New items in the database


As seen on VMK
Jun 28, 2005
It's been about a month since I peeked to see what's new and upcoming, so here's what I found tonight...

Words no longer allowed: 2t2t, aiui, bbs, cide, hades, hut, ic, jc, neck, nmu, nrn, scum, tia, tptb, uld, xmt, ymmv

New words allowed: alligator, annie, appreciate, babs, ban, beauty, bella, bingo, clue, conga, decoration, doorway, extractor, ezra, gator, gus, inc, inc., loLo, matt, mike, mocha, monstropolis, mulan, newsletter, nimue, phinneas, phinny, pinocchio, polite, registration, reservation, romp, runo, shallow, snail, spinning, sulley, swap, thankful, wazowski, willa, zev, zoo

A new error message: "We're sorry, but the queue for this activity is currently too long for you to join. Please come back a little later. Thanks!"

New items:
Expedition Everest Climber Outfit
Expedition Everest Boots
Expedition Everest Cap
Expedition Everest Jacket
Expedition Everest Pin (was previously named Yeti Vision)
Yeti Ride Start
Yeti Ride Straight
Yeti Ride Teleporter
Yeti Ride Turn Left
Yeti Ride Turn Right
Yeti Ride Starter Pack 1
Yeti Ride Starter Pack 2
Yeti Ride Extension Pack
Yeti Ride Loop Builder Pack 1
Yeti Ride Loop Builder Pack 2
Holiday 06
Four Leaf Clover Pin
Hina Tiki Pin
Koro Tiki Pin
Maui Tiki Pin
Ngendi Tiki Pin
Pele Tiki Pin
Rongo Tiki Pin
Tangaroa Tiki Pin
Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Pin

Addition 19-Feb:

Some more new stuff I noticed in the database today:

A timeout. "You will soon be logged out of VMK due to inactivity. If you want to continue playing, please click OK." I don't know how long it takes before that message comes up, but if you don't click OK within five minutes after it appears, you get booted from VMK.

New items:

Everest Chair
Narnia Aslan Wardrobe Pin
Narnia Ice Throne
Narnia Map
Narnia Map With Snow
Narnia Shield
Narnia Street Lamp
Narnia Wardrobe Teleporter
Disney Cruise Travel Chest Cyan
Stitch on Vacation

Addition 24-Feb:

Recent changes in the dictionary:

Words removed:
annie, clue, extractor, factory, hu, inc, inc., mike, noa, romp, sulley, swap, villian (this misspelling is no longer allowed),wazowski

Words added:
alpine, banned, banning, bobsleigh, curling, hero, item, luge, making, medal, olympic, rainbow, sherpa, shuffle, ski, skiing, snowboard, sparky, summit, super, superhero, survivor, winning

Addition 12-Mar:

Words removed:
2mi ("Too Much Information"), iae ("In Any Event"), jtlyk ("Just To Let You Know"), pmfji ("Pardon Me For Jumping In"), rl ("Real Life"), sherpa, uraqtinvu ("You Are A Cutie, I Envy You")

Words added:
alameda, barbossa, commodore, fiery, heroes, kaa, mim, rancher, scar, slim, superheroes

Addition 18-Mar:

More recent changes in the database:

Words removed:
adn, beach, crib, hag

Words added:
gaston, seashore, seaside, shore, leprechaun, saint pat, saint patrick, shamrock, st pat, st. pat, st patrick, st. patrick

The "Paradise Pier Hotel Pin" was renamed to "Disneyland Hotel Pin".

Addition 21-Mar:

Words removed:
leprechaun, saint pat, saint patrick, shamrock, st pat, st patrick, st. pat, st. patrick

Words added:
brer, clayton, diablo, doom, edgar, fantasia, fantasmic, frollo, gantu, governor, hades, hamsterveel, hopper, john, khan, lucifer, medusa, muahaha, prospector, randall, ratcliffe, ratigan, shan, sher, sid, stromboli, syndrome, tremain, yu, yzma, zurg

Addition 28-Mar:

Words added:
chase, mask, word

Additions 4-Apr:

New words:
airlock, atom, clam, clover, cloverleaf, gem, grotto, horseshoe, license, mars, moonliner, oyster, pearl, phineas, quater, seashell, shell, shipwreck, shrink, shrunk, soar, trashcan, tron, trophies

New items:
Autopia Drivers' Licence
Autopia Offroad Blue Magic Pin
Autopia Offroad Green Magic Pin
Autopia Offroad Pink Magic Pin
Autopia Offroad Yellow Magic Pin
Autopia Racing Blue Magic Pin
Autopia Racing Green Magic Pin
Autopia Racing Pink Magic Pin
Autopia Racing Yellow Magic Pin
Deep Sea Diver Helmet Blue
Deep Sea Diving Blue Magic Pin
Deep Sea Diving Boots
Deep Sea Diving Jacket with Oxygen Tank
Deep Sea Diving Pants
Inner-Space Suit Blue Magic Pin
Inner-Space Suit Green Magic Pin
Inner-Space Suit Pink Magic Pin
Inner-Space Suit Red Magic Pin
Mission Space Boots Blue
Mission Space Boots Green
Mission Space Boots Pink
Mission Space Boots Red
Mission Space Helmet Blue
Mission Space Helmet Green
Mission Space Helmet Pink
Mission Space Helmet Red
Mission Space Pants Blue
Mission Space Pants Green
Mission Space Pants Pink
Mission Space Pants Red
Mission Space Vest Blue
Mission Space Vest Green
Mission Space Vest Pink
Mission Space Vest Red

I also noticed "Space Mountain Rocket Ride Vehicle" and "Tomorrowland Hub to Space Mountain Rocket Ride Vehicle", but I think those are part of the public rooms, not available to players.

