MyPoints Mastercard 150 pts


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Jan 8, 2001
So to give credit -got this from Mycoupons board:

Under Try It: Mastercard Exclusive email offers 150 pts for signup.

I had done this last year, though its funny - I do not remember ever getting any emails - anyway, it said I would get 150 pts. I'll let you know if they post to my account tomorrow.
WooHoo-150 points today...500 points yesterday... That's about 3 months worth of points in two days.

Am I a happy camper? You bet!!!:bounce:

I did the 500 points VERY early this morning, and they were already in my account, too!

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

I couldn't get the 150 Mastercard points though. :( I know I had signed up for this last year, and it does say once every 365 days, so I guess I still have to wait to get those again.

I did get credit for 5 points for finding Max again, though. He was still in automotive. :D
I also got this.I have signed up for this before but I was getting a few too many emails so I unsubscribed.It was a nice surprise to get this again.650 points in a span of 24 hours.Can it get any better?:D

Go to the Earn section, Try It Out section - 6th row down

The Mastercard offer is near the bottom between MYPOINTS Game Central Icon and the Snapfish offer.

Good luck.


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