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Apr 22, 2010
So quick question for a friend of mine.

They are in Orlando and got a two day park hopper plus. Used their first day for the parks on Sunday, water park on Monday, Second park on Wednesday and didn't realize their ticket expires today for their second plus. 2 day hopper plus expires 5 days after first use)

They were planning to use it tomorrow at another water park and are not in the position to go today. When they called Disney the answer they got was they couldn't help them over the phone and to just go to guest relations at Typhoon Lagoon.

Has anyone had luck getting a ticket extended by one day past the expiration and what did you do?

Thanks in advance
I haven't heard reports of WDW extending expiration dates on the new date-based tickets. It never hurts to ask nicely, but they should be prepared to purchase either a separate waterpark ticket or upgrade an extension (if allowed). By extension - they could either purchase the "Flex" option or a 3rd day (which pushes the expiration date out), but I honestly don't know if they will be allowed to "upgrade" since by tomorrow the ticket will be fully expired and typically one must upgrade a used ticket before it expires. But those are likely the options, they can price them out to see what is least expensive; my bet is a 1-day waterpark ticket will be the least expensive option.

Good luck and enjoy your vacation!
Thanks for the reply, Right now their plan is to play dumb and ask nicely what can be done and if that fails they will probably just go to Volcano Bay since hey they have to pay full price anyways. I was just hoping to hear if anyone has had any luck getting their ticker extended for just one day, not by hook or crook just how forgiving Disney is in this type of situation.
Are they able to go to guest services at Disney Springs today? Then they'd at least have a good idea of their options/costs

Are they able to go to guest services at Disney Springs today? Then they'd at least have a good idea of their options/costs

I suggested that but they are busy visiting family today.
As a follow-up they were able to go to Guest Services, admit the mistake was on their part, beg for mercy and were let into the water park for the day.

Key take-aways

1) be nice and ask for forgiveness
2) don't be demanding or indigent
3) readily admit its your fault


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