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Earning My Ears
Jan 24, 2001
Anyone with some creative ways to raise $ for the trip? I think I've sold everything I can at the usual yard sale.
We always have the max taken out of our checks and then we get back a healthy refund which is our Disney money!If we tried to set aside so much money a week,it would never happen!This is painless.
I also have been selling old stuff.... that's given me some spending money for the Disney Cruise, but.... we are just spending money wisely from now until the trip. We are giving up expensive weekend activities. Lateley we've been renting movies, having great family dinners at home, and playing family games together. In the summer, we plan on doing more "free things".. then we can stash the money we would have spent on activities, into our "trip fund" jar!!!

annother idea.....

The Disney Cruise is going to be our B-day, Xmas (and other holidays) gift for the year. We discussed this together and agreed that a cool vacation would be better than any "wrapped present" (I did break down and buy my daughter a child suitcase though, so she will have something to un-wrap for her B-day)

Good luck!!!!
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Try these:

pack your lunch for work and save the money from eating out

save all of your loose change at the end of each day

When you write a check, round it up in your checkbook (similar thought to saving change).

Every time the kids/you want to eat out or get "just one thing" - don't. Take that money and add it to the WDW fund.

Buy Disney Dollars each payday (NOTE: Policy on returning unused Disney Dollars has changed and now requires the receipt so don't overbuy Disney Dollars).

Give the kids their allowance in Disney Dollars.

Tell everyone that you are going to WDW and would like Disney Dollars for birthdays and Christmas gifts.

Use coupons. Take the amount of money you saved and it to the Disney fund. Check out for lots of couponing info

Join rewards programs---check out the rewards forum on this site for more information.

How about a part time job? Nothing strenuous, just for fun. Weekends only maybe?

Make it part of a "big gift". For everyone's birthday/Christmas/etc. you are getting a park pass.

I started doing the rewards programs after our last trip in September of 2000. Our next trip is planned for December 1 - 11 of 2001. I can't wait. The gift certificates I earn from the reward programs should really help pay for alot of the meals. I also earn disney dollars and cash. You can get tons of information from the rewards board, budget, and transportation boards. Thanks everyone! :D

If you use the AMEX card you should consider joining their AMEX Rewards program. It accumulates quickly and the points can be used for gift certificates AND for Disney Admission Media and events such as Character Breakfasts etc. I just cashed in a bunch of my points for Lands End Gift Certificates which I used to buy shorts, swimsuits, etc.. for our upcoming trip and for our Character Breakfasts. All paid for! Woohoo! I spent the money on the card for things I would pay for anyway - so the points are just benefits of using the card.



We just rolled our saved coins yesterday and ended up with a little over $600! The two of us have been dumping our coins at the end of the day into a large tin for the last year. Definately going into the Disney savings fund! :)


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