 months treasure (onsie with treasure chest embroidered on it with jewels spilling out of it)
    Adults will most likely wear some sort of pirate tshirt.
    No adrs at this time.
    Is the 2nd adult your DH?


    Donald Duck #1
    Jan 25, 2012

    Is the Minnie costume for yourself? Also is the other adult your DH? I will list each person in relationship to how they know you (DH, BFF, DS, etc.)

    Thanks! :goodvibes
    Oh sorry! This is my first time!

    I'll be going as Minnie. The other adult is my mom, no costume for her.


    Mar 15, 2007
    date(s) attending
    Hoping for 10/31
    total number of people in your party
    # of Adults and # of children
    6 Adults 5 Children all under 18
    costumes for each party member
    Not sure of costumes yet
    ADR place and time (this will be listed in red)
    Planning on a QS meal


    Jun 12, 2007
    Date: 10/5
    Number: 4, 2 adults myself and DH, 2 kids
    Costumes: my daughters will be Batman and Robin, not sure what DH and I will do.
    ADR: none
  • aaarcher86

    Feb 17, 2010
    9/28 and 10/3
    5 guests - 3 adults(self, DH, Grandma)/2 little girls
    Costumes: undecided
    ADR - BoG 4:45p 10/3


    DIS Veteran
    Jul 21, 2009
    Oct. 16 party

    Total in party: 2a/2c
    Me - Pirate inspired, possibly Smee or Cubby
    DW - Izzy
    DD(9) - pirate girl
    DS(5) - Jake

    No ADRs so we can take full advantage of the night. :thumbsup2

    On another note:
    I see that last year's corresponding Thursday party (week of Columbus day) sold out. Any idea on when it sold out? I don't imagine I have to be online the moment the tix are I? What are crowds like at sold out parties?


    Earning My Ears
    Mar 28, 2013
    First Timers Here

    10/21 Party Day
    Me: Mrs. Potato Head (maybe)
    Husband: Mr. Potato Head (maybe)
    DS (4): Buzz Lightyear

    Big Lunch at T-Rex at 1:45 and snacking during the party


    DIS Veteran
    Jul 9, 2010
    date attending - 10/13
    total number of people in your party - 4
    # of Adults/Children -2 adults me and DH 2 children DS7 and DD4
    costumes for each party member - me and DH Jack Skellington tshirts, DS and DD not sure yet
    ADR place and time: none.

    Just so excited!!!!::banana:


    DIS Veteran
    Jan 3, 2009
    We are attending for the first time this Oct.
    date(s) attending- 10/9
    total number of people in your party
    # of Adults and # of children 3 Adults, 3 children
    costumes for each party member- unsure
    ADR place and time (this will be listed in red)- No ADRs for party day as of now.


    Sep 15, 2010
    October 31....Our First MNSSHP!!

    Me: Pirate
    Husband: Pirate
    Granddaughter(8): Elsa...This is her first visit to Disney & her 8th Birthday!

    Early QS meal? suggestions


    Jan 18, 2014
    date(s) attending - Oct 23rd
    total number of people in your party - 5
    # of Adults - 2, Myself and DH
    and # of children - 3, ODD will be 5(birthday girl!), DS will be 3, and YDD will be 18 months.
    costumes for each party member - Our daughters will be Elsa and Anna, and our son will most likely be Link (from the Zelda series) or maybe Hans? Hubs and I's costumes are undecided, but Im leaning toward Carl and Ellie.


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