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Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Singleminnie, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Singleminnie

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    Dec 30, 2008
    Looking to return to school to get my Master's in Human Resources or something similar to that, what I need now is some financial assistance. Does anyone have any suggestions where to look, I will soon be a single mom if that makes any difference. I have looked on the internet, but I just get responses from colleges via the internet.

    I would appreciate any assistance anyone can provide. BTW I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri Columbia in Dec. 1992.
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    Aug 16, 2003
    Is there an ABWA, American Women's Business Association in your community? They give scholarships in our town.
  3. freckles and boo

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    May 5, 2006
    As a graduate student you may qualify for a graduate assistantship. When I was a grad assistant I worked off my tuition and received a monthly stipend as well. You also will qualify for larger student loan amounts than an undergrad. I would suggest that you call the financial aid offices of the schools you are looking into and ask to speak directly to a financial aid advisor.

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