Need Restaurant Suggestions for US/IOA


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Aug 6, 2000
We've never been to Universal/IOA. Need suggestions for a nice meal. Price is not an object; just good food and a fun place. There will be two 11 year olds along and they eat almost anything but "fish". :D

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We never eat inside Universal Studios, but you can walk out to City Walk for lunch or Dinner and give Emeril's or the Latin Quarter a try. Both very good with excellent service.

Inside Islands of adventure we like Mythos for a good meal/service.
Have a great trip! ;)
At IOA, the Enchanted Oak Tree Tavern in the Lost Continent Island has a delicious chicken / rib combo meal. Fries and ear of corn & roll with it.
You're inside a giant hollowed out tree stump and it's pleasantly dim (to my eyes anyway) inside. Has a balcony area also.
Located right across from Dueling Dragons coasters. Might wanna ride them first before eating!
Is counter service, but is convenient to remain in park.
At USF, get table service at Lombard Landing or Finnegans. Counter service places fall short on food quality in our experiences.
Thanks for the suggestions. I figured that since this would be our first time over that way we should at least try out the restaurants! :)

Mythos and the Enchanged Oak Tree Tavers sound interestering!!

Thanks again...

Poly -'76,'78,'82,'85,'89
DVC/BWV - 8/00, 07/01

"I won't grow up, I won't grow up"
I think Margerittaville had great food, entertainment, and service. We ate there, porbably about 2-3 times. We loved it. If your looking for a resonable priced meal, great entertainment, a live band, and more. Go to Margerittaville at Citywalk.



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