None of the new magic pins can be traded.

The resale prices of the Narnia items have all been dropped from 50 credits down to 10 credits, except for the teleporter, which is still valued at 50 credits.

The resale price of Superhero Shoes has risen from 200 to 240 credits.

The resale price of Tomorrowland Flying Saucer Retro Pin (1/5) has fallen from 200 to 100 credits.

The resale price of Turn Into Bat Magic has risen from 1000 to 2000 credits.

Additions 10-Apr:

Recent updates to the database:

Words removed:
brer, clayton, diablo, edgar, frollo, gantu, governor, hades, hamsterveel, hopper, john, khan, lucifer, medusa, randall, ratcliffe, ratigan, shan, sher, sid, stromboli, syndrome, tremain, yu, yzma, zurg

Words added:
beginner, intermediate, license, novice, q

New error messages:
- You can't deactivate Diving Suit magic while diving.
- You can't deactivate Space Suit magic while walking in space.
- You can't take off the active Deep Sea Diving magic pin while diving.
- You can't take off the active Inner-Space Suit magic pin while walking in space.

Star Trader's Shop is now Inner-Space Shop.


The Quest Engine item is now named the Quest Kiosk.

Additions 19-April:

New words:
aristocat, broom, clue, count, dale, fauna, figaro, flora, flotsam, flounder, gepetto, gopher, hercules, hint, hood, iago, jetsam, kali, kanga, kenai, kerchak, koda, letting, makers, merryweather, mowgli, mufasa, mushu, pan, piglet, pleakly, pocahontas, pumbaa, quasimodo, restart, robin, roo, scuttle, shark, tarzan, terk, timon, triton, whenever, zazu

Many forms of various words are no longer allowed, especially past tense of verbs. For example, you can no longer say "annoyed", "bayed", "blued", "delayed", "destroyed", "displayed", "enjoyed", "grayed", "journeyed", "keyed", "moneyed", "monkeyed", "payed", "played", "stayed", or "surveyed".

However, now you can speak of the VMK staff in the plural. "bellas", "bingos", "congas", "loLos", "matts", "mochas", "nimues", "phinnies", "runos", "snails", "sparkies", "willas", "zevs", "zoos". Presumably they're working on staff cloning technology.

Renamed items:

"50th Chair Yellow" is now "50th Celebration Director's Chair".
"50th Lamp" is now "50th Celebration Mickey Lantern".
"50th Quest" is now "50th Celebration Quest Pin".
"Thrill Seeker Chair" is now "Kali River Rapids Couch".
"Thrill Seekers Quest" is now "Thrill Seekers Quest Pin".
"Animal Kingdom Safari Lodge" is now "Animal Kingdom Safari Room".

Additions 25-April:

New words (this overlaps Bezoar's update):
amazing, attic, bigger, biggest, congrats, cube, delayed, dropped, dropping, dwarves, enjoyed, hopeful, hopefully, register, seeker, shouldn't, stayed, they'll, thrill, thrillseeker, wasn't, whee

There appears to be a new "VMK High School" public room in the database. Anyone know if this is reachable anywhere?

There's a new item in the database named "POTC 2". I'm guessing this is a pin.

Additions 2-May:

Words removed from the dictionary:
2l8, l8er, l8r, l8ter, l8tr

Words added to the dictionary:
baseball, batted, batter, maui, molecule, outfield, pitcher, predict, predictometer, rongo, ru, second, third, virtue

As for the items added to the database: they fooled me! Since early April there have been items with strange names like "B C B" or "D M's C" appearing in the database. I assumed that these were simply internal things that weren't meant to be used by players. Turns out I was wrong: these are placeholders for new items that players aren't supposed to know about yet. The VMK coders are hiding the names from us by using abbreviations; as soon as they decide to make an item available to players, they put its full correct name into the database. This way, us database diggers can't get advance warning of cool things coming in the future!

So far, the only ones which have started out as abbreviations then have gotten full names are:

I-S C P -> Inner-Space Crystal Pin
I-S S P -> Inner-Space Snowflakes Pin
I-S M P -> Inner-Space Molecules Pin
I-S R P -> Inner-Space Ride Pin
B Q A -> Best Quest Award

Here are the abbreviations which are currently in the database, along with some guesses as to what they are.

