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Apr 9, 2001
I am planning a trip to Orlando for sometime this year 3 kids 2 adults, and would like to hear some of your best tips as to time to go, where to stay, ect. any advice will be appreciated!
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I think the first week after Thanksgiving to the Week before Christmas (11-25 to 12-21, 2001 this year). This is the best time to visit WDW. The weather is great, occasionally brisk; crowds are small, short-lines; park close earlier but, you see so much more with less crowds. The music,decorations and show of the Christmas season are great. Epcot the Santas from around the world telling stories of Christmas in their lands, The Candlelight procession, The tree lighting, Mickey's Merry Christmas Pary, The Characters in Christmas attire, The Christmas Shows. The discounts on room due to value season is very good. However, some of the discounts of late have been very, very good! Click on Click Here i.e.

which is at the top of the Resort Board for a site with Discounted Rooms and other moneying saving tips. Keep checking these boards. There is alot of info here on how to save money and get the most out of a WDW vacation. Welcome to DIS!
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I think it will be beneficial to go out and browse the disney guides that are available in your nearby bookstore and purchase the one you feel you are most comfortable with.

The guide will help you to become familiar with the basic ins and outs of the wdw complex while giving you ideas about what rides, shows, or attractions are 'must sees' for you/your family. It will also help you to price the cost of park tickets, meals, snacks, and souvenirs so you can devise some kind of a money budget (if you so desire).

Also, I would add to thoroughly research the particular hotel you would like to stay at no matter if its' on property or offsite. That way, you will know exactly what each place has to offer in terms of amenities such as swimming pools, laundry areas, restaurants, in room refridgerators, etc. or whatever else is important to you.

I would suggest to come up with at least a 'rough itenirary' for touring the parks so you'll have a general plan for what you will be doing from one day to the next; but also allow for some 'leeway' and 'gaps' along the way so you won't feel rushed.

For example, be sure and leave some time open for just doing whatever you feel like at the spur of the moment along with allowing some downtime by just relaxing around the hotel, taking a swim in the pool, or even sleeping in late one morning.

If your kids are really big fans of the characters, it would be great to pick up some autograph books so they can get their signed autographs. Also, bring along camera and film so you can take pictures if you want; or even a camcorder.

In addition, if you or members of the family are especially 'sensitive' to heat and humidity; I would pass along that the summer months are definitely without a doubt hot at Disney (we have always gone during summer in August but have grown accustomed to the heat over time). During this time temps are in the 90s everyday with a sprinkle of showers occurring periodically.

So, if you are not at all a fan of 'daily' hot weather and are easily irritated by constant heat of the sun, a spring or fall visit may suit you best rather than summer.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Disney.
Holiday In Family Suites,It's practicaly on Disney property and the Disney themed KID SUITE is great!! They have shuttles to the Parks. They even have a Buy one get one night free [from nov to feb[i think].



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