no room at home!


Apr 30, 2001
We tried to make point ressi for the first week in dec. on the first day of window...what a shock all sold out by the time we got thru,now we are waiting on the list.We have been told that this is common problem at our home WL as it has the least amount of rooms available...This is something to consider for those of you considering to buy here!Can anyone out there tell me our chances of getting in somewhere else that week?:confused:
I don't know about other availability, but you might want to check at the 7 month mark on a day-by-day basis to see what is open.

From these boards, I have learned that the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the heaviest DVC reservation weeks.....combination of low points and high interest in the holiday decorations. I think any reservations for that period should probably be made at the home resort, on a day-by-day basis.

Sorry to hear about not being able to get your ressie. I know that someday I look forward to going home at that time of the year.
thanks for your advice.I just thought that this is a fact that new people comparing wl and other sites should be aware of.
If you want, you could call and see if there is anything available at either Okw or Bwv for your times, (we own at both okw and BW).Then maybe I could help you out with a trade of points for the times you want. I've stayed at the wilderness lodge, but haven't tried the villas there yet. Good Luck!

BWV is worst - it was sold out even sooner - this is a great time for DVC owners to go - when I called last week OKW had some available - you might get an OKW ower to trade points with you. (OKW is cheaper point wise - so it would be a better deal for you).

I am sorry that you can't make reservations at your home resort - your guide should have warned you about this time. Oh by the way try calling your guide and asking him/her to see if they can't get you reservations.
I'm surprised to hear that you couldn't get a room at the VWL for the first week of December even though you called at the 11 month window. If you didn't call day by day, I assume you will do that for next year (if you really want to go at that time again). I am also assuming you are on the waitlist. It's JMHO, but I think you will have a very good chance of getting what you want/need using the waitlist. People's plans do change.

It's true that the first week of December is becoming more and more popular with DVC members. I love this time because of the holiday decorations, the numerous holiday activites, the smaller crowds in the parks, and of course, the smaller number of points required. Some people also plan for this time because the annual meetings take place during this time.

Wishing you better luck next time.
If your talking December 2002 you needed to be calling early January 2002. Maybe you did and are just sharing this with us now? Either way, this has to be discouraging for you. The smaller size of this resort shouldn't matter because there will also be less VWL home members competing at 11 months than the other resorts. Hope the wait list works out for you.

When did you call? The 11 month window for the first week of December is the first week of January. This is a popular time for DVC since it is in the low point season and the start of the Christmas season at WDW. This is a time you may want to call day by day. So if you arrive on Dec 1, call on Jan 2 for the first night (Dec 1 checks out on Dec 2) and then call each day until you complete your reservation.
Thanks, I think I fixed it now despite a slow posting computer.

I am guessing that the Christmas decorations and ambiance of the Lodge this time of year combined with lower points make this time very popular. I was wondering if the same sort of thing happens at BWV during the Epcot wine or flower festivals.
I am assuming you are a new DVC member - sometimes the guides have access to villas that the members don't. Epecially if this is first or second stay at your home resort. Call her/him it can't hurt and maybe they can find something for you. Of course if this is an add-on and you have been a DVC member for a long time I don't think they will help. but try anyway - the worst they can say is no I can't help.
I am surprised at this since I just called yesterday and was able to get a studio at VWL for Thanksgiving night and the following night. What exact dates were you looking for and when did you call?
I'm not sure (and don't want to jinx myself) but I'd say that your chances of having the waitlist come thru for you are better this year than any other. In another few months the Beach Club Villas will be accepting reservations for the Nov/Dec season and I'm anticipating (make that hoping ;) ) that alot of DVCers will be switching their home resort reservations over to the Beach Club Villas. We're in a similar position in that we have 2 nights waitlisted at the Boardwalk for Thanksgiving week. Normally I wouldn't hold much hope of having them become available (it's a *very* popular time of the year for DVCers) but with the new DVC resort opening - I'm cautiously optimistic. :)
I can't quite get the phrasing right, but I'd be interested in what everyone thinks (separate topic?) - will the opening of BCV mean alot of happy waitlisted DVCers?
chicago641, yes I got it, also sent you a reply back. Let me know if I can help. You can also email me your requests and dates at Good Luck.

Keep in mind that those DVC members who don't own at Beach Club Villas have a 7 month booking window and will have to wait until May to make reservations at BCV for December.

Jenny , i have to think that you are right! We are purchasing BCV this month and we will be switching our Dec rssie to there come march 6. We are currently booked at VWL.
Glad I called day by day for our VWL 1st week in Dec.

I kinda felt silly, I know BWV books up quick. But thought no way VWL would.
But I didn't know and didn't want to chance it. The week after Thanksgiving is our week to go this year. I don't like being on the wait list.


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