October Discounts


Earning My Ears
Feb 5, 2001
I'm hoping to plan a quick trip from October 10-13, 2001 to surprise my kids for their bdays, but I've been shocked at Deluxe prices (Poly for $490 + tax per night - YIKES!)

From reading this board (which I've just recently discovered...THANKS to everyone for the tips!), I know good deals are possible, but we are too late for the fall value rates. Am I missing something? Am I too early or too late for fall specials? I would have guessed that rooms would be discounted this time of year since everyone's back in school but maybe not???

Thanks in advance for any help!!! <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

October used to be value season, but it got to be very popular (probably because of the great weather). Now it is regular rate season :(

Disney World Trip Planning
There may be discounts yet to come. In the meantime are you a gov't employee, teacher or Nurse? You can get the Swan/Dolphin for great rates during that time. Just a thought. Keep looking and something may come up.

Good Luck
We were there roughly the same time last year and, alas, paid full price. We were looking at it as a quick budget trip, so we stayed off site the first night (didn't arrive until 10 p.m.) and the last night (stayed at mk until closing at 11 p.m.) and at what was then dixie landings for full price the two nights in between. I looked real hard for a discount but did not find one and that includes Swan/Dolphin for our nights.


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