B C B - Baseball Cap Black
B C R - Baseball Cap Red
B P B - Baseball Pants Black
B P R - Baseball Pants Red
B S B - Baseball Shirt Black
B S R - Baseball Shirt Red
B Sh - Baseball Shoes
C M Ha
C Sh B
C Sh P
D J O - Davey Jones ?
D M's C
I-S O V P - Inner-Space ? ? Pin
J S B - Jack Sparrow Boots
J S H - Jack Sparrow Hat
J S P - Jack Sparrow Pants
J S V - Jack Sparrow Vest
R D Sh
T I C M P - ? ? ? Magic Pin
T B P - Tron Boots Pink
T B T - Tron Boots Teal
T H P - Tron Helmet Pink
T H T - Tron Helmet Teal
T P P - Tron Pants Pink
T P T - Tron Pants Teal
T V P - Tron Vest Pink
T V T - Tron Vest Teal

Additions 8-May:

Some other "mystery" items I missed the other day:

item 1
item 2
item 3
item 4
item 5
B item main
B item 1
B item 2
B item 3

The latter four items have today been renamed, in order:

VMK Baseball Diamond Room
Baseball Base
Baseball Bench
Baseball Predictometer

But we still don't know what 'item' 1 through 5 are.

Changes 15-May:

"zev" has been removed from the dictionary.

Renamed items:

B C B -> Baseball Cap Blue
B P B -> Baseball Pants Blue
B S B -> Baseball Shirt Blue
B Sh -> Baseball shoes
C Sh B -> Cheerleader Shoes Blue
C S B -> Cheerleader Skirt Blue
C T B -> Cheerleader Top Blue

Additions 19-May:

Changes in the dictionary: "eagle" and "lily" have been added.

Additions 26-May:

Words removed:, 2l2t, 4get, 4got, abner, amof, amos, amp, aup, b4, b4n, bb, bbfn, bbiab, bbiaf, bbiam, bbiaw, bbl8r, bf4l, bff, bffl, bfn, bg, bl, bltn, boi, bol, btdt, bykt, cept, cides, cmiiw, dl, elol, g2b, g2j, gbu, gg, gnar, gr, gr8, grl, gtsy, gurl, hb, holla, iac, icl, idk, iirc, illin, imco, invu, irl, iykwim, jj, jp, jpk, jw, kung, kungfu, loti, matt, mhoti, mi, n2b, n2m, n2s, ne1, nevm, nmh, no1, ns, obv, oc, pref, qt, rsn, ruff, rus, sb, sitd, sk8, sld, sll, sohf, sok, srry, sup, supness, synth, ta, tmi, tyt, u, ul, ur, uraqt, usm, vn, wrt, wud, wut, wuz, wuz^, ygm, yt, ywia

Words added:, bulldozer, chad, decathlon, drama, gabriella, gnarly, goth, gym, hid, high, k9, kelsi, mic, microphone, ode, pointe, rocky, ryan, scholastic, school, sharpay, skip, taylor, tonight, troy, wildcats, zeke

Items renamed:
B C R -> Baseball Cap Red
B P R -> Baseball Pants Red
B S R -> Baseball Shirt Red
D J O -> Davey Jones Organ
D M's C -> Dead Man's Chest
H S M -> High School Microphone
H S P B -> High School Piano Bench
J S H -> Jack Sparrow Hat
J S V -> Jack Sparrow Vest
POTC 2 -> Pirates of The Caribbean 2
S M -> Skeleton Monkey
H S M R -> High School Musical

Changes 30-May:

Word removed:

Items renamed:
J S B -> Jack Sparrow Boots
J S P -> Jack Sparrow Pants
R D Sh -> Red Dance Shoes
R D S -> Red Dance Skirt
R D T -> Red Dance Top
W S W -> Wildcat Sneakers White
W S J W -> Wildcat Sweat Jacket White
W S P W -> Wildcat Sweat Pants White

Changes 2-June:

Words removed:
bulldozer, k9, ode, pointe, rocky, skip, tonight

Word added:

New items:
Pirate Attraction Pin (1/5)
Pirate Attraction Pin (2/5)

Additions 3-June:

Words added:
aarrr, academy, accord, aft, anchor, arrr, ashore, aztec, barnacle, batten, belay, bilge, blimey, bounty, brig, broadside, buccaneer, capn, crew, doubloons, fathom, fleet, galley, gg, grog, hatch, heave, hoist, hornswaggle, hull, knave, lad, landlubber, lass, lassie, loot, mariner, maroon, merchant, mutiny, nest, parlay, pillage, plank, plunder, reckon, roger, savvy, scallywags, scoundrel, shanty, shiver, smartly, squall, starboard, stowaway, sup, swabbie, tales, timbers, weigh, yardarm

Changes 6-June:

Words added:
animator, hornswoggle, scalawag, yer

Word removed:

Addition 7-June:

Word added:

Addition 9-June:

New item:
Pirate Attraction Pin (3/5)

Additions 12-June:

New items:
The Animators Desk
The Animators Bench

Additions 15-June:

Words added:
bushel, davy, elizabeth, hearties, jones, parle, sparrow, swann, thar, turner

Addition 16-June:

New item:
Pirate Attraction Pin (4/5)

Addition 20-June:

New item:
Pirates of The Caribbean 2 (poster)

Changes 23-June:

Words removed:
destroy, kit, war

New item:
Pirate Attraction Pin (5/5)

Changes 28-June:

Words added:
fern, sage

New pirate games: POTC2 Capture The Flag and POTC2 Ship Battle.

