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Feb 11, 2002
We have not only never taken the Disney Cruise, but have never cruised at all! We are so excited to be going on the June 8 Western carribean cruise. I have searched the boards and not seen the answer to these questions. I understand that sodas are not included except at meal time. At Disney World we purchased a mug on the first day, and then refilled it for free whnever we wished. Is this offered on the cruise? Second, my children (ages 9 and 6) are adventuraous eaters. Will they be limited to ordering from a children's menu at dinner, or will they be allowed to order their menu from the same menu as adults? Thanks for your help!
Hi Amy1007!

Yes, there is a soda program. You can buy a mug for $35 for the 7 day cruise, and have it filled at a reduced price. Maybe someone else can help with the price of that?

I haven't cruised yet :) but I think your kids can order whatever they want. My kids are the same way, so I hope they aren't limited to just chicken, etc.

I can't wait, I think the Western is calling our name too!:D
Yes, you can buy refillable mugs. They are $5 per day (i.e. $35 for the 7 day cruise) per person. As I understand it, this is good for fountain drinks only. If you ask for something that comes only in a can, you are charged for it. We booked through AAA who was able to match the best deal we got from Disney, get us $100 shipboard credit, upgraded us a category for $100 more (vice the listed $250) and the mugs for free, so if you are a AAA member, it's worth a try to ask about it. Just note that I had to get the best deal from Disney first, then call AAA to get the additional bennies. But in my mind, it was worth the trouble. We were also able to use our Discover card to pay for it (since AAA takes Discover and Disney cruise line doesn't), so we get our cash back from Discover on the entire trip cost.

In answer to the menu question, yes kids can eat anything they want off any menu they want. Adults can order from the kids menu too.

There is LOTS of good data on this board, so spend some time browsing, and don't be afraid to ask questions! Welcome to cruising!
Yes, the soda program does include free fountain drink refills. There is also 24 hour room service and plenty of opportunities to eat up by the pool deck with hot dogs, burgers, fries, chicken fingers (the best), pizza, ice cream, fresh fruit. These are all included.

Plus, in the dining rooms you are not limited on one app, one entree, can order as many and as much as you want of everything!!!


The cruise is a perfect place for kids - and adults - to try new foods. My kids and hubby tried escargot and LOVED it! Something we would have never paid the premium price for at home to just 'try'. Don't be afraid to order one entree and ask for another to 'sample' from!


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