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    Dec 18, 2005
    My DFIL has cancer and cancelled out of our cruise this past summer b/c he was scheduled to have a round of chemo during the cruise and thought he would not be up to it. Well, now they have cancelled his chemo and he would like to go. We are going on the January 30th Magic. We have 5 SPH rooms, 4 paid with cash and 1 with DVC points. His original room has my DMIL, a family friend and my niece in it now. Obviously, the family friend won't want to stay in the room with a couple.

    My DH and I have the room next to them. We are the only people in that room. However, we ideally wouldn't want him in our room either, he would prefer to be with his wife.

    We have room on our (DH and I) cabin to add a 3rd adult and DCL said the manifest could handle it. So, that is fine, we got him on the boat.

    However, once on board, can we get guest services to do a few switches?

    We would want to move my youngest daughter out of the DVC room and move the family friend (an adult swapping for a child) into the DVC room and put my DFIL from our room into the room with his wife. (This is so key cards will work). Do they ever do this? DCL reservations was not sure if they would.

    Another less ideal option that does not involve moving if DCL says no is my youngest daughter is 6. We could let the family friend use her key card as a key (does a 6 year old carry a key card around with her or does an adult keep it-she can't charge, so when would she actually use it-other than getting off the boat?) and our room is "plugged in" as my kids say to my DMIL's room, so we could always keep the door open and DFIL could go in our door and through to the room he would be using. This however, seems like it would be a pain.

    But, if we can get him on the boat, we can deal with it because I doubt he will ever be healthy enough to go on another family cruise again. I would like to try to make this work and as smoothly as possible.

    Any ideas or suggestions I didn't think about?

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    Dec 4, 2003
    DCL doesn't care where you sleep after you are on the boat. Guest services will even issue "blank" keys to open the door you need. I laughingly call them "mom" keys because when I was in charge of a group, I had a key to each cabin.

    Each person will need his/her own KTTW card to get on/off the ship. The blank keys will not be good for charging or getting on or off, only for opening the door. They will issue one to each person who is sleeping in a place other than where they are booked. People do this ALL the mom and kid in one room, dad and kid in another room, and then sleep with the parents in one and the teens/older kids in another. Shoreside won't twll you that you can do this...they quote the rules. Once you are on the ship, they don't care at all!

    Book everyone on the ship. Book 2 adults in each room...then space out the kids. SLEEP wherever you want to!

    If you're not already booked...I hope you have travel insurance that will cover pre-existing conditions (DCL's will not) just in case.

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