A new Pirates Treasure public room (exit left from the Pirates game lobby).

New items:
Galleon Starboard Bow
Galleon Port Bow
Galleon Starboard Stern
Galleon Port Stern
Galleon Mast
Galleon Side

Changes 30-June:

Word removed:

Words added:
beach, blizzard, castaway, downhill, gull, lesson, plummet, raft, typhoon, uphill, waterpark, waterslide

(hey, "beach" is back!)

Additions 4-July:

New items:

4th of July Hat
4th of July Pin
Blizzard Beach Small Rock
Blizzard Beach Tall Rock
Blizzard Ski Chair Red
Raft Couch
Surfing Pin
Typhoon Lagoon Crate Blue
Typhoon Lagoon Crate Green
Typhoon Lagoon Crate Yellow
Typhoon Lagoon Palm Top
Typhoon Lagoon Palm Trunk
VMK Birthday Pin
Water Carpet
Waterslide Ride Start
Waterslide Ride Straight
Waterslide Ride Teleporter
Waterslide Ride Turn Left
Waterslide Ride Turn Right

Additions 8-July:

New words:
adios, ammo, ate, auction, celebrate, clap, comic, contest, definitely, destiny, fellow, mascot, mayday, musketeer, potc, reef, tilly, twin, tycoon, u, wizard

New item:
Typhoon Lagoon Pin

Changes 13-July:

New words:
chairlift, clap, gusher, runoff, patrol, slush

The VMK VIP Guest pin is no longer tradable.

Additions 14-July:

New word:

New item:
Blizzard Beach Pin

Addition 21-June:

New item:
Castaway Creek Pin

Additions 26-July:

New word:

And they finally got around to moving these into the main database file:
Gull Post Lamp
Waterslide Ride Uphill
Waterslide Ride Downhill

Changes 29-July:

"Words" removed:
^ ^
^ ^;

Item added:
Summit Plummet Pin

Addition 31-July:

New word:

Additions 11-August:

New word:

New items:
Disney Quest Pin
Pretzel Pin
Popcorn Pin

Additions 18-August:

New words:
hike, meditate

New item:
Ice Cream Pin

Additions 15-August:

New words:
grizzly, pretzel

New item:
Turkey Leg Pin

Additions 28-August:

New words:
emergency, emergencies

Changes 1-September:

New words:
alan, clu, crom, derezzed, dillinger, diner, disc, disco, disk, encom, flynn, kraken, lag, lightcycle, mcp, paranoids, poem, recognizer, replay, salad, sark, seance, soaring, toast, volley, worst

Renamed items:

Grand Californian Hotel Pin -> DLR Grand Californian
Polynesian Resort Pin -> WDW Polynesian Hotel
Hong Kong DL Hollywood Hotel Pin -> HKDL Hollywood Hotel
Disneyland Hotel Pin -> DLR Disneyland Hotel
Contemporary Hotel Pin -> WDW Contemporary Hotel
Cheyenne Hotel -> DLP Cheyenne Hotel
Pop Century Hotel -> WDW Pop Century
Grand Floridian Hotel -> WDW Grand Floridian
Paradise Pier Hotel -> DLR Paradise Pier
Hollywood Hotel -> TDL Miracosta
1963 Tiki Room Opens -> Tiki Room Opens 1963
1971 Tiki Room Opens -> Tiki Room Opens 1971
Inner-Space Crystal Pin -> ATIS Scanner
Inner-Space Snowflakes Pin -> ATIS Snowflakes
Inner-Space Molecules Pin -> ATIS Molecules
I-S O V P -> ATIS Mighty Eye
Inner-Space Ride Pin -> ATIS Ride Through
Pirate Attraction Pin (1/5) -> Jolly Roger
Pirate Attraction Pin (2/5) -> Hurricane Bay
Pirate Attraction Pin (3/5) -> Treasure Cave
Pirate Attraction Pin (4/5) -> Bombardment
Pirate Attraction Pin (5/5) -> Burning Village
T H T -> Tron Helmet Blue
T V T -> Tron Vest Blue
T P T -> Tron Pants Blue
T B T -> Tron Boots Blue

("ATIS" stands for "Adventure Through Inner Space".)

Additions 8-September:

New items:
Tron Tank Seat Yellow
Tron Tank Seat Red
Tron Bit Pin

Changes 27-September:

Word removed:

Word added:

New items:
Lightcycle Couch Blue
Lightcycle Couch Yellow
Tron MCP
Tron MCP Pin
Tron Recognizer Pin

Additions 2-October:

New words:
trigger, yoHoBronze, yoHoSilver, yoHoGold

New items:
Bronze Treasure Key Single Use
Silver Treasure Key Single Use
Gold Treasure Key Single Use
Halloween Bat bag
Halloween Ghost Pin
Halloween Pumpkin Bag
Kings Crown
Pirate Maze Cannon Wall
Pirate Maze Turret
Pirate Maze Wall
Turn Into Bat Magic Single Use
Turn Into Coral Magic Pin Single Use

Additions 16-October:

New words:
compliment, compliments, coral, edition, forever, frustrated, frustrating, frustration, graveyard, jackolantern, patch, spider, terror, trapped, words

New items:
Halloween Bat Pin
Halloween Candy Dispenser
Halloween Pumpkin Pin
Halloween Quest Pin
Push's Trivia Pin
Jafar hat
Witch hat

Changes 1-November:

The last few items added in late October for Halloween:

Maleficent Hat
Halloween Spider Pin
Halloween 06 Pin

And the new items added as of November 1:

Space Mt. Sign Pin
Holiday Hat Red

The Space Mountain Guest Room has been renamed Splash Mountain Guest Room. (This is the wrong name for the room. They'll probably fix it soon.)

