My Disney on a Dental Floss Budget Tips!


Mar 21, 2001
Just thought I'd add to some of the great ideas here! Some have already probably been mentioned but I think there are a couple of fresh ideas!

1. My kids and I agreed to not buy any more softdrinks, koolaid, or any other kind of juice for 6 months (we still of course bought milk) I know we saved at least $10 week and we all are much healthier drinking only water!

2. Did you know that on average, 25% of your electric bill is wasted from items on standby power. Computers (even with the latest power saving technology), especially fax machines, coffee pots, and deep freezers. The experts say to directly turn TVs and VCRs from the source (I don't mean unplugging necesarily!) not from a remote control. If you only have a few items in your deep freeze, I would transfer them to your regular freezer! This one was hard to track because of the higher energy prices but I know it helped!

3. I bought 5 day hoppers for $800 (2A 2C)from one of the discount sites. We only needed 2 days so I sold the 3 days left on ebay. I recouped $565 after ebay, paypal, and shipping fees. So a family 4 can go to DW at $117/Day!! And we got to hop around even though we went for 2 days! I don't know why people pay what they do on ebay but it works for me ;)

4. Use priceline if you don't mind staying off-site. We got a 4* hotel (wyndham palace) for $48 night (including taxes and resort and priceline fees) and use this site for some great info

5. Do the reward sites. They are great. The gas to get to WDW($75) and rainforest cafe GC ($50) from Mypoints helped out alot! Check out the rewards board on this site. There is a lot of useful information.

6. I also had a garage sale and made $300 which is quite measly compared to some people on this board but still quite helpful! Check this thread for some great tips

7. This idea has also been mentioned but is worth repeating- save your change! BUT if you use one of those change collectors at the grocery store, take all the quarters out. That's worth rolling yourself! The one's at the grocery store collect around 6% of your money so it's well worth it to do the quarters yourself. That is probably the big source of your money anyway!

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the great tips!

if you smoke...stop! i figured out that i smoke $160 a month...that is a pack a day. i quit and now i have more money for disney!!!!


Thanks for sharing your tips. I have one I'd like to ad as well.

I have never been one to clip grocery store coupons, but recently I've started to. My local stores double the manufactures coupon to $1.00 so I save even more. What I do is, If I save $5.00 during one trip, I set that money aside for souvenirs while in WDW. It's added incentive for me and some weeks I've saved over $20.00. I have saved over $70.00 so far. (about 2 months) I don't think it will produce the majority of our spending money, but every little bit helps right?
Way to go!!!

I know how difficult it is to quit smoking. I too am a smoker, 2 packs a day as well as DH's 2 packs a day. We've been saying we are going to quit and save that money as well. Maybe we'll work on that soon. I hope you take the money you save and buy yourself something very special with it! You certainly deserve!
If only I could of convinced my husband to switch from Becks bear to Natural Light, we would of saved even more money!!
Our local Wal-Mart Supercenter, will honor the prices off of other stores ads.... ex if Bob's Supermarket has bananas for 4lbs for a dollar and Walmart has them for 48 cents per lb. then Walmart will sell you the ban anas for four lbs. for a dollar. you must be able to show the competitor ad though.

I can consistantly save approximately 40% on my grocery bill. My budget for groceries is about $75 per week, and I usually only spend $50. Of course it is just the two of us, but with a large family you should be able to save even more.

It does take some time and pre-planning. Our menus are based on what is on sale, and it does take more time at the check out register.... but it is really worth it. :D

Another thing we do is eat at home more often and save the $$$ we would have spent eating out.

Dreaming of Disney
Toni :D
Hazel, you are so funny about your hubby's beer! ;)



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