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Discussion in 'DVC-Mousecellaneous' started by Buckalew11, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Oct 15, 2004
    We're interested in adding on some points. Our use year is October. How complicated would it be to add points on in a different month? I know it would affect booking because we might need 300 points to book a trip and only have 200 available at that point in time.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has separate use year months and if that complicates everything too much.

  2. Sandisw

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    We own two and so far, not too much difficulty. However, you need to understand that they will be two different memberships and we sort of treat it that way.

    We own at both BLT and BWV and our summer trips are always a split stay between those two resorts which is why we bought the way we did. Because both contracts have about the same number of points--180 BLT and 150 BWV--it works for us.

    What we do is just book some nights with one membership and some with the other. If I wanted to use points from both for a single night, I would have to transfer between the two. So far, haven't had to do that but that is probably the biggest drawback.

    The good part, though, is that I have now decided to add a Memorial Day weekend trip every year and with my original June UY, that would not be so great. Now that I also have a Dec UY, I use those points for that trip which means I don't have to worry about losing points if I have to cancel at least 31 days in advance.
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    If your looking to have more points for your current home resort, finding an add-on with the same UY makes life a little easier. We have a 50 point contract with a different UY than our other (400+) AKV points. So, once a year, I transfer those 50 points to the other contract and then we use those points first when making our reservations. It works out well, but I really wish I would not have purchased a different UY. I purchased those other 50 points during the pre-3/21/11 madness, and in hind-sight, it probably was not a great move.

    Unfortunately, with the current system, those transferred points do not show up on the member website, so I have to keep a mental note that they are there. Some DIS'ers have spreadsheets to keep track of their different UY's, but I have done that since it is only 50 points.

    If your goal is to have two home resorts and alternate years at your two different homes with banking and borrowing, then it probably does not matter as much. Also, if you have two different UY at two different resorts, you can always do split stays with the two different contracts every year.

    I would like to add some BWV points to our current AKV ownership as some point, and I would take any UY, even if it is not the same as our current Dec UY. In fact, I would prefer June, Aug or Sept, since we would primarily use our BWV during F&W.:thumbsup2

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    Mar 17, 2008
    I may be misreading but it sounds as if you are thinking that UY affects when you can book which it does not. As long as you had points available in each UY that were valid for the time you wanted to stay you could book with them.

    The only thing is that right at 11 months you would have to wait to book part of the reservation because each would be considered a separate reservation. For example you wanted to book for Oct 1-10th and the reservation would take 300 points. You could call Nov 1st and book nights 1-6 with your 200 point contract (just for scenario assuming those nights required exactly 200 pts) and then you would have to call back on Nov 6th to book the last 3 nights with your other 100 point contract in a different UY.

    Or you could transfer the points from your 100 point contract UY to your original UY and book it all in one call.

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