A message has been added for deleted accounts:

Welcome back!
Unfortunately, you didn't visit VMK for a long time. According to VMK rules your avatar was removed from the game. Please create a new character and have fun exploring VMK!

(Note that there's been no indication that they've deleted any accounts yet for non-use, nor have the staff said anything about this - but the message is now there in case they ever decide to.)

Additions 8-November:

New words:
avatar, marvelous, panic, rude, sigh, sunset, symbol, volunteer, yavn

New items:
Space Mountain Ride Pole Small
Space Mountain Ride Pole Tall
Space Mountain Ride Start
Space Mountain Ride Straight
Space Mountain Ride Turn Left
Space Mountain Ride Turn Right
Space Mountain Teleporter

Messages have been added for turnstiles. A turnstile stores the money it collects, and you can click Collect Credits to add its credits to your total.

The name of "Splash Mountain Guest Room" has been corrected to "Space Mountain Guest Room".

Additions 14-November:

New words:
ketchup, obvious, reach, teal

New items:
Space Mountain Ride Switch
Space Mt. Ride Pin

Changes 19-November:

Words removed:
beach, truck

Words added:
dreidel, elves, festive, gingerbread, holly, melekalikimaka, menorah, mtn, ornament, shuttle

New items:
Space Mountain Ride Door
Space Mountain Shuttle Bench
Space Mountain Shuttle Front
Space Mt. Rocket Pin

Additions 25-November:

New words:
atomettes, cascade, hornets, intercept, marker, randomizer, referee, td, timberwolves

New items:
Football First Down Marker
Football Helmet Blue
Football Helmet Red
Football Player Pants Blue
Football Player Pants Red
Football Player Shirt Blue
Football Player Shirt Red
Football Randomizer
Football Shoes
Space Mountain Pin
Thanksgiving 06 Pin

New guest room:

Football Guest Room
Touchdown! Invite your friends for a fun football face off. Whether you're on Mickey or Donald's side, Go Team!

Additions 2-December:

I delayed this update for a little while until there were interesting things to report. :)

Word removed:

Words added:
accidentally, beware, browse, carols, chanukah, chilly, claus, clause, ebay, elf, gal, gravity, guy, hehe, jinglebells, merrychristmas, nifty, participant, participate, phantom, pixar, seeing, she'll, sparkle, tackle, thon, tinsel, tonight, vacation, wander, we've, xmas, ya'll, yardage, yep, yesterday

Items added:
Chanukah Presents
Holiday 2006 Candy Canes Pin
Holiday Chair Blue
Holiday Chair Yellow
Room Judging Flag Turqoise
Treasure Detector Magic Single Use

Additions 24-December:

New items since my last update:

Candy Cane Red
Candy Cane Yellow
Gingerbread Bench
Holiday 2006 Chanukah Pin
Holiday 2006 Christmas Pin
Holiday 2006 Snowflake Pin
Santa's Chair
Snowman Magic Single Use
The Cookie Tree

Additions 1-January:

New word:

New items:
Candy Cane Magenta
Mad Hatter Hat

Additions 8-January:

Word removed:

Words added:
beret, club33, cristo, fusion, gnome, gras, grim, idk, jester, joker, mardi, monte, quack, tradeable, untradeable

New items:
Football Referee Hat
Football Referee Pants
Football Referee Shirt
Gator Waiter
New Year 2007 Pin
WDW Animal Kingdom Lodge

New rooms:

New Orleans Square
Welcome to New Orleans! There are many things to do here: You can view rare items in the VMK Gallery, have a great lunch at the Blue Bayou, or sit on a bench and enjoy the view of the Rivers of America. Rumor has it that there's also a Club 33 room somewhere...

VMK Gallery
Welcome to the VMK Gallery, where you can look at concept art for upcoming features or rare furniture in VMK! Remember to visit the gallery often. You'll never know what cool stuff VMK might show off just for you! Did you know that originally the gallery at Disneyland was supposed to be Walt's apartment?

Blue Bayou
Are you hungry for some fine New Orleans cuisine? Have a seat, wave down Gator Waiter! He's ready to serve you the famous Monte Cristo sandwich or Mint Julep to wash down the spicy gumbo. Make sure you say the special word or he won't serve you anything!

Three new upcoming private rooms, including Club 33

New features:

* Ticketing for Guest Rooms

* Fast Pass (VMK Pass)

A VMK Pass allows you to queue and walk elsewhere in VMK at the same time. Watch your position in the queue. You can't see the VMK pass when playing games or creating quests. It's easy to miss your turn.

