Nice News November 2018 Exercise Thread


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Apr 17, 2015
Welcome to the November 2018 Exercise Thread! This month we're going to highlight "Nice News" -- that is, heartwarming stories, likely (but not necessarily!) with a Disney connection -- while keeping up with our active minutes for the month.

If you’re returning, we’re excited to have you back! If you’re new, welcome to the team! Here’s how it works:

Each person chooses a time goal, and posts minutes towards that goal as they exercise. You can post daily or just catch up when you can. You decide what movement counts towards your goal, which can be a nice round total for the month, a specific number that means something to you, or a calculation based on a target number of minutes per day.

Since November has 30 days, here are some common conversions:
15 minutes/day = 450
20 minutes/day = 600
30 minutes/day = 900
45 minutes/day = 1350
1 hour/day = 1800

One of the special motivations of our Disney challenge is color changing! Page one will be updated with individual and team color changes as we make more and more progress.

10% - Benevolent Blue
25% - Outstanding Orange
50% - Pleasant Purple
75% - Positive Pink
90% - Refreshing Red
100% - Great Green

We’re officially starting this challenge on November 1, but if you don’t find this thread until later in the month, you’re still welcome to join!! Just post your goal and I’ll add you to the list. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, and to check out old threads to see what’s been going on.


Elizabeth Smith - 600/600
MikeNamez - 1305/1300

piglet1979 - 928/1350
PollyannaMom - 345/450
sophy1996 - 1425/1400
Twilight Sparkle - 2100/1600

Adjusted Team Total: 6703/6700 100%
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Aug 22, 2010
Thanks for hosting, Sophie 1996! And kudos to Twilight Sparkle for a fun October!
With the colder weather coming (even though it was 70 here today and the forecast for tomorrow is 75!!) and the holidays starting up, I’ll set a goal of 700 minutes for November.
Gotta love NPH!!
  • liquid17

    Sep 16, 2010
    September was a lot of fun, but then I took October off (from the exercise thread, not exercising) and I missed I am back for November.

    Let's see...November has 4 weeks plus a little this week, my goal is 4x week at the gym, which is usually 45m each time...18x gym x 45m = 810 m. Plus I want to keep walking outdoors (my trip is coming up in January and I want to keep walking to be more ready!!)...and I can substitute indoor walking if the weather is bad...5x per week sounds good, plus 2x for the rest of this week. I'll set a 30m minimum for the walks.. 22x walks x 30m = 660 m. 660 + 810 = 1470

    OK! Weirdly specific, but my goal is 1470!

    Thanks for doing this, sophy1996!


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    Apr 17, 2015
    Welcome back, everyone!

    Let's kick off the month (not counting NPH) with a nice engagement story. Back in August, Jesse and Kasey were getting their picture taken in front of the castle at Disneyland. When she pulls a ring out of her pocket, he's shocked -- because he has a ring for her too!

    Twitter has the video here.

  • sophy1996

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    Apr 17, 2015
    Is anyone in the market for their own Haunted Mansion? The Pillars Estate in upstate New York, complete with ghost of former owner, is on offer for a cool $500,000 (reduced from $1 million). Since it's upstate New York, I guess it's more WDW Haunted Mansion than Disneyland Haunted Mansion?

    DH and I are headed to Disneyland tomorrow for Dapper Day this weekend, so updates may be sporadic until we're back on Monday.

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