Next Chat ?

How about 9:45. We could try tonight, if it's too short of notice, there's always tomorrow.
9:45P tonight is good for me! Anyone else?

I guess no chat tonight! When when when? :D

Just got home - but no chat tonight huh?:( Let's get it together. We need to grill Earl about the changes in the FOTL policy!

Just let me know...I'm there.

Donna R.
Hey, I was trying. Seems like all of the roms are in use. I'm going to hang out in room 1 or the main area.

[This message was edited by Earl on 01-26-01 at 10:13 PM.]
I would love to chat with some experts. If you guys are going to please let me know. Then tell me how exactly to get into a chat? thanks so much for any help you can give. I am going to be staying at the HRH from Feb. 5th-9th. This is my very first visit there. So I can use any help you can give. :)
Don't worry Linda!! I dont think there was a universal chat...I went looking didnt find anyone :( We must plan this better! :D

We had a three person chat, it was fun. We started talking in room 1 and all of the Disney chatters left.
I need to get more familiar with this. I cannot believe that I missed it. I really want more and more and more info for my upcoming trip to the HRH. I was really hoping to pick your brains for anything and everything about how to get the most out of my week there. Maybe before I begin my trip on Wed. the 31st there will be another chat. (crosses her fingers) We are starting off at WDW until Monday the 5th when we are booked in the HRH.


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