* Monorail Music Mixer

Congratulations! You found it. This is one of the hidden Monorail Stations around VMK. If you've got a "one track" mind this is exactly the attraction for you! Not only is this a fun ride but you can show off your music mixing skills to all the passengers. Create your own dance music with the new Monorail Music Mixer!

Mix your own tracks to rock the monorail! Enter the music mixer in the rear.
You need to create a mix before you can perform. Street Party mixes are performed in the Street Party Room and Monorail mixes are performed in Monorail.

* Castle Fireworks Remixed

Compete against 100 other people to create the most explosive pyrotechnics show! The countdown to the comp will start when the first guest clicks 'Play', and the show will begin as soon as there are 100 players. (If there are at least 10 of you - and you've been waiting for 5 minutes - the game will start anyway.) Your goal is to explode a spectacular barrage of fireworks.

Each correct click on a firework will increase your score depending on how close to the twinkling of the firework you click. The different click categories and the scores they give are:

Oops - 0 points
Ok - 2 points
Good - 4 points
Awesome - 6 points
Flawless - 8 points

If you get more than one flawless clicks in row, your scores will multiply!

1st flawless - 8 points
2nd in row - 12 points
3rd in row - 16 points
4th in row - 20 points
5th in row - 24 points

Flawless clicks after the 5th one in row will all give 24 points. Everything but a flawless click will return you to regular scoring.

Each stage has a special bonus combination that'll fire up your score! The upcoming series of fireworks is displayed to you at the beginning of each stage. Fire the sequence in the same order and watch your scores rise! Bonus Combo scores:

Level 1 stages - 15 points
Level 2 stages - 20 points
Level 3 stages - 30 points
Level 4 stages - 40 points
Level 5 stages - 50 points

Castle Fireworks Remixed will pay you one tenth of your score in credits!

* A list of reasons from which staff can select when booting a player

Disruption, Hacking, Harassment, Hate Speech, Illegal, Impersonation, Misc, PII, Room kick, Scamming, Sexually inappropriate, Violence, Vulgar


Words removed:
penguin, sleep, woo

Words added:
bonjour, colts, gumbo, illumination, magician, reflections, tortuga, turtle

Items added:

Animation Viewer
Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Pin
Club 33 Pin
DLP Disneyland Hotel
DLP Hotel New York
Feather Mask Blue
Jester Hat Purple
Mint Julep Pin
New Orleans Beret Pink
New Orleans Doubloons Pin
VMK Football 07 Pin
VMK Race 07 Pin
Valentine's 2007 Pin


Words removed:
drag, sovereign

Words added:
conserve, ecology, environmentality, pollution, rainforest, recycle, reuse

Items added:
Jazz Band Pin
New Orleans Beret Black


Words removed:
meet, pick

Words added:
kupo, legend, neverland, smee, toad

New items:
Alice Dress Bottom
Alice Dress Top
Alice In Wonderland Quest Pin
Casey Jr. Pin
Dancing Inferno magic Single Use
Dumbo Quest Pin
Dumbo The Flying Elephant
It's A Small World
Mad Tea Party Pin
Matterhorn Bobsleds
Mr. Smee Hat
Mr. Smee Shirt
Mr. Toad Quest Pin
Peter Pan Quest Pin
Peter Pan's Flight Pin
St. Patrick's Day 2007 Pin
St. Patrick's Day Hat


Words removed:
cheese, runo

Words added:
clownfish, fabulous, golf, hedge, polly, raven, spectacular, swamp, terabithia, wisdom

Item renamed:
High School Piano Bench -> High School Piano

New items:
4th of July 2007 Pin
ALR BD Hills 1
ALR BD Hills 2
ALR BD Hills 3
ALR BD Hills Corner
ALR BD Stars 1
ALR BD Stars 2
ALR BD Stars 3
ALR Butterfly Mushroom
ALR Card Arch
ALR Card Guard
ALR Clubs
ALR Croquet Sign
ALR Flower Blue
ALR Flower Red
ALR Grass LG Green
ALR Grass LG Pink
ALR Grass MED Green
ALR Grass SM Pink
ALR Horns
ALR Log Purple
ALR Marching Cards
ALR Mushrooms SM
ALR Paint Cans
ALR Painted Carpet 2x2
ALR Present 1
ALR Present 2
ALR Red Carpet
ALR Shrub Arch
ALR Shrub Wall Long
ALR Shrub Wall Short
ALR Umbrella Bird
ALR Wide Tree
Black Flip Flops
Blizzard Beach Shorts
Blizzard Beach Surf Shirt
Blizzard Beach Waterslide Start
Blizzard Ski Chair Yellow
Churro Cart
Dark Ride Alice Start
Dark Ride Alice Teleporter
Dark Ride Straight
Dark Ride Turn Left
Dark Ride Turn Right
Davy Jones' Key Pin
Dead Man's Chest Pin
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage 1 of 5
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage 3 of 5
Frozen Palm Tree Chair Blue
Frozen Palm Tree Chair Yellow
It's A Small World Pin
Jack's Compass Pin
Liar's Dice Pin
Matterhorn Pin
Nemo Submarine Buoy
New items:
Pinocchio's Daring Journey
Pirate Boy Pants
Pirate Girl Pants
Tia's Voodoo Doll Pin
Typhoon Lagoon Shorts
Typhoon Lagoon Surf Shirt
Typhoon Lagoon Waterslide Start
Water Parks - Blizzard Beach
Water Parks - Crush'n'Gusher
Water Parks - Ice Gator
Water Parks - Lagoona Gator
Water Parks - Teamboat Springs
Water Parks - Typhoon Lagoon

New room:
Empty Dark Ride Room
This empty dark room will become light when you build your ride.


