My MK Day Dilemma

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by wiscmama, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. wiscmama

    wiscmama Earning My Ears

    Apr 8, 2008
    March 1st, 2013.

    1. Chef Mickey's for breakfast 7:45 am. (yes! get those characters in before we get into the park, enough time for RD?).
    2. BBB for DD6 at 1:40 (after lunch, she's not crabby) and she'll still be princess-like for our Akershus breakfast on March 2nd (am I delusional?)

    Or should I drop both ressies and do CRT for dinner after the BBB? Am I wasting the BBB magic? Should I make BBB reservations before park opening instead of Chef Mickey's? But, then, will I make it to see the Fab 5?

    DH isn't crazy about doing CRT again and using 2 TS credits (we did it 4 years ago..DD doesn't remember). Should I convince him?

    I'm. So. Confused. Any help is welcomed. I feel like this should be simple, and yet, I just can't see a good answer. :confused3

    Rest of our trip:
    March 2: Epcot
    March 3: Epcot or HS
    March 4: MK with dinner ressies at BOG.
    March 5: Fly home.

    Thank you thank you thank you!
  2. ScrampShopper

    ScrampShopper Mouseketeer

    Jan 28, 2012
    Could you switch BBB to BOG day? Some girls will maintain hairdo for the whole day, many can't so it may not last until the next morning. Have fun.
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  4. TeresaNJ

    TeresaNJ Full time stay at home crafter!

    Sep 13, 1999
    Hmmm, well, I don't have any young children, so can't give you experienced advice on how the "do" will hold up, but after observing so many, it looks so shellacked that I imagine it will still look good the next morning. Maybe bring a satiny pillowcase that your daughter can sleep on? What time is rope drop at the MK that morning? Assuming you are seated on time, and spend an hour, then walk briskly to the MK, you should get there "around" rope drop. I would not monorail it over. Could be a fairly long line, and you may have to wait for a monorail. I wouldn't do CRT again this trip, especially if your DH isn't happy about it. I think you should stick to your original plan.:)
  5. pequele

    pequele Some people think they are cool because they can h

    Jul 29, 2011
    My son is a terror in bed at night and he has longish hair for a boy. He has major bed head in the am and I just could not imagine what he would look like if we kept is BBB-knight package hair in over night (or the pirate make up on after pirate league for that matter!) if you wind up with a mess the next morning you will NEVER get a comb through it and you will be hard pressed to get out the door needing to wash her hair before you go (like I said, if needed when she wakes up a disaster!). Just a thought!
  6. ktlm

    ktlm DIS Veteran

    Jun 20, 2008
    We've done BBB twice, and there is no way DD(6) would let the hairstyle stay in until the next day. She did the bun the first time, and after 2 hours she wanted that thing down in the middle of the park because she said it was hurting her head. The next year, she did the diva. She loved that hairstyle, but at the end of the night, she wanted a bath and her hair washed and all the gook out of her hair. I have seen several little girls at WDW, that have kept the hairstyle for more than one day (especially the diva style), and they look cute, but let's just say, you can usually tell when it is on its 2nd day.

    If it were us, we would do BBB and CRT, and on the same day. There is just something about eating at the castle. We usually do Akershus and CRT on our trips because DD is princess crazy, but we all definitely prefer the castle.

    If it was between CRT and Chef Mickey's, we would always pick CRT. As far as when to see the fab five, you can fast pass Mickey at MK, and you can pick up Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Goofy back in the new Storybook Circus area of MK with their new costumes. Pluto is usually out in the front of the park at MK in the mornings.
  7. JustCallMeMommy

    JustCallMeMommy DIS Veteran

    Jun 23, 2010
    I hear of little girls who keep their hair styled for several days, but DD was pulling hers down in the bus on the way to the resort. She had only been in it 7 hours and was ready for it to be OUT. If she hadn't pulled it down, it would have lasted.

    That said, she will still feel like a princess if she just wears the dress again and you do her hair.
  8. Mom2Luci

    Mom2Luci Mouseketeer

    May 25, 2012
    My DD's hair didn't even last an hour :headache: Not because she wanted it out, but she has a ton of thick hair and the rubber bands they use for the bun style started snapping. I think I got this pic just before or just after they started snapping.

  9. wiscmama

    wiscmama Earning My Ears

    Apr 8, 2008
    Thank you all so much for the advice!! I changed my res for BBB to out BOG day after you all convinced me to let go of "keeping the hair" fantasy. This way...if it does keep...she'll have it for going home! As always...the DIS rocks.
  10. KellyNY

    KellyNY DIS Veteran

    Aug 8, 2009
    I would do CRT just because your DD will be in princess mood. it will be a day all about princessing.

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