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Jul 10, 2000
We will be at WBW for 7 days and UA/IOA for 3 days. It is 2 adults, one 17yo and one 8yo. I have just now started to look at packing. How in the world do you pack enough for that length of trip? As it stands now I will need 42 very large suitcases. Is there some trick to this or do you just take a few things and do laundry while you are there? We will be at the Polynesian and then the HRH. Are there laundry facilities handy? This is my newest thing to drive myself nuts about. I read everywhere that in Feb. you should be prepared for all types of weather. How do you do it without going overboard?
1st tip for Feb packing --- Layers!

If the weather looks to be fairly average (not really really hot or really cold) try this... Pack several pairs of shorts and pants each can be worn a couple of times. Pack enough t-shirts/shortsleeve shirts for each day. Then take 1-2 sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts. Also, pack a jacket. Each morning you can put on shorts or jeans and a short sleeve shirt. If it is cool or you think it might get cool, add a second layer with a long sleeve shirt of jacket. You can always stick it in a locker later.

During the second week of Feb last year we usually left he room in pants and a shortsleeve shirt. My 6yo sister usually had on a light jacket as well. By 10 or 11 we were down to shorts (packed her a pair - very light - and my cargo pants zip off to shorts) and had stuffed the jacket in the stroller basket. Most days we never changed back to pants even though it was 11 or 12 before we got back to the room.

Just keep an eye on that weather. It should be a little better than what you are used to in Texas.

63 days 'til our return tot he Movies
If your trying to save space in your luggage so you can pack as much as possible, do the roll technique.
We started doing this and it allows for much more clothing in the suitcase than just lying things flat.
Start with a pair of pants or shorts (pants folded in half), then lay your shirt/top on top of the pants folding in the sides and sleeves, then undergarments and socks last. Then roll the whole thing up slowly. This also prevents less wrinkles in the clothes too. This also is a time saver in the mornings by having your whole outfit all together and ready to go.
And there are some things that can be worn more than once like jeans. You don't need 7 pair of jeans for a 7 day trip, just 4. Last year my dh took 2 pair of shorts and a pair of jeans for 5 days in the park and 2 days of travel. He'll probably take the same even though we have 6 days in the parks and 2 days of travel.

And you may also end up buying things at the park. Shirts, hats, etc, so you can always count on those as clothes to wear while there instead of packing. (Just remember to leave room to pack it home.) Yes; there are laundry facilities, but who wants to wash clothes when you could be playing instead? :-)

7 more days!!
We always take a day to stay at the pool. That's the day I do laundry. Somehow, when you're laying in the Florida sunshine at a beautiful pool, you kinda forget you're doing laundry at all.:cool:
I do a combination of all of the above. I don't do a huge amount of laundry - but generally I do two loads of laundry during the middle of our 10 day stay. The laundry facilities have been located coveniently next to the swimming pool. I just put a load of darks, and a load of whites in before our daily afternoon swim. Move them to the dryer (about the time I should turn over anyway!), and then let them finish up while I swim and play with DD in the pool. We take them back to the room and quickly sort them into the proper suitcase... and we are good to go for the rest of the week. I do not do any more than that... but a mid week load helps to provide shirts and shorts that are favorites... and minimizes how much I have to pack.

Keep to the basics. Jeans for travel and in case of cool weather. Shorts that are comfortable. T-shirts and camp shirts. Lots of socks (nothing refreshes you feet like a clean pair of socks mid day after a swim!) and underwear (comfy ones!). Swimsuit and coverup. Something to sleep in. Two pairs of good walking shoes. A light sweater for chilly evenings, and a light waterproof jacket. That's really all we have ever needed.

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