Word removed:
bffing (only available very briefly)

Words added:
aTIS, abysmal, abyss, accumulate, afternoon, ain't, aint, amaze, beige, bff, bibbidi, bobbidi, bound, cartoon, chap, chivalrous, chivalry, claustrophobia, claustrophobic, clown, comprehend, comprehension, cover, cya, delicious, deserve, disaster, dory, dungeon, dunno, ease, eh, experimental, frightful, gentleman, gentlemen, gimme, gizmos, golly, grace, grammar, grievances, group, grrr, gummi, hSM, hedgehog, honor, hostess, huzzah, hysterical, hysterics, incredibly, infinite, jiminy, joyous, keyboard, kite, knight, lightning, lizard, llama, lodge, magnetic, magnification, maiden, marched, marches, marching, marlin, maryPoppins, max, mcDuck, meet, mercy, miracosta, necessity, nominate, non, nonsense, nonsensical, oohdelally, outrage, outrageous, palor, peculiar, peterPan, phantoms, phonics, pixie, pleasant, pledge, plus, prototype, quail, rat, ratatouille, rawr, re-release, regretted, regretting, rematch, remy, rid, ridding, ridiculous, rugged, sank, scaborous, scam, scammed, scammer, scamming, scrooge, sebastian, self, sequence, serene, serenity, shopped, shortage, sneak, sneaky, sneeze, sonic, spark, stack, stall, stole, stolen, stopped, storage, strand, stream, string, stringy, strong, strung, sub, sugar, sugary, sung, supercalifragilisticexpialadocious, sweep, swept, taught, term, theorized, theory, they’ve, threw, thrice, thru, tide, tidings, tis, tradition, traditional, tricky, trombone, tuppence, turquoise, turret, uber, um, umbrella, umm, vroom, wanna, wendy, we’d, whom, wrap, wrapped, wrapping, y'all, ya, yum, yummy, zipadeedoodah, zorro, ‘Tis

(There are typos in some of these words; see here.)

New items:
ALR Red Roses Tree
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage 4 of 5
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage 5 of 5
Pop Corn Cart


Words added:
baby, croon, hukilau, luau, pele, pineapple

Item added:
Straw Hat Gold


Spelling correction:
supercalifragilisticexpialadocious -> supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

New items:
Hawaiian Aloha Shirt
Lilo Dress Bottom
Lilo Dress Top


New items:
Castle Suite Fireplace
Castle Suite Sofa
Dream Mickey Ears
Dreams Fairy Pin
Dreams Logo Pin
Lightcycle Couch Green
Turkey Leg Cart

Item renamed:
Tribe Shield Coffee Table -> Shield Table


Words added:
caspian, suite, tiara, whisper

Items added:

Bat Mickey Hat
Coffee Table Crate Color Black
Coffee Table Crate Color Orange
Halloween Candy Corn Chair
Halloween Mickey Ghost Orange
Halloween Mickey Ghost White
Halloween Seance Circle Cards Pin
Halloween Seance Circle Harp Pin
Halloween Seance Circle Leota Pin
Halloween Seance Circle Table Pin
Halloween Seance Circle Trumpet Pin
Halloween Witch Dress Bottom
Halloween Witch Dress Top
Halloween Witch Hat
Halloween Witch Shoes
Pumpkin Mickey Hat
Vampire Jacket
Vampire Pants
Vampire Shoes

Item renamed:

Autopia Drivers' Licence -> Autopia Drivers' License


"Show friend requests" preference added

New item:
Thanksgiving '07 Pin

Renamed item:
D DISNEYLAND(tm) T-Shirt44029 -> D DISNEYLAND(tm) T-Shirt


New word:

New item:
Royal Castle Flowers

Item renamed:
Chanukah Presents -> Hanukkah Presents

Support for greeting cards: you'll be able to send a greeting in a Mickey Card, a Donald Card, or one of two Holiday Cards to a friend.

You're now notified if you make a friend request with someone whose friends list is already full.

19-January 2008:

New guest room:
Winter Wonderland Guest Room
Snow white ground welcomes you with joy, as winter has arrived for both girls and boys!

New item:
New Year 2008 Pin

Word removed:

Words added:
confetti, courtyard, disruptive, levitate, sleight, titan, toni, unacceptable, vmk_, w00t


Word removed:

Words added:
alakazam, amigos, assistant, atlantis, audition, boutique, bowl, brt, buckle, bunny, chango, cheetah, chef, concert, convince, ctf, curly, detector, duet, décor, eclipse, emerald, fer, figitus, flawless, fourth, frown, gadget, gasp, hakuna, higitus, hocus, levitation, lunar, marsupial, matata, math, melt, menu, norrington, oasis, patriots, penguin, planner, pocus, prestidigitation, prestidigitonium, reflection, respectful, ruby, sapphire, tada, teehee, touchdown, tutor, twilight, unlock, voila, wand, whoa, won, ywvm, zone

Note that 'décor' has an accent over the e, and therefore can't actually be typed in VMK, even though it is an allowed word.


New words:
ballerina, ballet, brer, cajun, carnival, dazzle, ditto, griffin, hurricane, imagineer, isle, leprechaun, logic, nachos, poet, poetry, president, presume, salutation, snack, zap

Items renamed:
Malificent the Dragon -> Maleficent the Dragon
Push's Trivia Pin -> VMK Trivia Pin
Buried in Treasure -> Buried in Treasure Magic Pin
Jack's Compass Pin -> Captain Jack Sparrow's Compass Pin


Things are slowing down. This word was added a few weeks ago, and there have been no new items added for even longer.

New word:

Item renamed:
Moderator Exclusive Green Mickey Ears -> Earth Day Mickey Ears

21-May, final update:

New words:
bean, jelly, shorty, topsy, turvy, unbirthday


A little less demented....a little more heart
Oct 16, 2005
Ooh! I'm excited about the 4our leaf clover pin! Woot!

ElectricLime said:
A new error message: "We're sorry, but the queue for this activity is currently too long for you to join. Please come back a little later. Thanks!"
WHAT?! Please don't let this be for host games or events!


<marquee><font color=teal>Sorry, I'm the hokey rom
Jan 1, 2006
awesome! u can also say annie now, lol but thats nice information i cant wait until all that stuff comes out! :)
  • 4fosterkids

    DIS Veteran
    Feb 4, 2005
    ohhhhh ahhhhhhh
    Lots of new pins!
    I heart pins!
    I'm thinking that I don't want to know what the list of non allowed words even mean, but I'm sure my kids could tell
    Thanks for the info!


    Always dreaming about Disney
    Aug 29, 2000
    Well - I knew that hut was removed from the dictionary. :lmao: But why was scum ever there is the first place.

    Also, this is very interesting - A new error message: "We're sorry, but the queue for this activity is currently too long for you to join. Please come back a little later. Thanks!"

    I was in line for Doorway to Fortune and peeps asked Hula about the dc'ing that was happening over the weekend. She stated that "the geeks were working on it." So hopefully something will work right soon.
  • VirtuallyMe

    <font color=darkorchid>I had a snail named, Ralph<
    Sep 16, 2005
    Interesting information...

    For the person who asked about the ride loop packs- don't thing roller coaster looping upside down- think turns- we have a river loop pack now

    I'm the same with the excluded words- so many I have no idea what they mean- lol although I can tell a few more they need to exclude- wronger and my new not so favorite word is "wat" what is that supposed to be other than illiterate spelling? lol

    Interesting that all the staff names are now on there =I guess so we don't have to dictionairy dance to say their names

    And the queue message- that will just not be fun- I'd rather get into line of 200 people and then say- ok no way I will get in there- then repeatedly having to check into it the queue to see if it will let us in- I suppose it will make things less frustrating- nothing worse than dc when you are just about to do something- but I can see lots of oh wells in trying to do anything...

    New items- most we had some idea about- but like the St Patrick's day pin :)
  • Maleficent2

    DIS Veteran
    Sep 15, 1999
    New Pins :(

    I buy them but think they are pretty much a waste of credits right now we can only wear so many and can not display our pins so what good are they?

    Just hiding out in our inventory:(

    Wish they would make our pin space bigger or give us a book or something like the photo book to display them in!

    ok rant over ;) lol

    thanks for the list EL!


    <font color=blue>Creator of Tag Fairy Haiku:<br>Cl
    Mar 7, 2002
    *TrixieBella* said:
    :cheer2: You just know how excited I am that we can say BELLA now!! :cheer2:
    That's because there's a HOST_Bella now. I saw her last night.
    I like that they added staff names now. It's about time. :)


    As seen on VMK
    Jun 28, 2005
    Here's the meaning of some of the words that were removed from the dictionary...

    aiui = As I Understand It
    bbs = Bulletin Board System
    ic = In Character
    nrn = Not Right Now
    tia = Thanks In Advance
    tptb = The Powers That Be
    ymmv = Your Mileage May Vary

    I can't figure out what the others were supposed to mean: 2t2t, jc, nmu, uld, xmt?


    Always dreaming about Disney
    Aug 29, 2000
    Please note my favorite still stands in the dictionary:

    tmi - Too Much Information :rotfl2:


    Do or Do Not, There is No Try!
    Apr 14, 2003
    Maleficent2 said:
    New Pins :(

    I buy them but think they are pretty much a waste of credits right now we can only wear so many and can not display our pins so what good are they?

    Just hiding out in our inventory:(

    Wish they would make our pin space bigger or give us a book or something like the photo book to display them in!

    ok rant over ;) lol

    thanks for the list EL!

    Preach on!

    I also believe that they should let the pin display space bigger! What is it now? Eight pins? I would like it to be 12-16 pins. That would be cool. Or maybe have a separate place to display magic pins so they wouldn't take up pin display spaces.


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